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East San Diego 10.19.2017

Crystal Carr

My love of photography began when I was Photo Editor on my high school yearbook team. I had so much fun during my high school senior portrait session, that I went to work for the photographer who had taken them the summer following graduation. In college, I got my B.F.A. in Fine Art Photography at Cal State Long Beach. Read more>>

Zachary Hollander

Epoch Visuals started out as a thought that turned into an idea which then turned into a conversation full of passion that the other owner, Nate, and I couldn’t stop talking about. We both have very particular and similar visions for our lives – Lives full of adventure, constant exploration and new experiences, meaningful connections, and taking chances that will change our lives. Read more>>

Vic McQuaide

I am one of the 3 owners (Corey Brinkley and Mandy Maeda) of CrossFit Dark Side. We love our gym. Opening a gym has been a goal of mine for over 30 years. CrossFit Dark Side opened 11 months ago and has exceeded our expectations tenfold. Growing up I played soccer for 4 years and raced bicycles for 3 years at a high level. Read more>>

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