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Inspiring Stories from North Park, South Park, Kensington & Normal Heights

The heart of our mission at the SD Voyager is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the San Diego’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars from North Park, South Park, Kensington & Normal Heights below.

John Brown

I always knew I was a natural sales person. From 1993 – 1995 I didn’t have a job. While I was on sabbatical I had a chance to consider whether I wanted to go back into the workplace or not. I thought if I did, I would only do so under an ideal circumstance. Read more>>

Diana McCaskill

Husband and wife team, Richard & Diana McCaskill, started Fruition Consulting in 2005 developing administrative infrastructures for businesses. Since that time, we have incorporated event management, attendee outreach and sponsor solicitation for national events. Read more>>

Judy Meyer

I am a healer with three different modalities: medical intuitive, energy healer, and holistic mental health coach. I worked in the book publishing arena for most of my career but 5 years ago, I felt a strong pull to use my intuitive gifts to help others heal. Read more>>

Joanne Sherif

I started baking at a young age and was always fascinated with the process. I enjoyed experimenting and loved to share what I made. My mother was an avid reader and passed that down to me. We took weekly trips to the library. Read more>>

Yolanda Coquereau

I have been retouching photographs as far as I can remember. My father , Victor Avila, was a portrait photographer on 7th Ave, Downtown San Diego for over 40 years. I would go work in his studio after school and eventually ran the studio until his passing. Read more>>

Nik Bates

I like to think of myself as a sort of ‘shapeshifter’ when it comes to creating digital content. It began with graphic design and website building when I was 8 years old. I started off illustrating and designing forum layouts for a now-defunct South Park discussion forum, City Wok. Read more>>

Crystal Schalmo

After over ten years in the zoo field (many of those years were at The San Diego Zoo) as a zookeeper, I completed my Master’s degree and decided to diversify my career path by pursuing both field research and conservation education. Read more>>

Ryan Glidden

My story started with a girl (who is now my wife). When we were dating she asked me to try out a yoga class with her. She warned me it was hot and challenging but I had an ego the size of the room and didn’t think anything of the warning. Read more>>

Evan Schell

I was extremely fortunate to be born and raised here in San Diego, California. Growing up I was fascinated with cameras and documenting the people and places around me. After finishing high school in 2010 I moved up to Santa Cruz, California, where I attended UC Santa Cruz and graduated with a degree in Environmental Studies and a minor in Film & Digital Media. Read more>>

Benjamin Howard

I have memories of making terrible little movies as a kid with my brother, using my dad’s Hi8 video camcorder. We downloaded a “Matrix” screensaver onto my mom’s desktop computer (the iconic glowing, green, falling text was my first attempt at ‘high’ production value) and used this as a prop to produce a simple spy movie. Read more>>

Sarah McAllister

I started working as a photographer at a boudoir Studio in early 2012. It was a very intimate environment where our clients put a lot of trust in us as their photographers to make them feel comfortable and catch them in their best light. Read more>>

Jeane Wong

Summary/History: The League of Extraordinary Scientists & Engineers began with a need for science inside our children’s K-5th classrooms in 2009. It was clear, after a few years of bringing bugs and other life science to before-school and after-school programs, that basic critical thinking was being over-looked in the very years it could most easily absorbed and utilized for a lifetime. Read more>>

Sara Quintana

Lucky for me, I grew up with a Grandmother that owned one of the oldest & well known Flower shops in the South Bay Area. She also firmly believed in child labor LOL, so I was blessed at a very early age with a life long creative gift & priceless valuable knowledge in the flower industry <3. Read more>>

Josh Renner, Carissa Schroeder

JR: I grew up in rural Missouri/Illinois surrounded by music from my Grandpa, Uncles and Father who all played country/western swing music. I picked up the guitar at 13 years old and really got in to classic rock and the blues. Read more>>

Marchelle McKeirnan

My Career started in 1990, I will never forget my first client, her name was Melanie, the original ‘Crimp and Curl’ CABBAGE PATCH KID. I tried to cut her hair with fiskars but instead cut a deep V into my middle finger. Read more>>

Brian Beechler

As a San Diego native, I have enjoyed creating memorable experiences in the restaurant industry for 20+ years. I’ve learned that the necessary ingredients for a happy stomach is maintaining high standards, providing great customer service and offering a flavorful menu. Read more>>

Carlos Quezada

I thought I wanted to grow up and become a teacher, and with over 20 years of educational experience that seemed like the obvious choice. Life had other plans. Having gone back to school and completing my Bachelor’s degree motivated me to get more involved in my community and give back. Read more>>

Heidi Reiner

Dermalilly was created with a vision and passion to improve skin organically and naturally. Heidi, the owner of Dermalilly, knew after receiving her first facial that she wanted to be a skincare expert. After the experience of relaxation, ambient lighting, the smell of lavender, and the amazing facial massage Heidi was hooked. Read more>>

India Dunn

As a hairdresser working in many different settings I have experienced a myriad of the blessings our industry has to offer: apprenticeship to hair royalty, big pumping salons, educating nation wide, salon ownership, and now private practice. Read more>>

Sofia Casillas

I became interested in writing while I was in high school. I was the girl who walked around school with a book in her hand, and who would wait at the Harry Potter books midnight releases. I found my passion for writing when I became part of the newspaper class in high school. Read more>>


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