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Inspiring Stories from Coronado

The heart of our mission at the SD Voyager is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the San Diego’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars from Coronado below.

Kristin Lewin

Well, I always loved desserts… who doesn’t? I became seriously interested in baking when my son was graduating high school and heading off to college. It was then that I decided to enroll myself in a local community college and do their baking and pastry certification program. Prior to that, I had baked for many different occasions purely for the love and excitement it brought to family and friends celebrating. Read more>>

Lindsey Wagner

To be honest, building an online community and blogging isn’t something I ever thought I would end up doing. I got my undergraduate degree in marketing, thinking that was the direction I would go post-college. However, I later learned that wasn’t exactly the route I wanted to go. That’s what propelled me into pursuing teaching. I have always loved being with kids and thought this would be a great path for me. Read more>>

Robyn and Victor Robledo

Over the past four years, we’ve spent summers road tripping through the western US and Canada. We spent six months in Europe, a month in Bali, a month in Costa Rica, a month in New Zealand. We downsized our business tremendously in order to find balance between doing a job that fulfills us and setting aside time to explore the outdoors with our children. Read more>>

Channing Moreland

I gave birth to my 3rd child and only daughter on May 14, 2018. From the day I found out I was having a girl, I was on the hunt for books made especially for Black Girls. My daughter Nandi changed the game for me, I would now be teaching someone how to be a woman, a Black Woman. Read more>>

Supreeta Surati

The story of the company began on my wedding day, but the dream started much before that. I had been in the industry working under different wedding planners and hotels, from the west all the way to the east coast. This persistent idea kept coming back to me. I knew I could do it the right way and offer something more. As I was planning my own wedding, I was working for Hilton and knew I wanted more creativity. After the wedding, during the honeymoon, all we could think about was the next steps for my career. Sweet Love Designs was born. Read more>>

Mike Wallz

I was born and raised in the DMV. Not to be confused with the Department of Motor Vehicles; I’m talking about the greatest metropolitan area in the world, the DC, MARYLAND, VIRGINIA, area. Silver Spring, Maryland to be exact. I was exposed to rich music and sports culture early. My mom being an artist who loved sports, and my dad, a tri-sport athlete and (Go-Go) Music enthusiasts – I inherited the best of both worlds. Like most 90’s babies, I was incredibly active. Read more>>

Paloma Aguirre

I surfed Imperial Beach for the first time in 2001, and I was hooked. I knew IB would be my home. I fell in love with its waves, its beaches but most importantly its people. I loved it so much that I worked two jobs and took two trolleys and a bus while putting myself through school just so I could come back home to IB. I am the first person to graduate college. I’ve worked hard to create opportunities for myself. However, it was years before I realized that I’d been surfing in polluted water without knowing. Read more>>

Shannon Baker

Soulfeast Retreats began when my life took a shift and friends invited me for a lengthy reprieve to teach yoga, surf, rest, relax and renew at their hotel in Playa Grande, Costa Rica. I have always been fond of travel. In fact, my mother still tells me I was born with a backpack on my shoulder and a zest for new experiences – fitting that Soulfeast Retreats started with a love of travel and the desire to bring amazing travel experiences to others. Read more>>

Steven Wright, Waylon Matson

Waylon and Steven met on the rugby pitch back in college playing for the Riverside Men’s Rugby Club. Steve was studying Evolution and Ecology at UC Riverside and Waylon was studying Political Science and Geography at Cal State San Bernardino. It wasn’t long before they discovered they star-brotherhood, sharing the same exact birthday and crazy similarities in their lives’ respective stories. Read more>>

Peter Scheu

For me, my journey into photography started the summer of my sophomore year in college. I had some extra money and had my eye on a camera for quite some time, so I finally got it. That was back when everything was still filmed, and it cost $0.50 every time you pressed the shutter. Read more>>

Christy Mattoon

At the age of 38, my body started shutting down- I didn’t know what was going on or that I could have any control of it. By the time, I had topped out at 300 lbs doctors were giving me disease titles and prescribing medications. The realization hit me that my life was about to flash in front of my eyes. Read more>>

Liz Romeka

My senior year of highschool, I took a film photography class. Although I come from a fairly artistic family, I had never really found a medium I fell in love with. Photography changed all that for me and I fell hard. I loved the way a photograph could lead the viewer to focus on a detail that gets lost in everyday life. Read more>>


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