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Meet Amalia Consuelo Alduenda

Today we’d like to introduce you to Amalia Consuelo Alduenda.  

Hi Amalia, so excited to have you on the platform. So before we get into questions about your work-life, maybe you can bring our readers up to speed on your story and how you got to where you are today? 
It began as a child growing up in nature. I had grounding freedom to explore my creative mind. I designed intricate structures, buildings, and lifestyles I dreamt would one day get to be my life. I was free to dream of living a reality most kids are told they aren’t capable of achieving. I spent a majority of my childhood in my mind. My reality wasn’t always ideal, it was a fastrack journey of growth and healing through which I have carried this spark with me into adulthood where I have now manifested the resources to materialize my dream life. Building a lifestyle where I get to creatively express my vision and spread love.

I was always inspired as a young child to make my passion my lifework. I would focus on anything I thought would realize my passions in life. I was a high achieving student because I was always told I would need to go to college for a good job, to have a good life. I thought this was “the way” to realizing my dreams. Through my college experience, I was able to explore other pathways I thought I wanted to pursue, including being an electrical engineer, computer scientist, veterinarian, and many other things… I wanted to do it all. I couldn’t narrow down what I wanted to do forever and eventually, I realized I could not keep going to school because the life I desired didn’t exist within the average world. It was extraordinary and interdimensional. It had to be created in its own way.

I wanted freedom to enjoy my time now.

Now is all we have. I chose to dedicate myself to a journey of self-understanding in quest of what it is I was truly to do in life. In short, I discovered, through deep shadow work and meditation, that the inner “I am” was all I was looking for. I was looking for a hero, for guidance and safety. I surrendered into my spiritual healing journey and found I was all these things.

Tapping into higher frequencies of consciousness through meditation, journaling, and connecting with my higher self I began healing child traumas. Allowing myself to be my own hero, to connect to divine guidance, to discover my true passions, to manifest safety, love, abundance, and my dream life. To Be, I Am.

So I started Lagunitas Organics, a company centered around organic sustainable living and providing one-of-a-kind experiences in grounded natural settings. My vision for Lagunitas Organics is expansive and will continue to develop as the puzzle pieces to materialize this creation fall into place. Lagunitas Organics has an organic garden & greenhouse where we harvest lavender, rosemary, and sage to create aura wands (smudge sticks), aromatherapy pillows, potted plants, and more. We provide a retreat into a garden of aromatherapy.

I also founded Spirit Connect with a passionate team of like-minded individuals. Our purpose is to help others discover ways to live in alignment with their true nature and purpose. Spirit Connect allows me to share my journey with others and provide tangible practices which help people integrate and embody their highest selves, empowering them to live a life they love. I live to be an example for living a life you truly love, showing that it’s possible. The way is through knowing yourself, loving yourself, and being courageous enough to dream big, and go do it.

I realized the reason I always felt hopeful through it all was because I came here on a mission to do this now. Allow me to explain, I was aware of the play, of my life being reflected by the stars, that lessons were grander than the moment. Knowing that everything truly happens in perfect alignment with our being and that I have the power to be a creator or be a victim of life. I chose to pay attention to my mind and energy and discover the universe. I understood I was to be a pillar of love and a warrior of the light. Consequently, I have “lived” more in my 21 years than many live in an entire lifetime… I experienced tragic moments more often than a statistic. I lived in misery and hated life as a result of negative programming and trauma. Countless life lessons which limited my growth and obstacles I had to overcome were part of the journey. However, I could see my future as a dream and I was hopeful to live those days. My spark of living a life of harmony would expand & get brighter when I would sit with myself and explore moments of suffering until I was able to relive that moment within a love frequency & find the lesson.

This skill of alchemization has been developed through lots of time and awareness of consciousness. I did this through guided past trauma healing inner child meditations and being my own hero. The hope of everything will turn out for the best was instilled by myself since I have always been able to travel back and be there for my child self. I was there showing the child me her beautiful peaceful life she could live, and I am now here. It was through this process of exploring myself to find my inner peace. Changing how I react in the moment to create a harmonious outcome. By choosing to be a difference in the world, “I am” is the blueprint, I am the example, I choose to be the creative force in my life and I have the power to create my visions. I have the power to dream of a new world where we all live in divine love & harmony. I do believe we all have the power to create this new world through first going inward to find everything that resides in you already. You are the miracle and everything is in your nature for you to live a peaceful life.
I hope to inspire others to dream limitlessly. You are capable of overcoming obstacles and living a life you love to live. Our time here is precious and our time is the most valuable asset. We have to live out our dreams, we have to make a purpose for ourselves.

