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Life and Work with Raya Coleman

Today we’d like to introduce you to Raya Coleman.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Raya. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
I was a new mother of two just recently began being a stay at home mom and felt like I was losing myself in the process. After two weeks of not being motivated to get out of my PJs, I knew I had to find something to fulfill me. I came across this makeup line and fell in love. Even though I had no beauty experience I fully threw myself in. Teaching myself makeup tricks and lots of YouTube videos and tutorials from fellow Younique sisters. I would record videos during nap time practiced any chance I got to share with the small community I had on Facebook. The makeup line made it really easy to learn with and then when Facebook came out with the Live feature that’s what I found myself looking forward to every day. Going live and teaching these beauty tricks, I had learned and been practicing. My beauty business started to move along and I gained more of a following on Facebook, I decided I would try to venture into Instagram and see if I could bring my passion to that platform also. My passion has always lied in affordable fashion and outfit creating but knew selling this makeup brand was what was paying my bills. I decided I would try to combine my two loves on Instagram’s platform. I learned about hashtagging and Instagram’s algorithm and invested all my free time into learning more and watching others and finding what worked and what didn’t, what my followers liked seeing from me which I was so blessed to find they did enjoy the outfit ideas and the makeup tips. Since then, it’s been a quick moving adventure of sharing my affordable fashion knowledge and sharing, teaching, showing Younique makeup line and how fun and easy this brand makes getting dolled up whether it’s for a simple mom on the go look or smokey eye date night look I truly enjoy sharing all I’ve learned. Not only has this turned into a profitable career for me, but it’s given me such an amazing reward to help others feel and look their best. Getting a message on how I’ve inspired others really is the cherry on top because I too remember what I was like to feel so uninspired and will always be so thankful for the night I laid in bed and thought to myself, why not me?

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
It’s definitely had its challenges from knowing nothing about makeup or algorithms and teaching myself form what I could find and watch others who seemed to be doing well. But teaching myself and finding out what didn’t work along with what did brought me here, I now can turn to the 450 women who are on my Younique team and teach them what I’ve learned. It also has allowed me to make my tutorials much more informative and not just “watch me do my makeup and hair”.

Please tell us about Beauty By Raya Hope.
So, I consider myself an influencer since I have branched out into a few different areas. I sell makeup & skincare for Younique which is a direct sales company. That’s where I started. I’ve since then branched into like it to know it which allows me to share my affordable fashion and outfit building love and makes me commission on those items my followers purchase from my suggestions. From there, I also work with different brands from smaller clothing boutiques, healthy and fitness to hair care and tools and help with advertising by demoing their products on Instagram and Facebook. So, to generalize, I would say, I specialize in fashion and beauty. I’m known for doing makeup and hair tutorials on Facebook, teaching others about the brand and how to apply makeup and do short hair. also for my outfit building and suggestinInstagramagram, my “outfit breakdowns” on Instagram stories. I think I’m most proud of how much I’ve taught and can teach others. Whether it be what to wear for Christmas or a birthday dinner to how to applying makeup if they were never taught. Sharing my knowledge and taste of makeup & clothing pieces to provide the tools for them to purchase right then and there. What sets me apart is I came from nothing, I didn’t have a following, I didn’t go to beauty school, I didn’t take any classes. I’m fully self taught and totally willing to share my knowledge.

What advice would you give to someone at the start of her career?
I would say, to go all in, to invest, no one’s going to do the hard work for you. I would also say to not care what people think I always tell my team “hustle till the haters are asking if your hiring” which I’ve totally seen, haha. To be in direct sales or in the public eye living your life for others to judge can be very scaring and vulnerable my advice is KNOW who are and let all the negative thoughts or comments fuel you. And lastly, consistency is key. If you work your business like it’s a hobby… you’ll be paid, like it’s a hobby.

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Raya Coleman

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