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Meet Aimee Freeman of Aimee Freeman Somatic Massage Therapist

Today we’d like to introduce you to Aimee Freeman.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
I’ve always had a passion for people and their emotional, relational well-being, my original intent out of High School was to enter into some aspect of psychology but I found early on that for myself, talk therapy wasn’t enough.

Then enters massage and the world of touch. My life and the quality in it changed dramatically during those years when I discovered massage therapy. The support and nurturing that I experienced, as well as the ability to recover from injury and illnesses were astounding. That was enough for me to throw all my passion into learning techniques and modalities for touch.

The part I wasn’t expecting or at the time even knew existed, was the aspect of awareness that would develop from this exploration. There was a consciousness, an enlivening of who I (we) truly are as a human being that “touched” me the deepest of all.

It was from this space within me and then later within my clients (call it presence, spirit, soul, energy, God, whatever word resonates best for people) that when “touched” brought about miraculous changes in the quality of the individuals’ life experience. Be it healing, emotional upliftment, or achieving new desired outcomes.

The recognition of this, but not yet the understanding of what “it” was that I was experiencing, led me to years of adventurous study in subtle energy, consciousness and later a degree in integral psychology. For I found that as these experiences arise, we also need a safe and loving container for which we can “discuss” the journey.

Today, my 25-year journey has allowed me to develop a unique practice that blends talk and touch to help individuals explore the nature of their being. Be it to relax into touch and get off the surface of their lives, heal and regenerate from illness or injury or move through deep patterns of habit that leave them feeling stuck and dis-empowered. I am happy and honored to sit in relationship with people. I reflect, listen and love with them until they have remembrance of the potential, potency and power that they truly are.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
Yes and no, Having clients and rich relationships with people has always come naturally to me. But being an independent, entrepreneurial, sole proprietor of a business has not. Acquiring business skills and of course, the development of my own humanity (the frustrations, projections, avoidance and coping mechanisms for stress have had many, many layers of discovery along the way.

The amazing part is the compassion, grace and courage that now fill me everyday.
As a relational therapist how can I ever sit with others in their vulnerability if I haven’t been able to give that gift to myself.

There is an expression that says, “you can’t help people through their own shadowy trenches if you haven’t walked your own first” Obstacles and challenges are a precious part of the journey.

Please tell us about Aimee Freeman Somatic Massage Therapist.
I excel at both injury rehabilitation and also perspective taking. In general, I’m known for helping people feel better. Whether that quadrant be physical, mental, or emotional, my clients and I come together each session decide what is needed that day to restore balance. I am proud of the caring and integrity that I bring to my practice and I feel that my unique ability to blend talk and touch sets me apart from other therapists.

Do you look back particularly fondly on any memories from childhood?
I have many memories that make me giggle, blush and/or evoke a wistful nature. I honor the fact that having memories to recall is a precious thing. My childhood like so many had early challenges which I now know were the catalyst to the work I do today. My parents passed away at an early age, child of divorce, the frequent changing of schools and being an only child which often left me home alone and caring for my own needs.

The point being that these experiences (like happens to all of us) started to distort the true nature of my affectionate being. A tough defensive nature grew over a kind, sensitive and emphatic little girl. I later had to work to return to the real me.

So the favorite memory that arises is that of the animals that would follow me home as a toddler. No joke. Strays pets and even some wild animals would just approach me and start to follow me around. I believe animals always know the true state of who we are, much to the awe and chagrin of my mother who would have to find out what home they had come from, I think they knew there was a safe, powerful and loving place to share a cuddle (or maybe just get fed ;-).
This experience often reminds me of my true nature that exists without the effort of trying.

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