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Inspiring Stories from North Park, South Park, Kensington & Normal Heights

The heart of our mission at the SD Voyager is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the San Diego’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars from North Park, South Park, Kensington & Normal Heights below.Jenna Ryan

Jordan Harrison

I will start with choosing to attend SDSU versus USC. I earned a full ride to SDSU and decided to stay local, and the first two years I was upset with the decision but decided in year two to make the most of the opportunity. During the final two years, I got involved in over 25 students organizations and earned multiple top leadership awards from SDSU including Quest for the Best. In addition, I graduated with 24 job offers in the corporate world for companies like HP, Amazon, Salesforce, etc. Read more>>

Lauren Gionet

My health journey began in college, but I’ve always had a huge connection to food since childhood. My parents had a garden in the backyard full of fresh produce, they cooked amazing homemade meals, and we rarely went out to eat. But, like so many Americans, I didn’t realize that a good amount of the food I ate growing up (cue the Goldfish crackers, pounds of American cheese, and fat-free mini muffins) was processed, high in fat and sugar, and harmful to my long-term health. In college, my doctor diagnosed me with high cholesterol at the young age of 19. Read more>>

Gabriel Cazares

I have had strong visual experiences since I was a young child. I always observed life around me far more than I spoke and eventually began to feel strong emotional connections with the moving image. The natural ability images have to communicate stories instantaneously had profound effects on my mind before I was even close to understanding how or why. I began making short movies for fun as a young kid and eventually began being a crucial assistant and second-shooter for Anza Foto+Film since it’s very first wedding. Read more>>

Lauren Marie

Throughout middle school, I almost always had a disposable camera in my hand. I got my first DSLR in high school, but most photographed objects and animals. As my love for it grew, I decided to go to college to study and grow in the field. College showed me that portraiture and fashion were what I’m most passionate about. After college, I decided to move to California to have better opportunities and better weather. Read more>>

Melissa Prevost

I’ve always been interested in the spaces we are surrounded by and how they make us feel. When I was little, my mom reminds me I insisted on painting every wall in my bedroom a deep plum purple because it made me happy. As a freshman in college, I decided I needed a custom made Papasan chair just so I could select the fabric myself! However, growing up in Green Bay, Wisconsin, I was not exposed to interior designers and did not know that my eye for design details would eventually pave a way for a meaningful and fulfilling career path. Read more>>

Forrest Dein

We had the idea for JuneShine about a year ago and opened our doors June 1st. JuneShine was born from our desire to enjoy tonight… and tomorrow. This led us to a simple question. Why do we know so much about the food we eat and so little about the alcohol we drink? We grew frustrated by the lack of honest transparent alcohol brands catering to our healthy active lifestyle and decided to start our own. We created a team of adventurers, artists, and creatives who share our passion and want to leave a positive impact on the environment. Read more>>

John Bell and Natasha Teymourian

We think it was a little bit of trying to impress each other when we first started dating. While loving pizza isn’t exactly a personality trait (it’s pretty universal), it definitely helped us bond. We’d both dabbled in breadmaking and hosted pizza nights with our families so we thought it’d be a fun activity to try together. It transformed into scouring our local San Diego Farmers Markets for in-season produce and cheeses to play around with. We only realized that other people were also into our pizza when we’d open our roommate-shared fridges to find dough balls or leftover slices missing. Read more>>

Cristina Resendez

My love for vintage started early. My mother was an interior designer here in San Diego. I would often go shopping with her to thrift shops as well as garage sales. I was fascinated with design and the beauty of castaway items. Fast forward to my early 20’s. I furnished my home in LA with mostly garage sale finds. Taking my design background and love for vintage, I quickly realized there was a profit to be made. I started holding my own sales with the items I went hunting for on the weekends. It all paid off. Once I moved back to San Diego my dreams of one day opening a brick and mortar were front and center. Read more>>

Chaz Cannon

If you told me about three years ago, that today I would be a Freelance Makeup Artist and Manager for one of the leading cosmetic companies of the world, I would have laughed and told you that you were delusional. I had worked for as a Financial Manager for an Appliance repair company for the past six years and had been a Service Advisor for car dealership for the ten years before. Five years ago, I wore the bare minimum, mascara, maybe some powder and lipgloss. Read more>>

Dharlene Marie Fahl

I founded Red Poppy Press at the beginning of 2017 to publish my own inspirational material. I am a certified tea specialist, and most of what I write is about finding inner peace and using tea as the vehicle. I’ve also written 101 healing prayers to read or recite while sipping tea. Only a few months into 2017, it seemed the universe had its own plan. I was deeply affected by the San Bernardino school shooting and found myself in tears at the mention of it on the news — as if the school was just down my street and I knew the people — but that wasn’t the case — it was many miles away — but the closest I’d been to a school shooting. Read more>>

Nicole Miller

I had been practicing massage therapy in the city of Chicago for over ten years and needed a change. Everything in life was going well enough, but something was missing. I had just finished my yoga teacher training certification and just didn’t feel challenged or inspired much anymore. Most that have experienced a yoga instruction program can confirm you don’t leave the same person when you begin the program. Something was tugging at my heart, life loves to challenge your boredom. Read more>>


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