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Inspiring Conversations with Adam Webb of Webbcreationfood

Today we’d like to introduce you to Adam Webb.

Hi Adam, so excited to have you with us today. What can you tell us about your story?
I have been in the food industry for over 15 years now. When I graduated from Texas Culinary Academy, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my degree, but I definitely knew that I wanted to get out of Texas to explore what other opportunities were out there for me. I moved to Vail, Colorado, and started cooking for well-known hotels as I thought that working for hotels would help me fulfill my need for traveling. At some point, I was at a different property almost every season, working side by side with some of the most famous Chefs and cooking for some of the most upscale clientele, from Hollywood actors to the former First Lady. However, I always felt like I was way too limited by hotels’ strict rules and standardized menus. I decided to try myself in the restaurant environment and immediately regretted my decision. The hours were long; the pay was ridiculously law. Even though I had way more freedom with my menus, I felt like I was getting burned out very quickly as I didn’t have time to eat, sleep or do any of my hobbies. That lifestyle was not for me.

At that point, I wanted to get out of the cold and live in a nice climate for once, My wife (gf at the time) proposed San Diego, and I really loved that idea. San Diego quickly became our favorite place to call home. We started to settle down and I went back to working for hotels for a steady income and the ability to travel again. My wife and I started traveling to the world’s most cultured destinations to get some inspiration for my cooking career. I knew I wasn’t going to stick with the hotels for too long and I always felt like my passion for cooking exceeded what any hotel brand could ever offer me. I always wanted to play with different flavors creating unusual combinations. We traveled all over Europe, Asia, and South America. Instead of souvenirs or fridge magnets, we were bringing spices, dried fruits, and other edible goods. My wife had been a bartender for a few years at that point. She then started making some great wine/cocktail pairings to complement my food. Little by little our menus started to really come together and our friends and our friends’ friends started to ask us to cater their small gatherings. We were having fun with private catering as a side gig until Covid hit.

March 2020, both my wife and I get laid off from our full-time jobs, and on top of it, we discover that my wife is pregnant. The food industry gets hit the hardest and here we are unemployed, stressed out, and expecting a baby. When initial quarantine restrictions started to slowly fade away, people started to hit us back up, asking to make food for their outside events as most restaurants were still closed. Little by little, we started to build our brand by creating a website, Instagram page, advertising on several personal chef platforms. Along the way, we started to collaborate with a lot of other food industry professionals who had been laid off from their jobs. As of today, not only do we offer unique personal chef services for smaller parties, but as we are expanding, we are able to deliver full-size catering experiences with SD food industry best professionals (bartenders, servers, sommeliers, and etc.) I am also exploring the option of bringing freshly caught seafood to my clients’ tables, as fishing has become one of my main passions.

We all face challenges, but looking back would you describe it as a relatively smooth road?
It definitely hasn’t been smooth. From the stress of having no steady income and the need for all the cooking equipment to get our business off the ground. To the personal chef platforms basically robbing freelancers with their extreme percentages and unfair treatment. On top of all that, being a personal chef is a very stressful and high-pressure job! You truly never know what kind of household you are getting yourself into. Always new people, unfamiliar kitchen space. However, regardless of the kitchen size and equipment, people always expect you to be able to deliver a 5-star high-end experience. I will never forget how I had to make a beef wellington in a studio apartment downtown with only an electric stove and barely working oven.

Thanks – so what else should our readers know about Webbcreationfood?
I founded personal chef services to share my experience with you and bring the amazing flavors of the world to the comfort of your own home! Whether you are having a family reunion, a big birthday celebration, a bachelor/bachelorette party, or simply a nice date night in the comfort of your own home or a rented Airbnb property, I will be there to make sure that you are getting a restaurant-style experience with amazing tailored specifically to your needs menus, freshest local produce, meats, and seafood. There’s no need to wait in line to get into restaurants with all of the post-Covid madness. No need to overpay for alcohol or stress about getting home safe after having a few drinks. Webbcreationfood will take care of it all! Moreover, not only will your guests get the best-customized dishes they will absolutely love, your kitchen will be left spotless without you having to deal with any “hosting duties.” We will shop, prep, serve, set up tables (if needed), clean, and take pics!

I specialize in upscale fine-dining experiences, however, if my clients are in the mood for something casual, I am not opposed to serving much simpler plates. From casual “family style” brunches to multicourse plated dinners, Webbcreationfood has it all!

My absolute favorite thing to do for my clients is asking them what was the best food they have ever tried in their entire life, whether it’s from their grandmother’s recipes or date night in Barcelona, I will be more than happy to recreate that dish for their special date!

What matters most to you? Why?
I would say Quality! I value quality in every aspect of my business. I only shop at farmers’ markets or buy my seafood directly from the fishermen. I believe that little things like that make a huge difference! I value each client’s opinions and preferences. It would be a lot easier to have set menus that I could just make standardized for any party. However, I’m very interested in establishing a deeper connection with every client, making sure that they are getting exactly what they have invisioned for their special occasion. I am more focused on maintaining the returning business vs. doing anything in my power to book new business. I have been watching my competition, and sadly, some of the personal chefs in the area are getting very desperate to always book new clients. They don’t care about the quality of each experience they deliver. All they see is numbers. It makes me sad because chefs like that discredit our whole community.

One of my clients told me that for their 30th wedding anniversary with a budget over $200 per person, someone who they were trying to book before me offered them a “breakfast for dinner experience,” explaining that he might not have enough time to prepare anything more sophisticated than that.


  • Coursed lunch/dinner experience (6 people minimum) • 4+ course experience – from $110 per person
  • For dinner & wine pairing experiences (6 people minimum) • 4+ course experience – from $200 per person
  • For parties under 6: Minimum labor charge is $400 (groceries are not included)
  • For “family style”/buffet style catering (10 people minimum): from $80 per person
  • Cooking classes (8 people max) • From $80 per person (groceries are not included)

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