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La Jolla & UTC 11.3.2017

May and Jay Hoehn

Jay has been a trainer in La Jolla for over 25 years. He moved to CA from FL at 18 years old, and shortly thereafter, found out he had cancer. Since that experience, he has been on a mission to stay healthy! May has been in the health industry for the last 15 years, and part of the fitness community for the last 6 (since meeting her now husband, Jay). Read more>>

Danielle Gronich

Two words: Skin Obsessed! As a young person, I was in the same boat everyone else when it came to my teenage skin; bumps would come and go, I would try the trendy little “at-home” remedies to make them disappear (some worked, most didn’t!). Read more>>

Jeanee Lusby

In 1999, after years of Ophthalmic nursing, I decided to pursue my artistic passions and began a career in permanent makeup and paramedical tattooing. As my practice grew and my experience and skill level elevated, I became a trainer in the profession at both beginning and advanced levels. Read more>>

Adrielle Edwards

I started SD Flexx after going through my own weight loss journey. I wanted to share what I learned while losing 30 pounds and help others feel the way I did after reaching my health and fitness goals. Read more>>

Laura Claire Bagley

I have always wanted to be a hairstylist, I played with everyone’s hair since I was a little girl. I started cutting and up-styling long before I had professional training. I also had a good friend growing up who was a hair stylist following in her mother’s footsteps as well. Read more>>

Flora Ngai

As a former model, I have always blown away on how the stylists have the ability to transform me. So I decided to enroll in Canadian’s No.1 makeup school Blanche MacDonald Center. From there, I volunteered in numbers of photoshoots, fashion shows which leads me to many opportunities to work with numbers of cosmetic companies including Sephora, M.A.C Cosmetics, Hermès, and Lancôme. Read more>>

Nicole Kazimer

I actually started in the finance world and after graduating with an MBA in finance I decided it was time to start living my passion. I left the corporate life and moved to Sydney Australia where I became a yoga instructor. While living there I spent a ton of time outside and wanted to shed light on the benefits of the outdoors back at home. Read more>>

Nancy Cialdella

Born in Rome, Italy, Nancy began her career in front of the camera as an actress and model before eventually transitioning to working behind the scenes as a highly regarded makeup and hair artist. Having lived and worked in no less than three continents, Her work is influenced by a wide range of cultures as well as classic, contemporary and innovative trends. Read more>>

Joy Giovanni

In 2001, I became interested in studying natural medicine. There were very few programs available at that time. Massage therapy was the 1st course required. It came naturally to me and I began to love this healing modality. At the time, I was a personal trainer and transitioned into modeling and acting, taking a break from everything else. Read more>>

Alexis Williams

The Center for Massage and Holistic Therapy was founded in 1992. I was 33 years old, and the proud mother of two sons. I had just graduated from my training as a Holistic Health Practitioner, and was dedicated to helping people obtain optimal health through the healing arts. Read more>>

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