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Hidden Gems: Meet Scott Stollar

Today we’d like to introduce you to Scott Stollar.

Hi Scott, please kick things off for us with an introduction to yourself and your story.
In what I have experienced in life, many people’s stories begin with death. Whether it’s the death of a close family member or the death of a way that they were living that was no longer available to them. Either way, this creates an opportunity for someone to choose what they will become. I feel lucky that I had the opportunity to experience both.

I grew up in Pasadena, CA. I loved playing around the foothills exploring washes and canyons during the summer. When I was 12, I lost my father unexpectedly. What made that more jarring was when I was 24 years old on Thanksgiving night five days after the anniversary of my father’s death, I watched my mom get rolled through our living room on a gurney by the Pasadena Fire Department. I knew she was dead and my life had changed forever whether I liked it or not.

At that time, art and design were my passions. I did everything I could to sell and create art for a living and tattooed professionally for 15 years in Los Angeles. I woke up, worked on client drawings or whatever carpentry project I had going on, then ran off to tattoo for 8-10 hours day. It was great during this time- I felt like I was helping others heal and create beauty to carry with them for their lives. Fast forward a few years, I had made a few shifts in where I was working and at that time what people had wanted tattooed on them changed. At this point, I noticed a shift in what I was working with for people, I was doing more cancer ribbons and depressing music lyrics. My personal art loosened up a lot though. I was painting more often, bigger pieces and working with watercolor in new ways. I was at the end of tattooing and wanted something that would allow me to help others.

I had always dreamed of living at the beach and my experience with tattooing set me up for a big change ahead, I was ready for it. I began working on myself so that I could better help others, this sent me down a path that I would never imagine. Just before we moved, my now wife and I got married, two months later we were packing up our home in Pasadena heading out the driveway as the new owner grabbed the key and our agent let us know where the key for our new home in Oceanside was hidden. We pulled in the driveway at the end of fourth trip for that day to Oceanside exhausted and with our dogs in our arms. We checked off one of our changes and onto the next.

After that summer, I went down to Chile to meet with one of my mentor’s groups to learn from the medicine men and women of the Andes. No, this wasn’t the trendy ayahuasca trips that everyone is hearing about, this was focused on their energetic practices that facilitate a life led by destiny rather than fate. I wanted not just to help people but to help others dream a new world into being. It’s very common these days to hear people mention meeting the jaguar in the form of a ceremony, the archetype of transmuting fear, allowing everything that is no longer serving you to die. This archetype shows the person who it encounters that the death of that old way of living has occurred. One night in Chile, I was walking along a path to my tent when a black jaguar walked across my path after all I had experienced, I knew that again my life had changed. Having this experience made me ask why I was not on the menu that night, what was my bigger purpose for being here?

This change led me to where I am today. I wanted work that actually helped other people. I also wanted my work to contribute to a better world, but how and who did I need to become? The goal was clear and the how emerged shortly after.

What I work towards is creating regenerative urban food forests and I do that through Real Estate. The vision is to create multiple spaces that serve to reconnect our communities with each other and our common home, Mother Earth. These spaces will show visitors how our community can take steps to a sustainable future, provide structured activities for children and create opportunities for community wellness through free meditation. My intention with this is to make a space that reminds us to take a time out, step back into our lives and our purpose for living.

How does Real Estate do this? I chose Real Estate because to me, it held the quickest way to reach my goal of creating regenerative public gardens while helping people create wonderful lives.

Homeownership is a dream for many people, even homeowners. There is a wide spectrum of people some thinking that they never can, others have their forever home but some wonder what they could get into next. How could they upgrade their situation or invest? I love to help others create the future that they wish to live and to step into the home of their dreams, even if that dream home is a steppingstone for them. Each time that I help someone buy or sell, I set aside a portion for the beginning of these regenerative food forests. My goal is to have enough capitol together by the end of the year to start a nonprofit portion.

My goal with helping people buying, selling or investing in our community moves full circle. My intention is to create a seed of sustainability that will influence our community to connect with each other and love the world that we’re in. It is my aim that I help 24 people buy or sell real estate this year to get his started. Stay tuned to my social channels as we check out potential spaces, watch my progress and gain helpful insights for stepping into a life worth living.

Can you talk to us a bit about the challenges and lessons you’ve learned along the way. Looking back would you say it’s been easy or smooth in retrospect?
It’s been a fairly smooth road, the biggest challenge is finding the balance between work, family, and my other interests.

Thanks for sharing that. So, maybe next you can tell us a bit more about your business?
I specialize in helping people achieve their homeownership dreams. In the crazy market right now, I help buyers feel less vulnerable, sharing with them a way to navigate this market with empowerment. We find the positive, find the way to make it happen and I am never too shy to reach out to find out what will make this a win win for everyone. When someone asks me to help sell their home, I pull my personal team in, people who I ask to help around my own home. I work to take as much of the stress out of the situation as possible so that you know your home will be shown in the best light to the best buyers bringing you the right deal for your family and meeting the terms that make it easier for you from start to finish. My proactive nature sets me apart from the crowd. Not only do my clients receive a high level of communication, but the surprises that can come up during transactions are limited on our end. My clients see that my team and I set up your home sale for success allowing you to relax knowing that your home will be shown as best as it can be to the best possible buyers across the world.

My family and I are most proud of what our future holds and why we help people with Real Estate. We are excited to see the gardens take shape and love meeting the wonderful people who trust in me to help them with their homes.

What do you like best about our city? What do you like least?
What I love most about the city is being so close to so many great places to explore like the beach, mountains and desert! Being able to turn off and have access to quiet time in nature and also having the opportunity to submerse yourself in city life with great restaurants, bars and culture makes the city one of the very best!

The only downside is traffic but it’s to be expected when you live in vacationland!

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