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East San Diego 04.19.2018

Joe & Heather Paraiso

Starting from a great concept and the courage to make a dream come true, Brew Coffee Spot came to life through good friends and a whole lot of love from the people in their lives. Every detail from the wall textures to the mixed use of wood to the items on the menu, Brew Coffee Spot was carefully crafted to accommodate just about everyone. Read more>>

Madison Gray

My mother, Cinnamon Gray, started Bad Kitty when I was only two years old in the spare bedroom of our small apartment in 1998. From there we converted our garage to our studio, then on to a small studio space and now we have multiple studios, with San Diego being our largest with about 13 sets! Read more>>

Svetlana Navasartyan

Our story started 10 years ago when my son turned one. We baptized my son that day and I decorated the banquet hall with my own floral arrangements. Around 150 friends and family came to the celebration and it was a success. It was a life-changing experience for me; it sprouted my love for making art with flowers. Read more>>

Cheryl Reagan, Allen Langdale

As a newly hired minister in the fall of 2010, I was asked to help with a crowd of folks who showed up on Thursday mornings to get coupons to attend a grocery distribution that happened every Sunday on church grounds. There was always more demand than there were coupons. Read more>>

Frankie Margotta

As a naturally artistic person, I began my career in design innocently – creating simple designs for friends and family. The more I did, the more I wanted to do. I began reading books on design, color theory, typography, etc, which always led me to find new things that interested me. Read more>>

Kayla Loreth

My love for photography began with a last minute credit for graduation. I pursued it lightly up until my daughter was born, and it was then when I began to consider it a career path! It has most definitely been a bumpy road. Up until 2017 I had been working a full time job while trying to build up my clientele base enough to make just photography work. Read more>>

Daniel Hendrick

Hether exciting audiences at New York’s acclaimed Lincoln Center or thrilling the critics at the world’s major opera houses, tenor and composer Daniel Hendrick has become a premier presence on the professional stage today. Read more>>

Laura Maturo

I started as a CNA (certified nursing assistant) in upstate New York. While up there, I got more and more into women’s health and the birthing world. When my husband and I moved to San Diego in 2015, I decided to get formally trained as a birth doula through DONA. Read more>>

Kristie Dubin

I have always been a curious person. I love learning to create things and sharing my creations with others. Seeing that something I made can make someone else happy is one of the best feelings. I really started getting into making things and selling them in 2009. Read more>>

Catherine Doll

Growing up, Catherine’s mother was always on the cutting edge of health and fitness and was a pioneer Yoga instructor in their small, mid-western town of Rockford, Illinois during the 70’s. As a youngster, Catherine followed in her mother’s foot-steps, practicing Yoga regularly. Read more>>

Tess Meissner

Sometimes when I think my journey of becoming a hypnotherapist, I feel like I’ve been following a trail of breadcrumbs left by my soul, just like children in fairytales do to find their way back home. I had my first experience of hypnosis at 14 years old, when my best friend and I stole a book about it from my dad’s bookshelf. Read more>>

Karolyn Smith

I was a velodrome sprinter at 14, picking an obscure sport that most people have to google. I loved the sport because I learned to win and lose by myself but I also learned how to envision how exactly to win then deconstruct my vision at the starting line and be a winner at the finish line. Read more>>

Jeff Martin, Mikki Martin

We opened Brand X Martial Arts in Ramona in 1999, offering classes in Kenpo karate and later Krav Maga in a reality-based self-defense format. In 2003, we integrated functional fitness into our classes as a way to provide students with an exercise component. Read more>>

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