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East San Diego 11.16.2017

Samantha McBee

I first started off in high school. Taking photography as an elective with a film camera learning to develop my own film and printing in a dark room. I used my camera as a pass to wander around campus and even sneak off lunch early, not knowing at the beginning how much photography was really going to influence my life. Read more>>

Ken Kuhlken

About a dozen years ago, several partners and I set out to found an online college. We applied for California licensing and then for accreditation to offer degrees in Counseling and Creative Writing. Read more>>

Christine Quilicia and Josh Perez

We took over a failing personal training company in 2010; its function was to partner with privately owned gyms in San Diego and install and manage their personal training departments. In under six months we were able to rebrand and flip it to a profitable business. Read more>>

Danielle Tabbert

I have always been fascinated with photos. I can remember looking through boxes of photos as a kid. I was so fascinated with how some things stayed the same and other things changed so drastically as the years pass. Not only did I enjoy looking at photos growing up, I also loved taking them too. Read more>>

Whitney Parker

It was ’06, I was living in San Francisco and working as a graphic designer for a well-known rock ‘n roll photographer who also happened to be a book publisher. It was a fantastic experience, I got to work on cool projects and developed a great work ethic. Read more>>

Cristina Cadden

CC Vintage Rentals started unintentionally while my husband, Spencer, and I were planning our 2014 wedding in Ramona, CA. With a strong affinity for all things vintage, we dreamed of a peaceful venue, surrounded by nature, and staged with vintage sofas, settees, and chairs for our guests to sit in. Read more>>

Harry Kendall

I have always had a passion for playing soccer ever since I was young. As I have gotten older, I still love to play soccer, but I get greater joy out of introducing other children to the beautiful game and instilling a love for the game in them like I had when I was their age. Read more>>

Jerry Marquillo

I started when I was 18 working for a photo booth company. I had worked many events for that company and one day I though why not start my own business. At the age of 19 I used most of the money I had in my possession and bought a photo booth. Within a year I had acquired 2 more booths. Currently I have 4 booths and have an office in El Cajon. Read more>>

Stacia Weisbach

After experiencing the phenomenal benefits exercise provides at an early age, I was motivated to inspire and educate others in making fitness a personal lifestyle goal. Sixteen years ago, I chose to dedicate my career to the profession of personal training, teaching others how to reach and surpass their fitness goals. Read more>>

Barbara Davies

Our adventure began in the year 2,000 on vacation at a resort in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. The first night of our stay we attended an informational meeting about what we could do in town that week. There was a gentleman there inviting the guests at the resort to his alpaca ranch in town. Read more>>

Justin and Michelle Dosser

It all began with an inkling, an itch if you will. We had just moved from one house to another within the same military housing community. A house that had many walls that seemed so bare and unwelcoming, and a budget for decorating that was well beneath what we see on HGTV. Read more>>

Jovan and Shauna Bessette

Jovan & I got married in August of 2012. We were young, in love and low on cash. Jovan grew up as a gamer and loved to try and involve me in his passion for video games. I was a big bargain hunter and began searching for a video game console we could both enjoy with as little cash as possible. Read more>>

Athena Kinner

I am the owner of Infinite Smile Cosmetic Teeth Whitening. I have been in the dental field for 12 years. I started as a certified Dental Assistant and Technician. I am an expert at making porcelain crowns, veneers and bridges, all requiring a great deal of focus and dedication and is a veritable art form. Read more>>

Zarema Vega

Danzart Academy started 11 years ago. I was a dancer all my life and my dream was to have my own dance studio. so when I was 24 I started planning my first studio. I have invested a lot of hard work and time but it was worth it. I have met many wonderful students and have excellent and experienced teachers. Read more>>

Paul Heikka

My father started this business and I started working for him when I was just a child.Working all summer making cabinets to pay for my ski trips. By the time I got to my twenties I was already a skilled woodworker. Read more>>

Maria Yraceburu

I grew up in an earth-based tradition, being part Native. This means I learned from the stories, the ceremonies, my family. As I grew I found I have a knack for these things I was being trained in, groomed if you will. When it was my time, the power was passed to me, giving me the go-ahead to start working with others. Read more>>

Kyle Trelford

I was bartending to put myself through college. I worked at a busy bar in the East County (The Flinn Springs Inn). As I graduated I still worked at the bar because I really enjoyed what I did. The hours got to be a bit much but again I loved what I did so I decided to start my own business. Read more>>

Samuel Obara

I immigrated to the US from Brazil when I was 29 years old to learn English and to finish a masters degree in business administration. With little money to support my living, a company in the Silicon Valley offered a scholarship and support in exchange for some help they needed in their manufacturing plants: they needed to cut cost, improve quality, speed up delivery time, increase customer service, etc. Read more>>

