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East San Diego 11.3.2017

Cynthia Preclaro

I was introduced to the world of hair and make-up through my sister-in-law who is a stylist and make-up artist herself. She’s 10 years older than I am so I grew up watching her. I knew very quickly it was a world I wanted to be in. Read more>>

Natalie Chiles

I got started in photography by way of blogging. As a new mom I was trying to take better photos of my craft projects and kids. I took a class up in Orange County, and things very quickly shifted from blogging to photography. Read more>>

Nicole Rutherford and Jason Varnum

5 years ago, Nicole started a journey that ultimately changed her life. She was a female athlete her entire life and once the routine, scheduled sports came to an end, she didn’t know what to do. She started running a lot and eating very little. She was deeply struggling with body image issues and anorexia. Read more>>

Cindy James

As a single mom, I always struggled trying to find time for myself. It always felt impossible to get a babysitter so I could even get a wax or a pedicure, much less to carve out enough time to pamper myself with a massage or facial. I knew a spa with free onsite babysitting would allow me to take care of myself while I still had my kids nearby so I didn’t have to worry. Read more>>

Lisa Ginel

Being the free explorer that I am, I was fortunate to be able to tap into the many areas of the beauty business both in the states and abroad.  From sales, product knowledge, marketing, event planning, public speaking engagements, editor meetings, celebrity driven marketing events, reality shows, shopping channels, etc.  Read more>>

Caryn Kirchhoff-Herrera

I decided to attend esthetician school after I had gotten hurt while I was a dance major at Grossmont College. I quickly realized that if I was already getting hurt, that my passion for dance was not going be my career. Once I began esthetic training I took to it like a fish to water. I was meant to do it! Read more>>

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