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Meet Alan Cevallos of Media Jet Marketing in Coronado

Today we’d like to introduce you to Alan Cevallos.

Alan, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
Hello my name is Alan Cevallos. I am from Southern California and I graduated from Coronado High School in 2017.  My brother Jorge and I founded Media Jet Marketing in 2018, following the success of our e-commerce business. I have wanted to become a business owner for as long as I can remember; I wasn’t excelling in school with my academics because I spent my time diving into business, and learning the ins and outs of what it takes to run a successful company. My parents would often get mad at me for spending so much time on my laptop and they really couldn’t understand what I could possibly be doing. I am a very creative person and have a passion for trying new things, this has landed me some great opportunities.

My passion throughout high school was videography and I was known as the “video guy” because I would just bring my camera around and pretty much film everything, learning to become a good videographer taught me to learn new skills on my own, and this was when everything changed. Senior year I realized that my goal was to start a Digital Marketing Agency.

After graduating high school I worked at a summer camp to make some money so Jorge and I could start our first e-commerce business. We really didn’t have any money at this point but we knew there was a lot of opportunity in the ecommerce space and that if we could make this business successful we’d be financially ready to launch Media Jet. My brother Jorge and I gathered all the money we had together, which came out to be three thousand dollars, and decided to go full throttle. We bought 500 units of our product with all of the money we had at the time, listed it on our e-commerce store and then started marketing it. Sales started pouring in and 2 days later we had sold out! Six months later, our e-commerce business had sold over a quarter-million dollars.

After this success it was time to create a Digital Marketing Agency, our biggest dream. We packed our bags and moved to Los Angeles with no idea what we were doing. We spent the next few months building this business from the ground up. It was sleepless nights, thousands of dollars spent on learning courses, until we could develop our plan.

We put a few desks in our friend’s garage and Media Jet was born. At this point, we had no clients or anything but the vision was clear, we were going to offer our Digital Marketing services to the whole world. A few weeks later we had our first three clients, which is all we could handle on our own. This was an exciting and scary time because we had to start thinking about hiring employees. We knew we wanted to expand so we wanted to move Media Jet into an office. We moved into our first office and started interviewing people to come onboard the Media Jet Team, it was so surreal.

After about a year of working, it was finally starting to feel like a real business. Clients were rolling in and we finally had a team, we made a lot of mistakes early on and slowly we started to become masters of our craft. Our systems were weak, which forced us to develop more advanced systems so the operation could run smoothly. We were now thinking about scaling the company, which was really exciting. After about a year in this office, it was now time for the next step. We were going to scale Media Jet to its next level. More advanced systems, more employees, bigger office space.

This is where we are now, we moved into our brand new Headquarters about six months ago and Media Jet is only growing and expanding. Our office is in the heart of Santa Monica and walking distance from the beach, it doesn’t get much better than that. Jorge and I are having a blast growing this company and we love seeing our clients grow with us. We are confident that we are going to become one of the largest Digital Marketing Agencies in LA and San Diego. As Coronado locals, we love coming back home and working from home, and we love visiting our clients from Coronado. We always like helping out so don’t feel hesitant to reach out to us for any marketing advice, we are here to help and we know these times are tough and require change. Send me a DM on Instagram @alanltd if you are a small business owner and would like some free guidance from my team.

Has it been a smooth road?
Struggles have been the inconsistency and uncertainty of starting our own business. Early on, it was hard to even tell if we were going to survive the next month, and some months were better than others. Running these large digital marketing campaigns was no joke either, we had to spend so much time learning as we went along. As we got better at our craft and were able to provide consistent results for our clients, our future got brighter and growing got easier. Nothing is a smooth road when starting a business but we learned along the way, and came out stronger on the other side.

So let’s switch gears a bit and go into the Media Jet Marketing story. Tell us more about the business.
Media Jet Marketing is a full-service Digital Marketing Agency. We like to take digital trends to the next level. Our marketing team will create a custom roadmap to fit the needs of your business. Our marketing tactics are designed to make a splash and ultimately increase revenue.

We do everything from social media management, which includes creating content for your business and distributing it to your main social media platforms. While growing your business on the digital fronts. We are here to make your business look as professional as possible. Our team prides itself in our ability to be creative and original. Our internal marketing teams strive to be different, bring ideas to the table, and leave no gaps when it comes to market research. We like to know what everyone is doing, what’s working, and what innovations we can bring.

Our ongoing content packages are built to ensure that, as a business owner, you can always rely on having the marketing materials for every season or occasion. Our in-house team guarantees creative control, so the finished product is some serious eye candy. We have an extremely strong track record of success stories utilizing Amazon as a primary e-commerce platform. Whether you want to sell your current product on Amazon or start a privately-labeled brand from scratch, we are here to help!

We are most proud of our team and our atmosphere. We are a group of young experts on the digital marketing front and we feel that we have made a huge impact in the space. Large companies are turning to us to run their campaigns because we are in the loop with all of the latest trends and are the future of digital marketing.

How do you think the industry will change over the next decade?
E-commerce will continue to be on the rise and old business models will have to adapt to the new age. As time goes on, more and more business owners will realize how important a good digital campaign is for their businesses and at the end of the day, a marketing agency like Media Jet is the best route to go. The future is going digital and it’s not slowing down.


  • Our packages range from as low as $199 for social media services all the way to a full scale digital campaign which costs thousands of dollars, message us and we will find the right package for you.

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