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it you will land amongst the stars”
– Les Brown

Would you say it’s been a smooth road, and if not what are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced along the way?
It has not always been peaceful. To know yourself is a life’s quest, as we evolve & expand our awareness of consciousness. I often get asked how it is that I am so cheerful. Let me tell you about my self-love journey, where I realized my power.

Growing up I drowned in depression & identity issues… I felt like I didn’t belong and didn’t want to exist. I used to feel gross in my own skin. I have recovered from anorexia, bulimia, self-harm, excessive workouts, suicidal tendencies, and other traumas. I saw so much hate and sadness in my family making me a victim of life. I went through a series of seeking for help phases. Despite that, I found safety and felt at home in nature. I would feel held by the air around me. I felt the warmth of the sun that carried all the love I needed. I felt a heartbeat come off the ground through my feet when I stood barefoot in nature. I felt I was the whole ocean when I floated freely in the sea. This living connection with nature revitalized what I already knew, that there was so much to live for, so much I could create and I was to live out those visions.

Most of my childhood traumas developed from societies’ normalized toxic standards, and the rest from my toxic, narcissistic family. I was absorbing everyone’s projections of how I should look, and who I should be. When I moved to San Diego in 2007 from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico I was rejected by my same Latin x classmates for being “too Mexican” as a Mexican born & raised in Mexico vs Mexican born in the USA. I didn’t understand how that made a difference, how that made me more Mexican than them and therefore they belonged and I didn’t. There was a lot of bullying at my school and even at home. My existence was continually nitpicked over and I was never allowed to feel confident in being myself, or in my communication. I was told my Spanish accent was too heavy and to just not talk in English to them. That my skin was too brown and I should lighten it to be prettier. Even my mom bought me a lightening lotion trying to “help me”! I would be told to just go back to my land. That I was too chunky for my age. My mom fitted me into waist trainers at 12 and would constantly point out my size difference from her at the same age, saying how she had been a size 1 until her 20s and I was already a size 5. I was programmed with an immense negative self-image, being made to feel that I needed to shave my body to not be considered “gross” by 5th grade. This whole time drowning in fear of disappointing others because I wasn’t enough. Living under the weight that I needed to not be me, but an image everyone else defined as “Amalia”. All these personifications, labels and projections on me from society and others, is what I had to overcome to find myself.

I was constantly hiding my “weird self” until one day I realized I was no longer playing these different characters but I had embodied them. I had lost myself to the idea of who I should be according to my family, friends & society. I began to question why I felt the way I did and where its origin was, what I discovered is that most of my problems weren’t mine. I realized that all this was simply getting overly caught up in the drama of the world around me and what it thinks, instead of being myself, letting it flow, and allowing life to unfold.


From there on out, I have been taking my power back, choosing what I truly want to experience because this life is for me to live, no one else. The journey has been in realizing that I don’t have to subject my experience of being myself to others’ preference of me. I don’t need to impress anyone by following societal norms. I no longer keep myself from evolving because those around me don’t want to be creators, instead going in circles playing life as a victim.

After a series of painful lessons, I came to innerstand my worth, that my existence was more than enough. I overcame this after resisting my authentic self became so bad that I no longer knew what I liked, leaving me in a way, detached from reality. From this low point, I started to explore my Latina culture as I realized it was up to me to define who I was. I began to live knowing I have complete power, acting in what I wanted to do. As I began healing and integrating my higher self more and more, I adjusted my way of being to include my Mexican culture, no longer feeling like I had to only be one way. I explored new music, styles, and would openly talk more in Spanish. Now expressing myself more authentically. Allowing myself to no longer be defined by someone else’s expectations of me again, choosing to truly know myself, and live a life that was fulfilling to me.

I committed myself to knowing myself truly, and that led me to questioning everything. Constantly analyzing the origin of everything and how it came to be. Eventually experiencing the inter-dimensionality of consciousness and the answers of who I am at source origin.

Some might call it an ego death or a spiritual awakening. A shattering of who I was programmed to think I was. I let go of fear and the victim-based mindsets. I learned to alchemize my past into energy focused towards what I want to manifest in life. I slowly began becoming my ideal self: more peaceful, caring, ambitious, daring, brave, dedicated, wild & free. I took action steps into moving into my highest timeline one day at a time. I started applying intention and the law of assumption to my thoughts and emotions, embodying my highest self in every moment. Remaining as aware of myself and my energy as possible, observing how life happens for me, even if in the moment I can’t see the strings behind the play of life. I now take the time to choose how I want to respond to situations, looking for positive opportunities, and that makes all the difference. I choose to create the life I love, aligned with my true nature and purpose. Learning to pause and make the choice to create a harmonious experience rather than an reactive one based out of ego or fear. Switching my vibration from victim and self-hate by reprogramming and integrating love and creator frequencies. I am so cheerful and at bliss now because I realized I had the power this whole time to change my perspective and live in peace, creating my dream life.

