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Inspiring Stories from South San Diego

The heart of our mission at the SD Voyager is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the San Diego’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool. Check out inspiring stories from South San Diego below.

Orange Kush

Everything I do is for my career. I erased my social life among many other things in order to succeed. I’ve always believed your wasting your time in life if you don’t push for everything at 115% so here I am four years later working 18 hours a day on my career, and Succeeding! Read more>>

Jenny Gonzales Cabradilla

For years, my background was as a Payroll & Administrative Secretary for the government. Eventually, I met my business-minded husband, got married and have been blessed with our beautiful kids. At that point, we decided that I would be the main parent that would stay home and raise our kids. Read more>>

Karissa Whitman

I knew I needed to make a change and that was really what sparked my journey into the fitness world. I had used programs like beachbody paired with other “trending” diets (low carb, paleo, clean eating…) and managed to lose about 25lbs. But it didn’t take long before I fell off the wagon again. I never truly learned to develop a healthy relationship with food or fitness. Read more>>

Melina Isdith-Laverde

I was offered the opportunity of being a health and wellness coach and it just opened my horizon on how I can make an impact. That’s always been something I knew I wanted to do. Ever since, it has been my vehicle to connect, share, grow and change my community one relationship at a time. Read more>>

Amariz Leary

I fell in love with the mental, emotional, and spiritual growth, that came with stepping into your full potential. In this business, I saw many people living life on their terms and quickly decided that this opportunity would be my tool to success, the tool that would allow me to repay my parents and much more. Read more>>

Armand King

Everything has been going great in my life until mid-2017 when two more of my original clique mates died. William to an overdose and Kenneth to murder. I have used that pain to act as energy to save as many youngsters as I can and I am happy with the work that God has blessed me to do. I have become the happiest and the loneliest Ive ever been in my life. Read more>>


I always heard rap on the radio and I enjoyed it but it was until I heard these CDs that I really fell in love and it took hold of me. At first, it was just learning all the lyrics to Nothing But a G Thang. At the time I was already writing poetry since I was eight years old so that slowly turned into writing Rhymes by the time I was 13. Read more>>

Jaime Mora

I became a real estate agent, I was the rookie of the year in just six months that I sold homes on the company I start at, combine with my current job as a truck driver for Pepsi Cola Co. I quit Pepsi in late 2002. During 2003 and 2006 I average 12-15 transactions a year. I became Real Estate Broker in 2006. Open my own office, Home Quest Realty in 2007 with 3 loan officers and about 7 real estate agents at the time, that is when the recession hits the real estate market. Read more>>

Stephanie Love

With all the support that I’ve gotten not only from my parents but also from my close friends, I’ve had a world of opportunity and gotten the chance to live in New York, as well as Los Angeles for a time. Over the years I’ve learned so much about myself and my craft. Everyday I continue learning, experiencing and exploring. Read more>>

Tyler Neafus

It all started when I first got into photography and had no clue where to start or how to learn about photography, so I decided to attend my first photo meet in LA, and it was a whole new world to be in. At my first photo meet, I had no clue what to do, so I began my journey to uncover more about what my passion is about and what called out to me. Read more>>

Maxine Alo

I want to inspire the little girls and boys out there who can’t seem to find their place in their own world because of how multifaceted their background has made them, you belong everywhere you want to be. An artist once told me, “Everyone has an audience, you just have to find them.” Read more>>


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