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La Jolla & UTC 11.16.2017

Rufina Louthan

Hello, we are a family owned & family run company since our wedding in 2012. My husband and I met at a coffee shop, fell in love and got married within 11 months of knowing each other… Read more>>

Rob and Sam Dufau

We were just a couple of homebrewers whose hobby got out of control. We saw what other breweries were doing in amazingly small spaces, like the original Hess Miramar spot, and said “We can do that!” Read more>>

Helen Merwin

It might seem silly, but I used to love looking at blogger’s pictures. One day I told my husband how much I would love to be able to take pictures as beautiful as those. About 3 years ago, he surprised me a DLSR camera on Christmas Day. Read more>>

Gary Krahn

I was born and raised San Diego and remain a proud Crawford High School graduate. I am also a graduate of the US Military Academy at West Point and served for over 29 years on active duty before retiring in the grade of Brigadier General. A significant part of my military career was as a mathematician, educator and problem solver; culminating as the Professor and Head of the Department of Mathematical Sciences at West Point. Read more>>

Jason Knibb

Jason Knibb has spent more than a decade as Executive Chef at La Jolla’s NINE-TEN Restaurant. With so many other chefs racing from kitchen to kitchen, he is an anomaly, crediting the longevity of his position to a combination of “working with good people and being allowed the creative freedom to lead the ship”. Read more>>

Murielle Borgia

I initially started practicing yoga more than 15 years ago for an anxiety problem, and I really felt the positive effects on my mind and my body. Then I decided to bring the joy of yoga to other people and got my h500+ Viniyoga Certification with the French Yoga Institute, following the Tradition of Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, School of Chennai (India), and recognized by the E.U. Read more>>

Jacob Williams

I began golfing at a very young age – I got my first kids golf club when I was 3 years old. Golf was my life until I was recruited to play NCAA Golf at UCSD. I played there for four years and turned professional in 2016. Read more>>

Carol Chrisopoulos

The company started nearly 60 years by James C. Malcolm, I was one of his employees. I worked as bookkeeper/accounts payable/receptionist for two years until I get my Certified Public Accountant license and started to take on accounting and tax work. Read more>>

Tracy Zemke and Michael Conlon

We started in 1988 when we both met and were working for a local vending and in -house food service company. The company we worked for was sold so we took a $1000 to the bank opened an account, got a business license and took over one of the food service accounts we had been managing, we then grew that part of our business to 4 in house cafes and an off premise catering company. Read more>>

Scott Kessler

I’ve always been a very creative person and have loved mysteries and puzzles. I graduated from UCSD and through those years some friends and I used to put together these puzzle races that everyone loved. In the many years since then I’ve actually traveled all over the country participating in puzzle race events. Read more>>

Kelly Mathiasen

Training for more than half her life as a gymnast, Kelly Mathiasen dedicated years of hard work into something she was motivated and passionate about. She quickly realized that her success was the bi-product of her hard work, self-motivation, and passion. After an amazing 18 year career, and numerous achievements, Kelly was on a mission to find her next passion. Read more>>

Jomally Fernandez

My yoga journey began over 14 years ago when my old roommate invited me to my first class. I fell in love from the beginning with the physical and emotional connection I experienced. It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with Lupus Nephritis that I committed myself to my practice. Read more>>

Peter Stark

For 9 years, I owned a commercial printing company (1980-1989) At the same time, I taught leadership at SDSU in the Certificate of Leadership and Management programs in the College of Extended Studies. Read more>>

Jeannie Owens

It was the middle of 2005. I was with a friend and we ran into her sister. There was something about her.. she looked beautiful and her eyes looked amazing! I couldn’t stop staring at her and finally had to ask “what kind of mascara are you wearing?” She smiled and said, “I’m not”.  Read more>>

Anthony Bennett

My first glance into the “escape the room” industry emanated from my deep fascination with the hit drama, Prison Break. The rising tension. The perpetual drama. It was pure captivation at first sight. Michael Schofield’s meticulous nature and calculating mind felt like a rare cross between rebellious, but gifted, Will Hunting, and Nobel Prize-winning mathematician, John Nash. Read more>>

Natalia De la Motta

I always had a passion for beauty and skincare since my early teenager years. In 2007 I pursue a career in Esthetics and a year later I became a Licensed Esthetician. After working for several spas and waxing salons throughout San Diego, I decided to open Wax Me Boutique in 2013. Read more>>

Vanessa Ostler

The importance of savoring the good moments in life started when I was quite young. My mother is mentally ill and I watched her slowly lose her mind over my lifetime. It’s been a heartbreaking and confusing experience. “One of the hardest things you will ever have to do my dear is grieve the loss of a person who is still alive.” Jeannette Walls, The Glass Castle. Read more>>

Monica Perlman

I was born in Mexico City and moved to San Diego when I was 16. I went to UCSD for my undergraduate degree and then to medical school at UCI (Irvine). I had all 3 of my children while attending Medical School and after graduation, my husband and I decided to return to San Diego. I am blessed with a daugher and identical twin boys. Read more>>

