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La Jolla & UTC 04.19.2018

Bhadri Kubendran

It’s as smooth as you make it out to be. It just requires perseverance, commitment and patience. I would not necessary call any aspect of this as struggles, but definitely have encountered challenges along the way. Read more>>

Yvon Goetz

After spending the majority of his career leading other restaurateurs and culinary groups to success, internationally renowned Chef Yvon Goetz joined The Winery Restaurant & Wine Bar as Executive Chef and Partner. Read more>>

Patty Yockey

After teaching art in high school and college, I discovered the art glass movement which has become my passion. The possibility of creating 3-dimensional art with vibrant colors and transparency captured my interest more than 25 years ago. Read more>>

Tracy Benson

I began my journey into health over 20 years ago because I was always interested in figuring out what the “root cause” of an illness was. I was also very interested in herbal medicines and natural remedies to boost immunity. My focus was always based on looking beyond treating the “symptoms” of disease, but rather focusing on what was creating the symptoms to begin with! Read more>>

Jonathan Lavan

From a very young age I was always fascinated by our natural world. Snorkeling in the lake hunting for crayfish and snapping turtles, turning over rocks looking for salamanders and standing in the pond, for hours on end, catching tadpoles and other cool creatures until my mom called me home to dinner I could never learn enough about all the amazing animals this planet possesses. Read more>>

Amanda Whitworth

Technically, I made my first wood art piece in November of 2016 but this journey began many years ago. Growing up with a carpenter father, I would often go with him as he checked on the custom craftsman homes he was building. Read more>>

Tomas Galvez Santaella

It all started with an Idea from my girlfriend, she’s made floral arrangements for years in Colombia and Mexico. During this year’s valentine’s day I helped her creating new designs and testing some of them with the public. Read more>>

Zoilo aka Dennis Valdez

Growing up I have always shown interest in cars. When I was younger I always had a curiosity of taking things apart. However, I was more fascinated with putting it back together while keeping my fingers crossed. While in college, I worked part time changing oil at a lube and tube shop. Read more>>

Deirdre Kelly

I grew up in Bermuda. My entire childhood was spent between the beach and the pool. My parents were Irish so my family finally moved back to Dublin, Ireland and I spent my teenage years there. I studied Business in Trinity College Dublin and marketing was always my favorite class. Read more>>

Lee Bertrand

As long as I can remember I’ve always had an interest in art and nature. I’ve kept a sketch pad my entire life and always had an obsession for the ocean. In my early twenties, I spent the summer season in my hometown of East Hampton, New York. Read more>>

Samantha Conboy

I had tried for years to get relief from chronic bladder infections. I was on and off antibiotics for years. The most frustrating part was that I would have a lot of pain and discomfort but when I went to the doctor they couldn’t find anything wrong with me. Read more>>

Sandra Kourah

I have been contemplating the journey I have been on both personally and professionally the past few years and I realize how much more wiser I have become, yet how much more I crave to learn and experience. I realize how much I have loved, and yet also realize how much more love I have to give and receive. Read more>>

Josh Hembree

My business partner, Keldon Premuda, and I came from a combined 20 years in the craft brewing industry at the time that we started Setting Sun Sake Brewing Co. I was the brewer and had the original vision for creating and edgy sake brewery. Read more>>

Candace King

I come from a creative, artistic family. Every one of us could draw – my mother making me detailed paper dolls, cousins creating hilarious cartoons by age seven, graphic artists, landscape painters. Any talent I had didn’t seem unusual, much less extraordinary, so I choose to study psychology with a focus on children’s art. Read more>>

Erica Wollerman

I ventured out on my own in private practice as a psychologist about three and a half years ago. I was not sure where that path would talk me as I had heard that it was so difficult to “make it” in private practice, which is essentially the dream for most therapists and psychologists. Read more>>

Katie Pentland

I grew up in gymnastics, dance and cheerleading. I became a coach under my mentor. I have a theater education degree and realized I have a passion for inspiring kids of all ages. I decided to move to San Diego and start my mobile gymnastics and dance business for kids. Read more>>

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