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Meeet Jennifer Burns | Crystal Resin Artist

We are thrilled to be connecting with Jennifer Burns again. Jennifer is a Crystal Resin Artist and is also a content partner. Content partners help Voyage in so many ways from spreading the word about the work that we do, sponsoring our mission and collaborating with us on content like this. Check out our conversation with Jennifer below.

Hi Jennifer, so great to have you join us again. For folks who might have missed our earlier conversations, can you please take a minute to briefly introduce yourself?
I am Jen! Mom, Wife, Sister, Artist and Motivational Healer! And that is not even all of it. As women we wear so many hats and try to do every role to the best of our ability. Doing all of this requires strength, courage, determination, patience and a lot of other things. But for me I have to add Therapist to my hats. I have quite a complicated story and like a lot of other people I struggle in my adult life with balance. A balance to put myself as a priority. This is completely against my nature. Being abused we are taught at such a young age that we don’t matter. What we think doesn’t matter. I had become a shell of who I was supposed to be. I was merely existing among very toxic people. So, it is not a shock that I didn’t take care of myself well or put myself first. My story is about abandonment, adoption, abuse, more abuse, death, then freedom, new beginnings, learning who I am and ultimately re-inventing myself. I unfortunately started this part a little late in my life. I was so busy surviving then escaping and then securing a new life which includes a husband and 3 children. I was so caught up in what I thought I was supposed to be doing that I completely and utterly put myself last and did not do very necessary healing, and therapy for my past. Sometimes when your ignoring something long enough you don’t even remember or know how to focus on yourself. But the Universe had a plan for me and luckily, I had an awakening. A re-birth so to speak. It involved me allowing myself to be the most authentic me that was possible and process all the pain and hurt through my Art, I have learned how to open up even more. It’s been a few years now and I love the growth and healing in myself and the beauty that I get to create in the process. As I have learned to help myself, I have also been able to help some amazing women along the way. My art saved me! Literally. It has not been easy as change can be very difficult to the loved ones around us. But I believe in my intuition, my guidance from the Universe around me and I am trying to follow what feels like me becoming the best version of me possible for myself and my children.

What are your personal gifts and how do they apply to your work?
Now that you know a little about my story you understand my ability to feel and know other people’s emotions around me. This was a skill I needed to navigate my childhood. Feel and sense and be so aware of the people around me so that I could be the person I needed to be to be as invisible as possible. Basically, I am an Empath! Although it is very draining, I view this as a gift. I create Paintings filled with crystals and my own emotions and healing process to create a piece of art that will describe what I was going through. I will also use my gifts of intuition, knowing and to feel and hear what my customer is looking for in a custom one of a kind piece. The use of specific crystals, colors, all of it together creates a beautiful piece that is moving and gorgeous.

What does it mean to you to be passionate about your work?
Well because my “work” is my therapy. It is so important to me to be authentic and real. I don’t create just to make money. There is a process to how I create each piece. A ritual so to speak. There is a mindset that I need to be in. I set the mood with lighting and music and my space has to be organized and cleansed before I begin. It is important to me that I am allowing the piece to take its form on its own. I can begin with a plan and a basic sketch but then I allow my emotions and feelings to take over as I individually add each and every crystal. Allowing the resin to flow in an authentic direction. Creating a piece that includes the wishes of the customer and making sure that I take advantage of that precious “work” time because this is my therapy too. Every minute I am creating I am healing.

What are some examples of your own personal growth through your work?
When I began painting a few years ago it was an accident. Finger painting with my daughter at the time. I liked the way the paint felt between my fingers. There was such a feeling of freedom and fluidity to it. There were no rules, and I could design anything I wanted. There was such a sense of freedom in this that I continued and as I grew, I began experimenting with different mediums. Each medium gave me a different kind of healing. Eventually my older children could see the growth in the beauty of the pieces and encouraged me to share them with others. I was so embarrassed as these were my art therapy pieces. All my emotions all over the canvas for everyone to see. I had never even had an art class so I didn’t know any rules from the Art world. Eventually I felt that I needed to share my process with others so they could process emotions too. Now when I create a piece it is a collaboration between my customer and myself. It is the most rewarding feeling to be invited into somebody’s home with my pieces. The fact that I can call myself an artist is such personal growth for me.

Can you teach or instruct others to do what you do?
Absolutely! Everybody has the ability to create. It is a beautiful outlet. I have taught others to do what I do and it is very rewarding to see others admire the beautiful piece that they created. They may not have the same process or know that they are even healing something deep inside of them just by allowing their inner child to come to the surface and play. But I know when they continue on creating or making more pieces on their own that they felt something and that is everything.

Can you share some obstacles in your work and you overcame them?
To me obstacles are usually signs from the Universe that you need to pause for a reason. I understand that not everything is a message or a lesson to be learned however, I do think it is important to address each obstacle by pausing and really assessing the situation around me at the time of the obstacle. What else is happening in my life at the time? Do I need to step away from creating and work on something else in my life first? I try to work out each obstacle with patience. Being open and communicating is the most effective for me.

What is something that holds you back from your dream work life?
I am hoping that one day I would have a location that I can work out of and create that is a large warehouse type space. I work out of my home now and that can be a challenge. I also do Live Crystal sales weekly so with my crystal inventory and my art supplies can be a lot. But for now, I make it all work. I dream of a space actually that allows me the freedom to create even more. Bigger pieces and having a lot of space would allow me the ability to let go even more. Not worrying about keeping my work space confined to a certain area. I also dream of a location where I can share in the collaboration with other artists. Where we can work together and really use that positive and creative energy to create amazing art. The only thing that holds me back is the financial ability to create such a space.

Alright, so before we go, how can our readers connect with you to learn more and show support?
I have a website where my art can be purchased and people can request a collaboration piece with me. I love commission pieces so much so that I can bring my healing art into your home. My website is I also love to share my work on Instagram @HealingartbyJen. To request a piece to be made my email is My weekly Live Crystal sales are on Facebook at

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