Chris Swain

I’m originally from Dorchester, MA, relocating to San Diego in 2002 after getting a BA in English at Fairfield University, CT. After teaching for a few years in Chula Vista, Tierra Santa and La Jolla I spent the better part of the last 15 years working in restaurants, hotels, hospitality, tourism and retail operations. Read more>>

Karyn and Mike Morrill

Floaties Swim School opened eleven ago when Mike and Karyn decided to take the plunge and star the process of creating what has now become an amazing family of swimmers. A few years prior, Mike started as a private instructor by traveling from pool to pool hosting swim lessons at other people’s homes. Read more>>

Victoria Pearce

I always loved photos, even as a child. My Grandfather Harry was a wonderful photographer, back in the days of film and I used to sit for hours looking at his gorgeous black and white prints in heavy albums. I still remember 2 images vividly, one of my Grandmother in her 20’s, semi naked and oh so stylish yet sexy. Read more>>


Tim Suski

After attending college in San Diego I was able to secure a great job in the corporate world. It allowed me to travel often, live a fast-paced life and earn a great paycheck. It offered security and there was a lot of room to grow within the company – it was providing everything I thought I wanted our of a career. Read more>>

Geoff Rowe and Mary Jo O’Neal

I’ve been taking pictures for almost as long as I can remember, and that is a long time! I think I first picked up a camera around my mid-teens and was smitten. There’s something amazing and fascinating about the idea of freezing a second in time which can be re-lived over and over again that just got to me on a fundamental level. Read more>>

Mike Wydra

Moved here from Chicago at age 13 and took up the game. Played both high school and college golf. Turned professional on my 25th birthday and got the job as the golf coach at UCSD about the same time. Read more>>

David Arato

I used to be a professional athlete (cycling) in Italy, and was fortunate to travel the world to competitions with the national team. I raced in the US a few times and loved it here, but was missing the kind of food culture we had back home. The friends I made here during those years, came to visit me in Italy and could not stop talking about Gelato and Coffee. Read more>>

Amy Serrano Burcombe

I started classical violin at 3 years old. I studied violin and was concert master at my university. I walked away from music during my early 20’s feeling burnt out. Two years ago I decided I wanted to become my own boss and use my lifelong talents and passions to become self-sufficient. Read more>>

Ivan Murat Altinbasak

Remember the old Dan Fogelberg song? That’s me he’s singing about- I’m the cabinet maker’s son. The lyrics haunted me as a kid because my father was literally, a cabinet maker at a woodworking company down the street from Shea Stadium in Queens New York. Read more>>

Michal Bohm

I am in window industry for over 10 years. I started as a helper, worked my way to crew leader, production manager and finally got my own license and opened my own business. Today, BM Windows is one of the largest window and door companies in San Diego area. It was not always such. Read more>>

Andy Hsieh

I was born and raised in South Africa but always felt that I needed to go somewhere else. When I turned 23, I left South Africa for good with $5000 in my pocket and flew to the USA, started in New York, to Miami, LA, and finally settling in San Jose. Read more>>

Jamie Dickerson

I began my photography career at the University of San Diego, where I studied under Duncan McCosker, recently featured at the U.S. Embassy in France. He taught me the essential mechanics of developing a beautiful and desirable photograph. Read more>>

Iryna Yemengulova

When I was growing up in my country ( Ukraine) I was part of Rhythmic gymnastics Team, I trained and compete in Ukraine my native country, Bulgaria, and Internationally. In Ukraine, I trained at Chernomorec school in Odessa and was one of Ukraine’s gymnasts of interest. Read more>>

Emilio Azevedo

Emilio is a native Brazilian. He has been a professional photographer for many years specializing in weddings. He is best known for his artistry in wedding photography, capturing the pure joy, emotion and spontaneity of the couple and guests on their special day. Read more>>

Ken Wahlster

8 Ball Motorcycle Tires is changing the way riders think about motorcycle tires. We believe that “traction is everything” and you’ll quickly find yourself connecting with our team on a personal level in order to tailor your tires to your machine and your requirements. Read more>>

Megan Hitchcock

I have done accounting work for a long time and about five years ago I became certified as a QuickBooks ProAdvisor and also a CTEC Registered Tax Preparer, and then started my business. Read more>>

Ajay Singh

Engineers for a Sustainable World – UC San Diego was founded in 2010. Since our founding, we have now grown to over 200 active members, roughly 15 projects split among 3 categories (Solar, Water & Energy, and Resource Management), 3 Committees (Public Relations, Finance, and Community Affairs), and a recently renovated Research and Development Team. Read more>>

CJ Epstein

In January 2014, I moved to San Diego for my final chiropractic internship with an amazing doctor, Dr. Jenn Reiner. During this time, I learned so much and while working with Dr. Reiner, my view of chiropractic care completely progressed. Dr. Reiner was going above and beyond what I had previously seen. Read more>>

Jonathan Uphoff, Wes Lauer

I’ve been in the fitness industry for 20 years and have always maintained leadership roles throughout my career. When my vision for San Diego Fitness was designed, it was a 4 year process to have my concept come to fruition. I wanted to create an upscale and exclusive, indoor/outdoor facility that would provide our clients with an experience that they wouldn’t be able to get at another facility. Read more>>

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