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Inspiring Stories from North Park, South Park, Kensington & Normal Heights

The heart of our mission at the SD Voyager is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the San Diego’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out the rising stars from North Park, South Park, Kensington & Normal Heights below.Jenna Ryan

Amy Reams

Both my husband Paul and I have art backgrounds. Early in our marriage, we went to A LOT of weddings. We started to notice the things that make up a wedding day- how beautiful people are when they laugh, the emotive glances couples give each other, the way the light hits the veil just right… it seemed so natural to start taking pictures of these things. Read more>>

Melissa Williamson

I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur before I could even spell the word, heck sometimes I can’t even spell it correctly now. But seriously, I’ve always had these out of the box creative “what if” moments since I was a child. Art, books, learning and asking people the hard questions was something I just naturally gravitated towards. Read more>>

Chrissie Kazerooni

I am an ICU nurse with a creative mind and love of the outdoors who took my passion for creating beautiful things and turned it into my own little photography business. I kind of fell into Photography. I wish I could say that I always had a camera in hand from the time I was a little kid. But honestly, I was always more of a “live in the moment” type of gal. Read more>>

Erica Bass

I began Real Estate the year after I graduated High School in 2004. At the time, I was a waitress at a family-owned restaurant while attending community college. My step-mother was a Broker with RE/MAX and insisted that she was really busy and needed my help and that I would make a great assistant to her. Read more>>

Mike Mejia

I loved the people Ive met, helped, and built relationships with at the corporate setting, but I knew I wanted to do more. It was a dream of mine to run my own personal training business and be my own boss, but I just wasn’t sure how or when it was going to happen. It wasn’t until a couple of months after graduating was when I came across Self Made Training Facility Mission Valley. Read more>>

Jack Grabon

I began taking back my health and no longer being a helpless victim in a dentist’s chair. A few years later, I graduated with a masters in applied clinical nutrition and a deeper understanding of food and the body. My passion is to help others who have struggled and tried everything in the book. Read more>>

Josh Weigel

Today kombucha is a trendy and ambiguous title. When someone is spending around $5 a glass, they could be getting anything from pasteurized tea soda with patented probiotics to yeast altered tea beer, wine or cider. It’s hard to know which is actually healthy or which is worth the extra cost. Read more>>

Mike Reeder

BoxFit started as a bootcamp in Morley Field. At the same time, I started Rock Steady Boxing Downtown San Diego, a program designed to slow the progression of Parkinson’s through boxing training. The goal was always to have our own space so that we could have both the Parkinson’s and non-Parkinson’s folks under one roof. Read more>>

Stephanie Guinnane

Baking has always held a special place in my heart. Growing up, my dad and great-grandma laid the foundations by letting me spend hours tinkering around in the kitchen with them. But, it wasn’t until college that I found my passion for cake decorating, after making my boyfriend’s 21st birthday cake. Read more>>

Alyssa Rose Soderberg

I am both a visual artist and choreographer/dancer based in San Diego. In the realm of my practice as a visual artist, I have basically no formal training in painting or drawing. On the other hand, I have been in dance classes consistently since I was five years old, and had my first class on choreography when I was 15. Read more>>


I’m originally from Washington, D.C. My mum is British (by way of D.C.), my dad is Nigerian, and I was brought up Muslim by my nana. I’ve always loved to sing and be in choir, but started off performing in musicals since I was in primary school.  Read more>>

Sean Pour

Growing up in San Diego, my father owned a used car dealership and let me help out after school. He was an incredible businessman, and I learned a lot by watching him work, and I became really invested. My family is everything to me, so by my teens, I was fully intending on eventually taking over the company, proud to follow in my father’s footsteps. Read more>>

Vivian Morellon

Writing environmental awareness, community, art, and music- this is what I wanted to surround myself with. The project that got me there was NTCH magazine- my current co-creation. NTCH is a Digital platform that explores culture and lifestyle and the nitty-gritty that falls in between. Read more>>


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