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La Jolla & UTC 10.26.2017

Terran Bayer

I fell in love with animals as a young child. Cats, dogs, horses, and a very sweet and squeaky little guinea pig were all defining fixtures in my life. They brought me such joy and I always thought I would become a vet so I could work with furry critters. Unfortunately — or fortunately, really — I was not built with a scientific mind. Read more>>

Kristi Colby and Stacey Hernandez

Kristi: What an amazing journey it has been. Working in the industry for over a decade, I started my journey as a hair and make-up artist within the beauty pageant industry. I was born and raised as a beauty pageant queen, and couldn’t escape the love and passion for beauty and fashion. Read more>>

Ruth Gordon

I worked at the Spa in The Sporting Club, in the Aventine, for 20 years, up until it closed down, 2 years ago. There, I massaged celebrities, professional athletes, and met interesting clients from all over America, and, the world. I have a number of regular clients who I have been massaging for many years. Read more>>

Rafael Dallinha

Although I enjoyed and continued to enter surf competitions, I think I was not good enough. Most of my friends were involved in Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes and they kept insisting that I give it a try. In 1999, I started and since then I haven’t stopped. Read more>>

Mark Bsaibes and Sarah Crow

Craft and Spice is a company started by two former culinary school classmates, Mark and Sarah. Mark’s family has been in the restaurant business since moving to San Diego from Lebanon in the 90’s. He has always wanted to expand into catering and knew Sarah would be the right person to help him do it. Read more>>

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