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Inspiring Stories from Del Mar, Encinitas & Carlsbad

The heart of our mission at the SD Voyager is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the San Diego’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars from Del Mar, Enallicinitas & Carlsbad below.

Annabelle Lee

Even though I always thought of myself as a ‘healthy’ eater when I began having joint pain and gut issues, I initially thought to avoid gluten. As a mom who enjoyed making good food for my family, I began experimenting with gluten-free recipes and found myself quickly gaining weight! With a little research, I realized that grains, starches and sugar made my symptoms worse. So, with a bit of trial and error, I created lots of yummy meals and treats for myself and my family that we all enjoyed. Read more>>

Arman Jon

It all started when I saw the Johnny B. Goode scene in Back to the Future. At the age of eight, I knew I wanted to be skipping across the stage with a cherry red guitar in my hand. This turned into taking private lessons that would get me one step closer to my Marty McFly moment. In high school, my interest in music exploded when I heard “Yellow” by Coldplay for the first time. I knew that I wanted to start writing songs and play in a band. While playing in many bands throughout high schools and still pursuing a dream like Marty Mcfly; I started writing songs and finding that writing with friends fueled my passion. Read more>>

Michael Drentea

At 41, my story started in a sleepy beach town 35 minutes north of San Diego called “Carlsbad”. Ever since I can remember, I enjoyed sports, music, art, photography, reading and writing. When I came to Carlsbad High School back in 1993, I was decent at football and earned my spot as a captain and defensive back MVP. However, that summer I broke my ankle and never returned to the football field again. I was depressed, all my friends were playing football or surfing and I was home all summer bummed with a cast on my leg drawing doodles and reading books, watching films and listening to music. Looking back, it was because of that summer I’ve grown an appreciation for the arts. Read more>>

Junior, Anthony and Mickey

Growing up, I loved video games and movies, but I also tried to keep myself busy and creative. Everything started in middle school where I created Laker videos/family slide shows on windows movie maker, music on garage band in high school, and captured recaps/moments at Rave Festivals on the YouTube channel “The PLUR Project”. As I grew older, my drive to create a brand/platform grew stronger. In 2018, after being inspired by the success of my cousin’s clothing brand, we started the development of our own clothing brand in which today is known as “Prztige”. As we learned the ins and outs and the good and bad of the clothing industry, we felt that the direction Prztige was taking as a clothing brand wasn’t the correct one. The key for us was that we have always wanted to inspire others and help others grow by establishing some sort of network/platform. By solely being a clothing brand, we felt very limited and unable to achieve the goals we wanted to accomplish. Read more>>

Nicole Flax Tatlock

I was born and raised in San Diego, CA and developed a love of movies very early on. At age six, my father introduced me to the movie that changed my world…Raiders of the Lost Ark. Steven Spielberg captivated me in such a way that I knew immediately I had found my calling. I remember desperately trying to get my hands on my parents’ camcorder, but it took a few years of convincing due to their rightful reluctance to hand a child an expensive electronic. When I finally did get ahold of that camera it never left my side. Almost every essay/project assigned from second grade until fifth grade was done in video form. I still vividly remember my teachers rolling their eyes as my hand would shoot up to ask if it was okay to turn in a movie. Read more>>

Kisa Puckett

Since the age of 18, I was business-minded – opening and operating several businesses in the restaurant, beauty, and transportation industries within the first years of my adult life. After selling my restaurant and being in business for over eight years in the transportation industry, I closed my company following the 2008 market crash and then worked eight years as a W2 employee in a super restrictive, political environment. I ultimately realized that I wanted more in my life and the opportunity to impact many with my message and purpose, without the limitations that came with the positions I held. I also wanted to take the years of experience I had in marketing and scaling businesses to support other business owners looking to become highly successful and next-level profitable. Read more>>

Nickolas Rogers

I’d say I was about 16 years old when I started taking music seriously. I started getting into vinyl around that age and at some point picked up a bass guitar. Bass definitely wasn’t my first instrument, but was the first that didn’t feel like a chore to practice — it came pretty naturally. Credit of which partly goes to my instructor Nick Hein of ‘The Routine’. If it weren’t for him, I feel like I would’ve ended up in an entirely different career. Naturally, I started getting involved playing in bands, writing and performing original material. When we needed to record something, we’d do it at my place with an interface that was much too complicated for my skill level at the time (Behringer X32 Rack). Read more>>

