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East San Diego 10.26.2017

Paul Douda

After discovering photography at about 24 years old, a good friend of mine (Paul) requested that I photograph her wedding. Despite nerves and inexperience at the time, I fell in love with photographically capturing this type of memorable event. Fun fact, that first wedding I actually shot in film. I only look forward and 13 years later I have honed my craft more and love everything I do. Read more>>

Cinnamon Gray

Founded in 1997. I was working as a bookkeeper and struggling to make ends meet as a single mom in San Diego. I always loved Boudoir photography, so I decided I would make it a side job to help make ends meet as well as have an outlet for my creative energy. Read more>>

Jenny Stecklair

The first time I coordinated a wedding was for a friend about 8 years ago. When she asked me to help…. I didn’t realize it meant setting everything up, creating a timeline for the day and making it happen throughout the wedding. As we sat down after the rehearsal the day before, I found out this was a lot more than I bargained for. Read more>>

Glynis Eckert

Joan Kroc, wife of McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc, said that she took a tour of San Diego and it was then that she recognized a community that was in desperate need of a safe gathering place, a place with facilities and trained professionals to nurture children’s social skills, arts appreciation and athletic potential. Read more>>

Angela Burkard

I work all over the greater San Diego area but live with my family in east county. I’m most inspired by children, beautiful eyes and amazing golden sunlight. Leaving my full-time job in design and photography inspired me to pursue my passion by starting my own photography business. Which I will be forever thankful for that blessing in disguise. Read more>>

Sean Wheeler

I started martial arts when I was seventeen years old with kick boxing. I trained under Matt “The Machine” Laurence who was a light heavyweight kick boxing champion. After two years I advanced into Progressive Fighting System (PFS) under Paul Vunak. I received many different certifications through PFS. Read more>>

Steve Kipp

I thought that I could propel my surfboards much faster with my leg power than by paddling with my arms. I worked on a prototype where I mounted a bike on the surfboard, which you sat on and which powered a propeller underneath the board. Read more>>

Shawn Walchef

We both decided to study abroad in Alicante, Spain. During that trip my grandfather asked if I was willing to move back home to San Diego so that I could help him complete his autobiography and help him with his businesses. I applied online and was accepted to the University of San Diego while studying in Spain. Read more>>

James Neal

I’ve been in practice for 11 years. Through that time, I have worked with other offices throughout San Diego. My main focus has always been on educating patients on not just how to get out of pain, but how to keep it from coming back. I have a background in athletics, so it only seemed natural to gravitate towards treating injuries but also injury prevention. Read more>>

Kim Creekmore

My first real hairdressing job was with one of San Diego’s top salons. I specialized in haircutting quickly developing a love for short, precision haircutting. I was the “go to” person in the salon at that time for all pixie and stacked bob haircuts; I couldn’t get enough. Read more>>

Hannah Lebron

I am originally from Waimanalo, Hawaii. My parents both were hairdressers and had be around the beauty biz all my life. I initially went into Esthetics school at Honolulu Community College just for the makeup portion and quickly found my love for everything skin related. I went straight into being an independent contractor out of beauty school but then met my amazing husband. Read more>>

Jaime Smith

I’ve been doing hair and makeup for weddings the last 20 years and in 2012 a dear friend of mine encouraged me to make my love for Bridal Beauty a legitimate business. I was nervous at first, because Bridal Beauty seemed so saturated in San Diego. I was connected with a few Bridal Planners who helped me get my feet wet. Read more>>

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