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Life and Work with Kathy Dale

Today we’d like to introduce you to Kathy Dale.

Kathy, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
After a divorce in 2013, I began my journey into personal development and Law of Attraction as a way to help me process what had happened and to help me heal. At that time, I suffered from severe social anxiety, depression and low self-worth.

The idea of taking responsibility for where you are in life, and the concept that your thoughts have the power to create your reality deeply resonated with me. They provided the necessary insight to take control of my life and to shape the direction of my future. It shifted me from anxious and depressed, to hopeful and empowered.

Incorporating Meditation, brainwave entrainment, NLP, EFT, and learning about Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, epigenetics, personal development, positive psychology, metaphysics, energy work continued to open doors that I never knew existed. Collectively, the combination of these modalities helped me to heal and expand in ways I never imagined was possible.

When I realized how quickly things could shift, I wanted to share what I had learned. I didn’t want anyone else to feel hopeless or stuck after their divorce. I started my own coaching practice in 2016 to help other women find their own unique path to happiness post-divorce. I realize that everyone’s path to healing is as unique as they are, which is why I incorporate different modalities based on each individual’s needs.

I’m now embarking on yet another phase of my personal and professional life, which includes bringing awareness to alternative modalities of energy work as a way to facilitate healing. I realize that healing and well-being is a holistic process. I started a weekly FB live series, bringing healers from around the world together every Wednesday evening to conduct real-time energy sessions to help people learn about, and have more options for their own healing and growth.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
I’ve definitely had my share of obstacles. Starting out, my biggest obstacle was my own self-worth. I didn’t feel worthy of success or happiness. I had beliefs about myself that needed to change, and stories that I needed to re-frame in order to change my self-image and value my own worth.

My advice for women who are just starting out on their journey is to learn to embrace failure. Failure isn’t final or fatal. It’s a necessary part of learning and growth. Failure can provide you with new insights and new ways to problem solve. It’s an invaluable tool and not something to fear.

My second piece of advice is to become very clear on your why. Your reason for starting what you’re starting has to have a big enough emotional pull to be able to carry you through the rough times and challenges that will inevitably come.

What I’ve found with myself and with my clients, is that the compelling reason is oftentimes bigger than the individual herself. Usually, it’s about fulfilling your purpose through service to others (whether it’s your family or in a bigger capacity). If you can stay connected with your why, you can achieve remarkable things. You can attract the very people, circumstances, and opportunities that will help further your vision.

Please tell us about Conscious Pathways Coaching.
I’m a Life Coach for women post-divorce, helping them remove fears, blocks and limiting beliefs so that can move forward with confidence, clarity, and courage towards the next chapter of their lives.

I’m known for my work with shifting mindset and subconscious beliefs. I use Neuro-linguistic Programming, EFT, visualization, meditation, journaling, positive psychology, cognitive behavioral techniques and others in working with clients.

I’m most proud of each client’s courage to try new things and their willingness to look at ideas, concepts, and modalities that were previously outside of their comfort zone. I’m thrilled to be able to introduce alternative modalities of energy work to people so that they can find a method or combination of complementary modalities that help them experience deep healing and transformation.

Do you think there are structural or other barriers impeding the emergence of more female leaders?
I feel extremely grateful to live in the time that we do now. There are female leaders in just about every imaginable industry nowadays. Their path was paved by courageous female pioneers who refused to allow their own fears, doubts or insecurities to prevent them from pursuing their dreams.

In the past, there may have been more external barriers towards female leadership. Today, I believe that most of the barriers that exist are internal, based on people’s own beliefs about what’s possible them. I feel that this is shifting as well, with the popularity of personal development. More and more women are not only stepping into their own worth, moving past fears and blocks, but looking for ways to uplift and empower other women along the way.

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