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Life and Work with Kristy Hambrick

Today we’d like to introduce you to Kristy Hambrick.

Hi Kristy, thanks for sharing your story with us. To start, maybe you can tell our readers some of your backstory.
I grew up in a small town in North Eastern Ohio. I spent a lot of my free time in the forest next to my house chasing bunnies and climbing trees. My best friend lived just a few houses away from me and we spent a lot of time together in that forest. When we were 11, she moved to California. Before she left we made a promise to each other. We promised one day, I would join her in California and we’d raise our daughter’s together.

I graduated high school in Ohio and went off to college at the Ohio State University. During my college years, I found myself in an abusive relationship. Feeling helpless for a while, I endured the abuse until one day I decided to take the pen into my own hands and change my story.

I called up my childhood friend and asked her for a place to stay and headed west with one suitcase to my name. I left Ohio and everyone close to me and headed for California to begin the next chapter of my life. I was determined to pick up the pieces of my broken heart and heal.

Arriving in California wasn’t easy. I knew only one person. I was sad and lonely and felt lost. The holidays felt so strange as there was no one familiar to laugh and celebrate with. I often wondered if I had made a mistake. Did I run away? Did I even belong here? Was I ever going to find my way?

I got a job working at the local gym when I met a girl who shared with me some new ways of thinking. And she gave me a book to read which ended up changing my life. It contained just enough information to awaken a part of me that remembered that we are co-creators of our lives. I started to realize that I’m not the victim of my circumstances but I’m the main character in the book I am writing, my personal story of love. This book is real life, filled with love, death, success, tragedies, and all the other stuff in between. I finally got it. I understood. And that was the day I truly began to heal.

I met my soon to be husband about 6 months after moving to California. We had our first child about a year and a half later and within 5 years we were married with 3 children. Our first two were boys and our youngest is a girl. Presently, they are 17, 15 and 12. They are beautiful, brilliant, and kind beings who have taught me so much. When our second son was born, my husband and I made the decision for me to quit school and my job so I could stay at home with them.

It was exciting at first, the idea of “not” working, but it actually became my most challenging job. There were many rewarding moments, lots and lots of beautiful memories of laughter and fun, but there was also frustration and hardships. My husband was away at work all day building his business and at night he was a musician playing gigs to help pay the bills. I was home all day everyday with no family close to help. I loved my kids so much but some days I just cried for a break. But we all experienced this together, growing stronger together, getting to participate in real life. Some days were absolutely perfect, others not so much.

I spent 15 years at home with them, making breakfast, lunch and dinner and volunteering at their school. At first, I worked in the kindergarten class as an aid then I transitioned to the library, my favorite job in the school, reading stories to the kids.

As my children got older, I really started to understand how we are all born so completely different. This awareness grew a curiosity and a passion in me to know myself better and understand my uniqueness and what I came here to share. Each one of us has special gifts and talents inside of us just ready and waiting to be explored.

When my youngest started school, I decided to leave the nest too. I attended my first retreat away from home. It was a 2 part 20 day immersion into the self. Pretty intense for my first time away! I returned home awakened to my passion for self-exploration and since then I’ve been avidly pursuing that passion traveling all of the US and the world to workshops, retreats, school of meditation and a school for spiritual healers. I have received many certificates of completion and training in a number of different healing modalities that I share in my business. Through my travels, retreats and workshops, I was given the opportunity to awaken the hidden abilities and talents inside of me. Without these experiences, I may not have discovered the gifts I came here to share with the world. Realizing this birthed the idea of a space where others can cultivate their own personal stories of love.

Thanks – so what else should our readers know about your work and what you’re currently focused on?
My mission is to provide a space filled with opportunities and experiences for people to flourish in their own skills and gifts, their own awareness and reflections, and through this they are able to live out their own personal stories of love, even when faced with tragedy and hardship, making life real. They gain the tools to write their own stories. So I guess you could say I’m offering the development of personal stories of love. Life is a process of falling in love and overcoming tragedies and all the stuff in between. And I’m not talking about the Disney falling in love story, I’m talking about real-life…loving your life through the process, through the failures and the tragedies. Everyone has gifts and talents to share, their personal story of love is creating that awareness in every situation they’re in. I am still learning to be in this beautiful process called life, and no matter what the experiences are, I have the capacity to bring new awareness. My experiences are the seed of who I am. I came to this planet to awaken certain gifts within myself and provide a space and create experiences for my clients to remember that each one of them is the author, editor and the publisher of their own personal story of love.

My clientele is anyone curious about exploring their own personal stories of love through our services, products, books and especially our experiences. Why am I dynamic? Because I realized I am author. Whoever holds the pen has the uniqueness, has the capabilities to write their own story and has the opportunity to realize that they are the author!

My area of specialty is the development of my client’s personal love story and knowing which products, services, or experiences will enliven and awaken their unique gifts.

My biggest accomplishment is becoming the mastery of my own story. It wasn’t easy taking the pen into my own hands and becoming responsible for every action, every step and every character in my story. But the more I understood I was the writer, I was also the editor and the publisher, and my whole life opened up. I realized anything was possible, all I needed to do was add that new chapter into my life. I made mistakes I couldn’t erase but I learned from them. It became fun and easy to view life in this way. I watched each chapter take me further and further on my path. I learned to love my life through the trials. I learned life is real. It’s about loving the journey and making the story up along the way.

I was a stay-at-home mom for 15 years before I moved into this position but even as a stay-at-home mom, I was living the experiences, and the dreams, and the heartaches that made me who I am today.

I am most recognized for my personal stories of love and the space I created where I can share them and where others can share theirs. My boutique is not only beautiful because of what you see, but because of what you feel when you walk in. The gifts I carry in my boutique contain their own personal stories of love and every experience and event we create holds the opportunity for our clients to awaken to their uniqueness, to share their gifts and talents with the world, and to cultivate their own personal stories of love.

My free time is filled with family and friends, making memories, laughter, love, parties and traveling. And I try to fit in self-care as often as possible because I know how important it is to the cultivation and development of my own personal story of love.

What makes you happy?
Community, my family, connection, sharing my gifts, helping others wake up to their gifts. My passion is people! talking, listening, teaching, healing, and sharing with people. Why? When we share our gifts, talents and passions we are truly happy. Also, we are made for community and connection. So when we are all together sharing what we love and the gifts we have, we can truly find the happiness we are searching for.

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