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East San Diego 03.29.2018

Thomas Truong

My earliest memory involving a camera came at the ripe age of 8. It was at a summer time wedding for my cousin. He had owned and operated his own studio photography business. He handed me a very big and presumably heavy looking camera that was so much more intricate than anything I’d laid hands on before. Read more>>

Delilah Strukel

Traveling and nature has always been a huge inspiration for my art and creativity. At a young age my family lived on the road for four months traveling across the country, visiting over forty states, and spending a lot of that time in nature, the south west, and national parks. Read more>>

Kevin Jenkins

I started dancing at Grossmont College when a wrist injury kept me from doing gymnastics. I wanted another activity in the morning to wake me up before my academic classes and spontaneously decided to try a dance class. After that I was hooked. Read more>>

Lindsey McMorran

Our daughter, Peyton Lane McMorran was born July 28, 2013. She was from what everyone could see a beautiful, happy and healthy baby girl. She was our last child that made our family of four complete. We also had a two year old son, Parker. The morning after she was born she didn’t pass her hearing test on her right side. Read more>>


Stephanie Firenze

Almost 7 years ago I signed my franchise agreement with The Dailey Method, in April I gave my two weeks notice to my finance career and in June I signed my lease agreement. We opened doors October, 2011.I have always been a health and fitness fanatic. My mom thought I was going to follow in Jane Fonda’s footsteps. Read more>>

Clare Vacio

I always loved makeup and especially those make-over shows. I loved seeing how people felt when they saw themselves and feeling so pretty. I would often do my girlfriends makeup and they would always tell me I should start doing it professionally. Read more>>

Laura White

I am an San Diego native who grew up in Carlsbad. I went to college at Chico State, north of Sacramento, and spent some time in Lake Tahoe and the Bay Area after graduation. I moved to San Clemente for four years and in 2004 found myself back in San Diego, a few years into my career in fundraising for non-profits. Read more>>

Mark Wallace

Parlor was founded on the idea that just making the highest quality, most tailored skis on the market wasn’t enough. We felt New England needed a laminate construction ski that could hold up to the intense conditions that are typical in this region – one with a wider platform, combined with more progressive all-mountain shapes. Read more>>

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