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Life and Work with Lindsay Stenovec

Today we’d like to introduce you to Lindsay Stenovec.

Lindsay, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I’ve always known I wanted to own my own business. I was the little kid planning dance productions in my parent’s living room – complete with costume changes, tickets for the neighbors and assigned seating. So, when I became a dietitian, I knew I wanted to work for myself. My business, Nutrition Instincts, was started in 2009 and primarily offered nutrition consulting to local centers in need of a dietitian. In the early years, I had other full-time jobs like working for a school district or leading the nutrition department for a local eating disorder treatment facility but eventually, my practice slowly became a more of a central part of my work. In 2011, I opened an office in Sorrento Valley providing nutrition therapy to individuals suffering from eating disorders and chronic dieting, pregnant women, and families in need of child feeding support. Eventually, as my practice grew, I hired two additional dietitians to see clients in the practice. Nutrition Instincts continues to serve San Diegans providing size-inclusive care and looks forward to growing this year as we expand into integrative and functional nutrition therapy that is rooted in a non-diet, weight inclusive approach. In 2015, shortly after the birth of my first child, I decided to expand into the online business space providing support to women and families looking for an alternative to the “get your body back” message. Through my years of work in disordered eating, I have seen first-hand how disordered eating impacts families and how badly the mothers in my practice wanted things to be different for their kids. Whether the mothers were my patients or the mothers of my patients, they wanted support for how to help their children have a healthy relationship with food and their bodies and I always believed that starts first with supporting the mother in her own journey. I created an online community called The Nurtured Mama where moms can get support from peers on their experience with food, body image and raising families. Thanks to the mothers in the community, it has grown into an incredible space of connection, authentic conversations and non-judgmental support. After seeing how well this group has gone, I’ve decided to launch a membership club for moms wanting simple, non-diet wellness in an accessible, low-cost way. I can’t wait to get it started!!

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
I think it’s important for anyone looking to start a business to know that, just like personal social media feeds, professional feeds are usually “highlight reels,” too. There is no such thing as an “overnight success.” There are a lot of coaches and business gurus who will tell you they have the perfect formula to make your business grow exponentially or they’ll talk about the program launch that made them “six figures.” They often neglect to share the challenges they faced leading up to that successful experience. No matter what, you’ll have ideas that don’t float, the occasional unhappy client, and times where your confidence is low. This has never been truer for me than when I started a family. I started my business with my future family in mind and expected it to be this smooth experience of flexible hours and having the best of both worlds – working but also home with my kids. Turns out, this doesn’t exist – at least not for me. I am not a “naptime hustler!” With each child we’ve brought into our family I’ve had to go through my own transitions in business – adapting my focus, hours and services to create a better work-life blend (coined phrase from Kathleen Shannon from Being Boss) and continue to serve my clients well. I know everyone says this but you’ll learn the most about yourself and your business in your moments of doubt, transition and hardship. I recently found my professional world turned upside down as some of my consulting roles dissolved right when I had my second child. It has ended up pushing me to pivot in my business and make decisions I have been stalling on for a long time. It’s been scary at times but it’s also led to some of my best ideas on how to serve my clients better and the most clarity I’ve had in years regarding the next steps for my business and family.

Please tell us about Nutrition Instincts & The Nurtured Mama.
I’ve spent thousands of hours in my office with women and mothers hearing their stories about food and body image and walking with them on their journey towards healing. I’ve seen firsthand how food and body challenges impact their lives and I’m thankful I can support them in their healing. I’m proud that we use methods like intuitive eating which is a non-diet approach that really shifts the focus from weight loss to true wellness and creates a safe environment for people of all sizes to explore their health. People living in larger bodies regularly face weight bias and discrimination in the medical field. It causes them to receive poor care and makes them less likely to return to their medical provider. We strive to provide a safe and supportive place for these individuals to come for nutrition therapy.

I’m also extremely proud of my most recent business and podcast – The Nurtured Mama® – an online body positive community for moms and moms-to-be. I’ve taken those thousands of hours in the office and translated them to the broader motherhood experience to address the impact of diet culture on families. I want our cultural food and body legacy to shift from fear and loathing to joy and respect and I’ve created a space for other moms who want the same thing. As a mother of two, I also know how difficult it can be for moms to find time for their own self-care so I work to provide support services that are accessible, affordable and meaningful in the online space.

Were there people and/or experiences you had in your childhood that you feel laid the foundation for your success?
I spent a lot of time pursuing leadership roles in my childhood and teen years. I always jumped at the chance to lead – ASB, gymnastics captain, dance company officer, etc… I think it taught me how to push through my fears of putting myself out there and also gave me practical training in how to run projects and programs of various sizes. I still use those skills and experiences in my professional life today. I also think it helped me learn how to consider the human experience in everything I do – for both the people working with me and customers.

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