Mark Klaus

I began volunteering in what was called a sheltered workshop that provided training for people with developmental disabilities when I was in High School I continued to volunteer during my days at the University of Illinois and then accepted a part time position while I was in college. Read more>>

Atria Lutz

Children have been my passion from the first baby doll I was given. It wasn’t long before baby dolls were traded in for real babysitting jobs. As others dream of being a doctor, firefighter, singer, or business professional, I dreamt of being a mom. Read more>>

Raquel Reynolds

I have been working in the salon industry since I was 16 years old. I’ve done every job associated with the salon life from being the cleaner, the receptionist, an assistant, a stylist, to now being the owner. Being a salon owner has been my dream since adolescence. Read more>>

Neely Waiche

Initiate Change Fitness’s services are derived from Neely’s education, passion, and experience in the health and fitness industry, for over 16 years. Neely has always had a strong interest in the fitness and nutrition industry. As a young gymnast she was always physically active and loved the feeling of being strong. Read more>>

Kira Haley

Before coming to Lake Jennings, I had never thought about working in the public sector. Most of my previous professional experience had been managing sporting facilities in the private country club business. I loved working in that environment but frankly, I was pretty bored. Read more>>

Michelle Gutierrez

I am Michelle Gutierrez, owner/creator of Live Fit with Michelle, mother to two beautiful little girls, military spouse, Certified National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Personal Trainer and Precision Nutrition Level 1. Read more>>

Jim Crudgington

I grew up in a small town about 50 miles east of downtown San Diego couple years ago had an opportunity to acquire a tow truck decided it would be a nice change work in the mountains that I love and build something that my daughter could be proud to inherit someday with the support of my family. Read more>>

Wanda L Rogers

We start out under Caltrans district 11, as our efforts started to grow our focus changed and now we are a non profit organization. We have several public agencies and small businesses that assist us with matching smaller firms with larger prime contractors. Read more>>

Emily Wyant

Bond Hair Bar brings creativity and inspiration to client’s everyday lives through custom hair solutions. For 13 years, Bond Hair Bar founder Emily Wyant has used her multi-faceted skillset to bring an artistic and fun experience to Hair Artistry. Read more>>

Lynne McTurk, Adriana Toti

Myself and my business partner were born and raised in Scotland with dreams of coming to America one day after some wonderful vacations and trips travelling across the West Coast. We fell in love with San Diego and knew we could make it work here! In 2010, we began creating the “FUNbelievable” concept. Read more>>

Tracy Moe

My 17 year old daughter passed away in 2006. I was a personal trainer at the time but was no longer able to function, let alone work. I lost my marriage, job, filed a complete bankruptcy and was diagnosed with Melanoma Cancer for the 2nd time all within 6 months of her passing. Read more>>

Jake and Christina Gleim

Our Journey began 4 years ago with a ring in hand and bended knee. Christina and I were engaged in 2013, at which point our adventures merged our love of photography and film. We wanted to pursue the passion together to create beautiful and powerful imagery together that had both of our creative elements embodied in the art we created. Read more>>

Jill Spevacek

Pinecrest Retreat was started in 1961 as a place for the employees of Convair to recreate. Convair was a division of General Dynamics (a San Diego aerospace company). In its heyday, Pinecrest had over 400 site holders. General Dynamics Convair was sold in 1993 and Pinecrest Retreat went into private ownership. Read more>>


Bret and Karen Willat

Bret Willat has been flying since he soled at 15 in a Glider. He was lucky to go to a school with a soaring program. Since you can solo in a glider at the age of 14, Bret flew in gliders. It was not until years later that he found that flying in gliders or sailplanes is the best way to learn to fly. Read more>>


Danielle Tucker and Mark Fulton

February 2018 will mark the 9-year anniversary of the creation of The Mighty Untouchables. The original core group consisting of Mark Fulton, Danielle Tucker, Mike Holguin, Greg Merrill and Leonard Tucker had been playing together at the Church at Rancho Bernardo for 20 years. Read more>>

Lisa Weiss

I am a primary care optometrist specializing in pediatrics and vision development. I found the perfect career being able to help people with their vision and perform to the best of their ability in work, school and play. Read more>>

Craig Jenkins

Growing up I had a mentor in my life who made a huge difference on the person I am today. I realized at a young age how impactful the right people in your life can be and how sometimes the smallest gestures can have life-changing effects on youth. Read more>>


Pat Bennett

I first saw the dog chase sport called “lure coursing” in 2005 when I attended an event in Del Mar called Wags for Wishes. My puppy was with me and just lost her mind over the activity so I decided to join a club. However at that time there were no clubs for a dog that wasn’t a sight hound – dogs like whippets, greyhounds, borzoi, etc. – and I was told my dog wouldn’t run anyway. Read more>>

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