Nikki Tavares

Well, it all starts with my Aunt Julie Crawley, she has been a dance teacher here in San Diego for over 20 years and as soon as I was able at age two, she had me in dance classes. I would say honestly, at about 6 or 7 years older, I knew o wanted to open my own dance studio. I started teaching around 16 as my aunt’s assistant and never looked back. No matter where life took me, I was always teaching as much as I could and I was always extremely involved in competition dance, whether it was with my own students or with my family. Who have all danced! I then was offered an opportunity to travel to Costa Rica and teach for a season. To bring my knowledge and style to them to help them compete at a higher level. I did just that… I left my life here and moved to Costa Rica for six months. A whole season! Read more>>

Alley Maskrey and Charlie Norris

Charlie and I have always had a love for gardening, nature and animals. We lived in a beach house in Encinitas and had a teeny tiny garden we built ourselves. We started growing vegetables and sunflowers in our garden, which led us to dream of having more property to expand our garden and transition to a lifestyle where we could live off the land and provide for our own needs. We moved to a 16-acre hass avocado grove in early 2019 in Vista, San Diego (close to where we both grew up) and Random Ass Farm was born. We both left our full-time jobs to pursue farming full-time and here we are almost two years later, with a family of about forty animals. Read more>>

Debbie Potts

Did you know I grew up always fighting my weight and fitting in with others? I moved to Seattle (Bellevue) Washington from Vancouver, B.C. Canada in March of 6th grade – as my mom wanted my sister and I to meet new friends before summer started. I was 12 ½ years old and found it easy to meet friends in 6th grade but it was harder for my sister in high school as she is four years older than myself. I understand why high school was more of a struggle for her now that I look back at my own confidence struggles that started in high school. As a teenager, I was always taller than others – especially the boys in high school. I wasn’t overweight but I believe I struggled with body-image and self-esteem because I was a little taller than the rest of the kids as they were later bloomers. Read more>>

Eva Amantea

In October of 2011 (October 2, to be exact!) I attended an event as a last-minute fill-in host to conduct interviews on an orange carpet. The event was benefitting the ASPCA, and I was planning on going as a fan regardless because I love animals and my celebrity crushes, Christian Beadles and Booboo Stewart, were BOTH slated to attend. I thought, how can I meet these celebrities and others and have a meaningful conversation – by getting a press pass, of course! I had no experience at all, but some people by the names of Marci Strauss, Michelle Parimore, and Michael Acres took a chance on me and let me do interviews for an outlet whose typical host was out of town. It was one of the best days of my life – I thrive on asking questions and learning about people beyond what we see on the surface. Now, it is 2020, and I have had my own channel, On the Spot Interviews, for almost nine years. Read more>>

Michael Marckx

As a child, I grew up the oldest of four kids with very active parents. All of six of us were marathoners, bike riders and athletes in various sports. I ran my first marathon the same year I did my first bike race when I was 12 years old… That’s not saying much when my brothers ran their first marathons at age eight and nine. From age 11 on, we spent our summer vacations in San Diego, in Leucadia, and we all fell in love with everything about the place. So much so, my brothers and I moved here and set up our various businesses. We loved the laidback lifestyle, the wide selection of surf breaks, running in the lagoons and along the beach, and the general vibe of being around people who cherished the same wonderful characteristics of this special place. Read more>>

Mary Reaston and Heather MacKay

Our story started in 2018 when we met at Floating Yogis. Heather had been practicing yoga for 18 years and I was new to yoga. We shared a love of water and were taking a SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) Yoga class. One of the poses in the class was crow, an intricate arm balance. I wanted to do the pose without a face plant and Heather suggested practicing on land first. She offered to guide me into crow and that is the beginning of our beautiful partnership and journey. Heather is and will always be my inspiration. She taught me to not be afraid; to always believe ins myself and age is a simply state of mind. Together we have completed our Sup Yoga Teacher Training (TT),200 and 300 hour TT, and Gravity Yoga TT and are currently enrolled in our Yoga Trapeze TT. Read more>>

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