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Hidden Gems: Meet Stephanie Aleman

Today we’d like to introduce you to Stephanie Aleman.

Stephanie, we appreciate you taking the time to share your story with us today. Where does your story begin?
Some people say your trials and tribulations make you who you are today! I was born and raised in Sherman Heights, San Diego, CA. In 1983 in a Hispanic family of four. My father a carpenter and my mother a caregiver, both hardworking role models. As a child, my grandparents and parents would tell my siblings and me stories about how they made it here in the united states. How tough it was to not understand the English language.

Sometimes as children, we don’t recognize the blessings we have until something that impacts our lives changes our view. Some people might be like me, growing up and graduating. When I graduated from Mission Bay High School in 2002, I didn’t know what or where or how to pursue life. What would be the next step’s? I envision my life as an artist, I just didn’t know what kind exactly.

I was an average girl with an average mentality. Finish school, get married, have babies, get a car, a house, and live happily ever after. Have you ever heard about this before? as a young wife and expecting. I didn’t know life was going to change when I followed up to a visit at the Doctors office. It was Feb 6, 2004, I was experiencing throbbing abdominal pain, and I didn’t think it was normal. As I explain the details of my discomfort to my doctor, they prepared a sonogram… the room was quiet, and the doctor announces, he could only hear one beat. I was advised to head over to the Emergency Room. When I arrived at the Emergency Room, the doctors and nurses addressed the situation and with the kindest words they could express, they told me, “Your baby doesn’t have a heartbeat. It’s known as a STILL BIRTH.” I asked why or how does this happen. They didn’t have a proper answer. My heart was broken with the news. As a ward patient after inducing labor, I was asked if I wanted to see my baby with a broken heart I said yes. The next day the nurses brought my baby and asked the following, I had two options, if we wanted to cremate or buried our baby with only one income in our household by my husband and I went through our finances, and we knew then, we could not afford to buried our baby with support, we buried our baby but took us seven years to have our baby’s headstone on his grave.

March 2004, with a broken heart and not knowing the cause of why I wasn’t a newly mom. I made the decision to find out why, why did this happen to me? I enrolled at United Education Institute “UEI” and graduated as a “Medical Assistant”, later in the years completed my Associates Degree at California College San Diego, completed my externship at the Naval Medical Center San Diego. I was hired as a per diem contractor. Eager to learn, I went from Primary Care, OBGYN, Pediatrics, Adolescence, ENT, Plastic surgery, Cardiology, just to name a few. August 2005, I was offered a full-time position within the Medical Branch and I loved it.

In the early months of 2020, my friends and I were introduced to Ultrasonic Cavitation; We learned that as Medical Professionals, we have the capacity to run a Non-Invasive Body Contour Business. I had the idea. I simply want to enhance my curves. my friends and I would work on each other. After few months of training among us and having successful results, we each introduced it to our closes peeps. In only a few months, my hobby idea transformed into a Local small business in which it’s now known as Stephanie’s Cavi Lipo Spa.

I’m sure you wouldn’t say it’s been obstacle free, but so far would you say the journey has been a fairly smooth road?
Whoever said life was easy! I don’t believe it! we all got our own problems. I have always believed there’s a solution to every problem. It all depends how we handle it. I don’t like leaving things for later because maybe later won’t come. I have learned over the years that it’s better to try and do things than find out the details later. For some, it might be premature to do so. However, it also depends on the project or what you’re dealing with at the time.

I do have to say, I am truly blessed to have had the support of so many people in this journey! A friend in particular who was moving from San Diego to Texas Donated to me what I believe was the start of this journey without us knowing. She gave me two massage tables, and I had no idea when or if I would ever use them. If you’re thinking “hoarder” me too! God works in mysterious ways!

Thanks for sharing that. So, maybe next you can tell us a bit more about your business?
Stephanie’s Cavi Lipo Spa is located in the Heart of Downtown San Diego. We specialize in Non-Invasive Body Contouring. I have a team working with me: medical Assistants, Social Media Experts, Sales team, and more. At Stephanie’s Cavi Lipo Spa, there’s no downtime, no membership, no contract, no stitches, no needles, and results may vary, and best of all, its Affordable!

Our services: Cryolipolysis, Cupping Therapy, Infrared Sauna, Laser Lipo, EMS Shaping, Ultrasonic Cavitation, Vacuum Therapy.

Is there any advice you’d like to share with our readers who might just be starting out?
In my opinion, marketing courses do come in handy! Practice with a few friends, let’s say three friends each one practice a different part, Abdominal, Neck & Chin, BBL. have before and after pictures. Social media is important for your business. Write down your WHY. Why are you wanting to start a business? Businesses can be challenging at times. I started a group called SCLSGROUP, I teach others how to get started, and I offer Internship programs.

Contact Info:

Image Credits

Photographer: Jonathan Medel
Model: Kilsis Julia
Cavitation Technicians: Melissa Tumang, Stephanie Aleman, Jonathan Delgado, Esther Miramontes

Thank you to my friend Patricia who Started and Kept me motivated since Day 1! Thank you
Thank you to my Team without you this wouldn’t be possible!

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