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La Jolla & UTC 11.9.2017

Bibi Kasrai

I grew up with artist parents who thought I am too smart to spend time in the kitchen. However, my ideal playground and summer camps were at grandma’s kitchen and garden where all year round something colorful and fragrant was going on. Read more>>

Sarah Lemke

Taking it back two decades, my first job was selling Avon door to door at age 13. Knock knock, Avon calling. I was beyond timid and shy, I still managed to do pretty well considering and thought it was just about the greatest thing. Read more>>

Jason Knibb

Jason Knibb has spent more than a decade as Executive Chef at La Jolla’s NINE-TEN Restaurant. With so many other chefs racing from kitchen to kitchen, he is an anomaly, crediting the longevity of his position to a combination of “working with good people and being allowed the creative freedom to lead the ship”. Read more>>


I initially started practicing yoga more than 15 years ago for an anxiety problem, and I really felt the positive effects on my mind and my body. Then I decided to bring the joy of yoga to other people and got my h500+ Viniyoga Certification with the French Yoga Institute, following the Tradition of Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, School of Chennai (India), and recognized by the E.U. Read more>>

Jacob Williams

I began golfing at a very young age – I got my first kids golf club when I was 3 years old. Golf was my life until I was recruited to play NCAA Golf at UCSD. I played there for four years and turned professional in 2016. Read more>>

Tim Suski

After attending college in San Diego I was able to secure a great job in the corporate world. It allowed me to travel often, live a fast-paced life and earn a great paycheck. It offered security and there was a lot of room to grow within the company – it was providing everything I thought I wanted our of a career. Read more>>

Geoff Rowe, Mary Jo O’Neal

I’ve been taking pictures for almost as long as I can remember, and that is a long time! I think I first picked up a camera around my mid teens and was smitten. There’s something amazing and fascinating about the idea of freezing a second in time which can be re-lived over and over again that just got to me on a fundamental level. Read more>>

Mike Wydra

Moved here from Chicago at age 13 and took up the game. Played both high school and college golf. Turned professional on my 25th birthday and got the job as the golf coach at UCSD about the same time. Read more>>

David Arato

I used to be a professional athlete (cycling) in Italy, and was fortunate to travel the world to competitions with the national team. I raced in the US a few times and loved it here, but was missing the kind of food culture we had back home. Read more>>

Ken Wahlster

8 Ball Motorcycle Tires is changing the way riders think about motorcycle tires. We believe that “traction is everything” and you’ll quickly find yourself connecting with our team on a personal level in order to tailor your tires to your machine and your requirements. Read more>>

Emilio Azevedo

Emilio is a native Brazilian. He has been a professional photographer for many years specializing in weddings. Emilio Azevedo is best known for his artistry in wedding photography, capturing the pure joy, emotion and spontaneity of the couple and guests on their special day. Read more>>

Leah Christiansen

While modeling in high school I always admired the hair & make-up artist’s that I worked with. It was during one of these modeling sessions I had my “a-ha” moment and I realized I actually wanted to become a make-up artist. Read more>>

CJ Epstein

In January 2014, I moved to San Diego for my final chiropractic internship with an amazing doctor, Dr. Jenn Reiner. During this time, I learned so much and while working with Dr. Reiner, my view of chiropractic care completely progressed. Read more>>

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