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East San Diego 04.26.2018

Laura Koval

Laura Koval is a native San Diegan and long-time resident of the San Diego’s East County. A track and field athlete and graduate of San Diego State University, Laura began her career in recreation as the Director of the Santee Branch of the East County Boys & Girls Club. Read more>>

Tracee Wyer

My story starts with me working for the Navy in the year 2000 as a Lifeguard. A few years later I became a certified fitness instructor where I continued working for the Navy until 2015. During this time I was struggling to find what my real calling in life was. Read more>>

Amy Millard

My story started in the darkroom of college in northwestern Pennsylvania. I recall the exact photo developing in the tray that really stunned me and I remember thinking “THIS! I need to do more of this!”. It was an image I took while visiting San Diego. I finished up my degree in photography (and graphic design) after many brutal critiques. Read more>>

Egle Athari

Me and my husband moved from Los Angeles to San Diego in 2007. Before the move I already had a very strong vision of a preschool that I would open one day. While in Los Angeles I attended Santa Monica College and added an Early Childhood Education Certificate to my BA in social work and psychology. Read more>>

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