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Life and Work with Rachel Frank

Today we’d like to introduce you to Rachel Frank.

ListenSD started off as a Youtube web series in the hopes to start a San Diego style TRL show. With dreams of being a TV host, Rachel hosted the series for about 7 episodes with camera man Christian who she met interning at KPRI, a San Diego radio station that is no more. Christian become busy with work and Rachel found another cameraman in pursuits of TV star dreams. This also did not last as the production time was great and there wasn’t a budget. When the second cameraman left for Los Angeles, Rachel met U31 bar manager, Camron Zibaie who gave her the chance to throw a monthly event. During this time, Rachel was working at a health insurance company but threw monthly events booking local bands and artists for about a year.

During this time, she met Summer who helped redesign the website and Amanda who become the editor for the blog. She recruited photographers and writers to start covering the music scene in San Diego. She soon realized how easy it was to get press passes to a show with a beautifully designed website. After about a year of throwing events, Rachel got burnt out and quit her job and traveled to South East Asia to go backpacking for 3 months. Summer and Amanda kept the blog alive during this time. When Rachel returned, Amanda embarked on her 9 month journey to New Zealand and took a step back with the blog. Rachel ended up landing a job as the Marketing Manager at Music Box in Little Italy on her return. During this time, the blog grew and new contributors came and went. Summer left for Portland and we got new editors: Lara McCaffrey, Brian Strauss and David Israel.  One of our top photographers who left for the UK to study abroad became our content coordinator, Francesca Tirpak and one of Rachel’s Music Box interns, Christine Heyne became the press manager.

After 2 1/2 years working at Music Box, Rachel decided she had to go on a crowdsurfing tour around Europe in a panda suit and was laid off. Worth it. She now is back and working at a content manager at a marketing company and hoping to see the blog grow. It fosters a really beautiful community of music lovers that can share their experiences and we get loads of free concert tickets which is awesome! ListenSD started up another monthly web series called ListenSD What’s Good with co-host Meryl Klemow and filmed/ produced by Fale Luis talking about the best events happening in town and giving away tickets. Rachel hopes to produce more video content for the blog and foster more creativity. She loves seeing young music lovers improve their photography and writing skills through this blog she started. She don’t know how it happened, but it brings her a lot of joy!

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
It definitely has not been a smooth road. There’s been so many ups and downs, but overall the number one thing is never ever to give up. If you’re doing it because you love it then keep doing it. Whatever brings you happiness in this life is what you should be doing. There are always ways to make money but there aren’t always ways to follow your passion. Work hard, be honest and don’t let what others say bring you down. I’ve wanted to quit so many times, but the people involved in this project won’t let me and I am glad they haven’t, it’s been quite the journey but I’m so happy that I’m still on it.

Please tell us about ListenSD.
For now, ListenSD promotes upcoming concerts and events and gives you free stuff! We are working on building more partnerships to keep you up to date on the latest concerts in the area and give you loads of free tickets and swag! I think what sets us apart is the mix of content, giveaways, and people involved which really makes for an eclectic range of music taste, coverage and giveaways.

Were there people and/or experiences you had in your childhood that you feel laid the foundation for your success?
Growing up, I was always told no. I was getting grounded all the time, and my parents were super strict. In sixth grade, I tried out for soccer, got rejected, tried out for cheerleading, got rejected, tried out for basketball, got rejected, tried out for volleyball, got rejected, ran for president and lose. So, I’m used to rejection, it actually doesn’t really bother me, rather is fuels me to be better and work harder. The music business ain’t easy and there’s a lot of rejection and politics, so you gotta be able to handle it. You also have to work your ass off if you want to succeed, but it is possible. If the front door is closed, go around the back door. If that’s closed too, scale the wall and climb up through the window. Just keep trying.


  • Concert Promotion + Giveaways $50
  • Band Photoshoots $150 – $200
  • Email Blast Promotion $100

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Nobunny & The Adicts photo by: Nicholas Regalo, Miguel Photo by: Charlie Spaldone, all others by: Rachel Frank

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