I AM THE CREATOR OF MY LIFE AND I CHOOSE TO LIVE A LIFE OF LOVE AND HARMONY… and so are you <3 YOU HOLD THIS POWER TO CREATE THE LIFE YOU WANT! Sharing the art of creating, in the now, with this power within you is what I aim to help do with Spirit Connect.

Thanks for sharing that. So, maybe next you can tell us a bit more about your work?
I am an alchemist, quantum energy healer, intuitive motivational speaker, leader, CEO, entrepreneur, and “I Am” influencer. I have dedicated my life to the living zen state of being. To me this provides an empowering path through the constant chaos, exercising the ability to alchemize rapidly and not be impeded by unfortunate moments. My persistence on rising above and creating what I love has allowed me to manifest a lifestyle of materializing dreams. My spiritual journey and zen practice began at a young age and has led to my ability to flow with my intuition and balance the present energy allowing me to be in “living zen”.

I am the CEO of Lagunitas Organics, a company promoting sustainable living and I am the director of Spirit Connect, an organization facilitating conscious events. Planting seeds of consciousness…

Embodying the power of “I Am” consciousness is the most powerful piece of my self-actualization journey. To say, “I Am capable. I Am brave. I Am willing. I Am determined. I Am energy.” To recognize that you hold all the power within you, you hold all responsibility for your life. You are the creator of your life. You carry within you the power to materialize your dreams. You have to come to this innerstanding on your own. All I can do is point you to resources and hold you in love. Know that truly things happen for a reason and the bad times will pass, choose to focus on what you love now, the now is the future, and you will get to live your dream life. To get there you have to keep living and help your future self by taking action now. You are creating the future in this present moment, which is all we have.

I love leading others in ceremonial tree mediations with Spirit Connect where I channel universal source energy (love). Trees provide grounding benefits to our bodies’ electromagnetic field, releasing stress, exchanging polarized energy, and balancing our emotional, mental, and spiritual being. Trees channel light into physical matter and act as life support for our planet, alchemizing energy in similar fashion to their support in removing carbon from the air. Trees are seen as sacred across many cultures, and grounding tree ceremonies are a powerful way to connect ourselves to nature.

I am proud and honored to experience change, to have been able to transform myself & witness the transformation of my whole family too. I am proud to see others experience energy healing and change their lives for the best. Stepping into a creator mindset can shift your world. I have been able to be there for loved ones in times of change and have helped them rewire their mindset to live in bliss, harmony, and alignment. All the growth I get to see in my community is inspiring. Self-healing expands your consciousness through loving yourself deeply and this ripples love frequency through our energetic field across our planet. Everyone seems to be going through their own awakening in some way. Each of us have individually been doing our own work in alignment with our galactic missions to be pillars of light and beacons of love on Earth during this time of planetary ascension. There is so much healing happening in the collective consciousness worldwide.

What makes you happy?
I am most happy when at the beach, swimming laps, picnics in spring, tree-hugging, ceremonies, and meditations, playing with my many dogs or when I tune into frequencies. I love walks alongside our creek and oak trees at home. I love adventures with my family. I love living my life as if I have a film crew recording documents. I am so thankful for growing up into the women I saw in the mirror. That now as an adult I transmute my past into fuel towards creating my teenage daydream. Manifesting a curated lifestyle & dream job with Spirit Connect and Lagunitas Organics which encapsulates my desire to share my story and inspire others to listen to their intuition, to love their life, and awaken to the power their DNA holds. I am so happy to work with a team of inspiring individual creatives and transcendent companies that are working towards a new world. I find this fulfilling, as it is my purpose to be a warrior of light to help guide others into light frequencies through love. Resonating deeply throughout my life, it allows for me to live in full alignment with my galactic mission and Mayan numerology. To be a pillar of light and beacon of love on Earth during this time of planetary ascension. To be able to be a leader, a healer. To have a strong foundation within myself for my bridge of light to be anchored in love.

I am so happy I am now free to be myself everywhere I am. To hug trees in public, meditate, take deep breaths and stretch without worrying I look silly or weird. To not worry if I am too much because I am so much in the perfect way. I am as I need to be. I enjoy expressing myself through my creative visions. I am happy to wake up every day to be creative, to find myself the deeper I look within. To continue to build a new world, one day at a time alongside my community.

It makes me so happy to materialize the visions I have been shown of my potential. It makes me ecstatic to know there is no limit but myself. To understand my role as a creator and to help others be creators. I love helping others awaken to their multidimensional consciousness.

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