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Life and Work with Jeanne Reilly

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jeanne Reilly.

Jeanne, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I grew up in Southern California, earned my bachelors degree in business & marketing, then moved to Boston, ready for an adventure. Only, I didn’t find much of an adventure in my career choice. After a few years, I decided to make a change. Nutrition is what I loved learning about, thinking about, and talking about with others, so I went back to school to earn my Masters in Nutrition and Food Science, and become a Registered Dietitian. After graduating, I came back to California and spent several years working in a digital health startup before I decided to start my own consulting and coaching practice and I haven’t looked back since. I love the freedom of being able to select the companies and clients I work with. I am putting my name and reputation behind everyone I work with, so I want to make sure I can stand behind the companies I represent, and that I’m the best fit to coach a client toward their best health.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
This journey into self-employment has not been without trials and tribulations. It was terrifying to quit a job with a steady paycheck (especially after having just bought a home and a new car!), but that created the motivation I needed to really hustle and make things happen quickly! I’m a big believer that you create your life. When I had a vision of what I wanted, I went for it with everything I had. The biggest hurdle I’ve faced thus far in business is motherhood. My son is 9 months old now and has been the greatest gift I’ve ever been given. However, I grossly underestimated the time commitment. I thought I’d be able to continue to work as usual without any help with the baby. Ha! I’ve struggled through some pretty challenging situations balancing work and baby, but we’ve finally found our groove. I’m still working to slowly grow my business while appreciating that motherhood is no joke! I’ve learned many important lessons being self-employed as I have to be a new mother. However, the work I do is fulfilling, flexible, challenging, and exactly where I want to be, so I work hard to make it all fit.

Please tell us about Jeanne Reilly RD Nutrition Consulting & Coaching.
I focus on two areas of nutrition – consulting with brands, and coaching individuals to help them reach their health goals. My mission in all of my work is to Inspire parents to raise confident, healthy children whose individual paths to success stem from the positive environment they are cultivated in.

In a coaching situation, this may play out with me helping a parent find a healthy relationship with food and their body so they can pass those good practices to their family. Or it may be helping busy parents come up with realistic strategies for managing their own nutrition, stress, and mindset, so they can put their best foot forward.

In consulting, I support brands that I would buy for myself and my own family and have no problem recommending to my clients. I’ve provided nutrition expertise for product formulation and launches, authored content for blogs, educational tools, and evergreen content, acted as on-camera talent for media promotions and multi-media education and developed and photographed recipes for a wide array of brands across the health and wellness industry.

In coaching and consulting, my work focuses on providing a balance, real-life perspective that is relatable and actionable. I’m not about encouraging rules around food, I’m not biased toward any diet or style of eating, I don’t think a meal plan is a must-have for good nutrition. Instead, I help my clients discover an intuitive approach to their nutrition and that of their family while providing resources and helping them make little adjustments as needed to reach their health goals.

Who have you been inspired by?
Hands-down: my grandmother and my own coach.

I am the first to admit that knowledge does not lead to action. I had plenty of knowledge in the nutrition world but still struggled for years to find a natural, happy place with my own body and diet. I was very overweight as a pre-teen and teenager. My grandmother was my champion at that time, and she helped me build a confidence in myself that I had never felt before. Because I started believing in myself, I realized that I could do and wanted to do better – I wanted to put effort into taking care of myself and being my own champion. With her encouragement, I began taking the steps to eat better and be more active.

However, I took it too far in the other direction – obsessing over my food and exercise. This is where my health coach came into play. She helped me develop an appreciation for my unique body type and the types and amounts of foods that would serve me and my health goals. She helped me do a lot of deep work to find my identity and own it, Rather than feeling like I had to mold and shape my body into this picture-perfect image portrayed in the media, these two women helped me discover my unique abilities, cherish all that my body does for me and all that it is capable of, and to develop a comfort with my confidence, food, and exercise choices that I had never had before.

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