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Inspiring Stories from Del Mar, Encinitas & Carlsbad

The heart of our mission at the SD Voyager is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the San Diego’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars from Del Mar, Enallicinitas & Carlsbad below.

Dana Nuesca

I spent three years working full time, traveling to Costa Rica and back for the non-profit. Seeds of Hope works with children who are at risk for sexual exploitation, drug use, and abuse. We’ve since expanded to other countries. I remain an integral part of the board. Read more>>

Dalini Rose

I think if there is anything that may potentially set me apart from other artists is the fact that I put a lot of intention into my work once I have connected with the subject and piece. I create space for activation and healing to take place through my work. Read more>>

Kaitlyn Kinder

Raw food is composed of pure whole food ingredients which are unprocessed and unrefined, just like nature designed them. This type of cooking is naturally gluten-free, soy-free, refined sugar-free, grain-free and preservative-free which is pretty incredible because this style of cooking is available to people with the most common food allergies. Read more>>

Michaela Texidor

I coordinated pep rallies, community events, and school dances. The valentines day dance was my favorite because we were able to do the most decorating! I never in a million years thought about events as a career but looking back it makes sense that I would find my passion for planning and coordinating events. Read more>>

Sarah Cazares

Success to me is being able to do what I enjoy on a daily basis and continue to learn at the same time. I believe that there is always room for improvement and if we keep our minds open, we can learn from many around us. I hope to also be an inspiration to others and teach what I have learned throughout the years as well. Read more>>

Maria Roque-Lopes

The K9 Guardians Foundation was formed after one of the members(who just passed away in March) kept reading articles and seeing on the news, stories about k9’s being killed in the line of duty. All four founding members of the K9 guardians would frequently have dinner together and the topic would come up again and again. All passionate dog lovers, we knew something had to be done and we knew we could make a difference. Read more>>

Sue Shaw

Sun Drenched Vibes is a locally-based online publication supporting the San Diego music and arts community. We focus on positivity through music and art, working with and supporting local artists as well as welcoming visiting artists from around the world.We specialize in bringing the live music and arts experience to the masses through photography, utilizing social media as a way to engage with our audience. Read more>>

Salia Phan

I had a love of changing my furniture around every month and skin condition that I believed I would have to deal with for the rest of my life.I dove into working for an organic beauty company and learned about different ingredients in our daily products. With my new found knowledge, I removed all items that had toxic chemicals. Read more>>

Alix Tingle

Raised between Idaho and Montana and living on our family’s cattle ranch, I spent my childhood developing a strong love for nature and the outdoors.I always had a deep concern for environmental conservation, I was fascinated by foreign places, traveling, and Spanish, and so I took the first international travel opportunity that came my way — a Sea Turtle conservation trip to Costa Rica when I was in high school.  Read more>>

Cuyla Coogan

I am incredibly grateful to be alive and for the experiences I have had that have shaped who I am today. The mission of the Greatness Foundation is to create a better world by empowering leaders with the resources to DO GREAT THINGS in life and business. We offer experiences like house builds in Mexico and Greatness Gatherings in San Diego. Read more>>

Nicole Estrada

For years, I showed my love for others through clean, nutritious food. I knew I wanted to take this one step further, so I took a leap of faith and resigned from my corporate job of 14 years and enrolled in culinary school. A year and a half later, I opened Fresh Creations —a personal chef and catering services company based in beautiful San Diego, California. Read more>>

Robin Plotnik

I knew I loved nutrition but never looked at cooking with an artistic eye. I began plating my food with care and putting my “strange but good” toast combos out there for everyone to see. I love “strange but good” combos and there’s no combo that does not taste great on toast! Read more>>

Travis Burke

Being a self-employed freelance photographer isn’t always easy. You only see the highlight reel on social media. Behind the scenes, there are a lot of trials and tribulations, from gaps between paid projects to creative burnout, that you have to face to move your business forward. Read more>>

Jennipher Wilson

It all started with me constantly on the lookout for surf-inspired clothing that fit my style. I’m not very beachy so the current styles for women don’t resonate with me. I had a hard time finding designs that were cool/edgy but not too masculine. So, I decided to create a couple for myself and printed them up on some tees. Read more>>


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