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Meet Addie Spahr Kim of Elevated Mama Life in Encinitas

Today we’d like to introduce you to Addie Spahr Kim.

Addie, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
My journey to becoming a holistic health coach and founder of Elevated Mama Life happened because of amazing healers, teachers, and functional medicine practitioners that helped me go from toxic to transformed.

As a little girl, I struggled with various health ailments (as many of us do) – chronic ear aches, strep throat, respiratory issues (asthma, bronchitis). As I got older, I developed additional health challenges that really stemmed from leaky gut syndrome and candida (or yeast) overgrowth. In my late 20s, I decided I was tired of feeling tired. I could no longer tolerate the discomfort from my gut imbalances. And I was also operating in state of almost chronic pain from back and neck trauma from a car accident right after college. I didn’t have success with traditional medical support, so I expanded my support search and sought different types of therapies and healing. I tried various healing practices including acupuncture and cupping, colon hydrotherapy, detox protocols, herbal support supplements, and a deeper level of education into toxins in our food and our environment. I changed my diet along with the products I was using daily and adopted a much healthier lifestyle overall. This transformation was not just physical. I also did a deep dive into my emotional well-being, worked with a life coach and shifted my mindset to release emotional trauma and work on manifesting what I truly desired. These tools that I learned were life-changing and were a big part of the inspiration for me to transition my career to be able to help others transform their own lives.

But there was another big event that happened that really catapulted me into becoming a health coach that focuses on supporting moms. I bet you can guess what that was – motherhood!! When my first baby was born in 2010, I was overjoyed and also terrified. My birth plan turned completely upside down and went from a desired natural birth to emergency c-section. I had a horrible time initially with nursing and my new baby was visibly uncomfortable, neither of us was sleeping well, and once again, I felt completely wrecked. Turned out, my son had his own set of digestive issues and food sensitivities that took us about a year to diagnose. He had eczema all over his body and even ended up in the hospital at almost two years old from a skin infection from scratching his eczema. It was just before this that I enrolled in a health coaching certification program so that I could help my oldest son heal his gut and manage through the addition of our soon-to-be-born second son.

Over the last ten years, I have studied various modalities that support total wellness and weave those different teachings (also based on personal practice) into my health coaching programs with a focus on helping others understand how to make simple changes to feel better or ultimately work towards feeling their best. That’s where the “elevated” concept comes in. When I was going through a rebrand, I wanted a name that could convey the idea that our self-care is an act of pulling ourselves up higher, of rising in even in the face of adversity (which we all have in some capacity, virtually all the time), and of elevating our health, our hearts and our home practices so that we feel good inside and out. Being an elevated mama is not about having it all figured out. It’s simply a commitment to nurturing our own wellness so that we can be the care-takers, the mama-bears, the hold-it-altogether-most-days beings that, as women, we naturally are. And to have practices that allow us do it with grace rather than feel like we are barely keeping our head above water. It’s also about learning to pivot and shift our care as we age and as new physical and mental changes evolve. A big part of this is hormone health and something I specialize in supporting because it can impact how we feel in the world in so many ways.

Part of Elevated Mama Life is also about aesthetics – not in our bodies unless it’s just about feeling good in our skin. But aesthetics in terms of the beauty of nature, of cool design, and in the magic of creating beautiful meals that fuel our body. You’ll find me sharing lots of smoothie bowl recipes, DIY home improvement projects that involve plants or home organization, and other hacks I discover that can bring added joy! Life is complicated – especially in 2020. So my goal is to help others realize the power they have to control some of the most important aspects of their life – namely their health – and find balance and harmony in others ways to manage through the things that are beyond our immediate control

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
Is anything ever smooth 😉 ?? Being a small business owner always has challenges, especially when juggling that with being a mom. There is always a power struggle to want to be there for your kids 100% but also be passionate about and want to do the things necessary to build a business. There have been many times that I feel like I’m failing on all fronts. It’s also really hard to not compare and measure yourself against the success of others. “I’m not making as much as this person.” “I don’t have the social following I need.” “If only had more time to do X,Y,Z.” It’s been a whole new set of challenges turned life lessons since COVID hit in March. Working from home while supporting young kids (especially energetic, fidgety boys) to learn from home has been a whole new experience/struggle. I have had to do some major mindset adjustment and really shift my whole perspective on what I can expect to accomplish in a day, in a week, in this whole year.

So, as you know, we’re impressed with Elevated Mama Life – tell our readers more, for example what you’re most proud of and what sets you apart from others.
Elevated Mama Life really has a three-pronged approach to total wellness: health, heart, and home. My coaching centers around establishing a really solid nutrition foundation for optimal health. If a client has been struggling to get results despite making dietary and exercise changes, we dive deeper to find out what’s going on in the heart. Are there emotions and mindsets that need to be resolved first to be able to make other lifestyle changes that will stick and help them reach their goals? I also dive into the home – not just creating spaces people feel good in and that keeps them motivated to feel good, but also analyzing what’s in our home to support our health. My background is environmental policy and I also specialize in sustainability and how our environment impacts our human health, and vice versa.

So many of our health struggles are environmental related so I dive into this and really get a whole assessment of what’s going on and guide changes that make sense for that bio-individual need. I also partner with other practitioners as needed – whether it’s getting baseline nutrition information from blood panels, or referring clients to fight inflammation through my dietary guidance along with bio-hacking, to offering exercise inspiration and other healthy lifestyle practices and products in partnership with other wellness experts. I’ve built powerful partnerships with other healers and health practitioners over the years so feel confident that I can steer people in the right direction – whether that’s working with me or partnering with others. I also never coach clients to try something I haven’t. And I’m always learning and expanding myself.

So, what’s next? Any big plans?
Oh, this is a hard one to answer because I always have so many plans (insert laughing emoji!)

I’m working on a number of programs that clients can do on their own but with my guidance. So many of us are working from home or are home full-time with our kids. It’s hard to find dedicated time slots to plan for just about anything. So I’m working on programs that can be done at my client’s convenience. I’m also pushing myself to share more on Instagram and other social platforms so I can offer my healthy hacks and other support guidance to a broader audience.

I had my first introduction as a published author last year as contributor to a compilation book on Stories of Healing and my next big goal is to publish my own book on Elevated Life Hacks for Health and Happiness (or something along those lines). Pieces are in the works, like so many things this year!

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