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East San Diego 10.12.2017

Chris Wojdak

My interest in photography began when I was ten years old and went away to summer camp. I chose photography from the list of classes available, and my folks sent me with my dad’s old camera and some rolls of black and white film. The first time I got into the darkroom, I experienced the closest thing to real magic I’d ever seen. I was instantly hooked. Read more>>

Kristie Parker

From the time I was a little girl I remember enjoying taking photos. Once my daughter was born and I became a stay at home mom, I became extremely crazy about my hobby and knew I had to make a living doing it…so I did 🙂 It’s very long hours and physically demanding being a full time professional photographer. Read more>>

Abraham Muheize

I am Palestinian, born and raised in WL Cajon, CA. I grew up playing football with dreams to make it professional so that I could come back to El Cajon and be able to make some changes and give back. In 2005, I broke a California State record for most yards by a QB and multiple San Diego records. Read more>>

Blair X Golden

Blair has been recognized for his passionate desire to freeze a moment in time, capturing its artistic splendor in a single frame. Goldeneye-Photography has been built on the belief that a single shot has the power to change the world. Blair strives to capture this emotion and energy in every picture in order to evoke the true potency of that moment for years to come. Read more>>

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