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Meet Ana Garcia

Today we’d like to introduce you to Ana Garcia.

Ana, we appreciate you taking the time to share your story with us today. Where does your story begin?
This all began when my grandfather- Mr.Fidencio Garcia Sanchez was 12 years old when he decided to stop studying to help his parents with the expenses. This led him to work at a company called “Faruby,” which was a hat making company. He previously worked there as a cleaner maintenance employer and he then developed a passion for fabricating the handmade hats called “explorer mixed canvas”. Therefore, my grandfather was given the opportunity to elaborate hats in the fabric which he did not just enjoy, but became well known for it. This helped my grandfather’s way of painting be well recognized as it was one of a kind. After a while, the fabric stopped running which forced him to find a new job so, he went to work at another fabric called “Carlop Hats” His job in the fabric was being a chemist of all the paintings to elaborate the colors for Texana hats, broom sticks, and brushes as well as many other things. My grandfather depended on this job until he decided to fully retire, however he had also wanted to have his own hat workshop. Then Figasa Hats started to elaborate when they came out to sell from his investments in rodeos, wholesales, and distributed the merchandise as well. After this the fabric slowly grew until it obtained a medium factory which was well known as “Figasa Hats” in Mexico. Later on, Gerardo Garcia (my dad) joined Figasa Hats to help sell in 2001, he was in charge of distributing all the merchandise all around Mexico, selling the hats, and helping produce the hats for 3 or 4 years, then he retired from the fabric, and the other family members took over to continue working in the family business. As my grandfather got older due to his age he stopped the workshop and it was discontinued so, the fabric got shut down. Then, Gerardo Garcia had the illusion of seeing his father contemplate that the fabric was still alive, working, and producing hats after a long time even though his father was not going to be in charge of it. So, Gerardo Garcia decided to reach out to Ivan Garcia (my cousin), someone of his most confidence in getting the fabric re-running by producing the hats and that is how “Josvan Hats” initiated.

Josvan Hats began operations on May 1, 2018 under the name of Figasa Hats, all this to start activities in the hat weaving workshop of my grandfather- Mr. Fidencio García Sánchez, owner of the respective workshop “Figasa Hats” whose initials was the brand name from the business located in Mexico. The Figasa Hats workshop was founded in 1970, in which polished thread hats were made with 100% cotton material in different cowboy styles, closing activities approximately in 2014. Then, Josvan Hats restarted operations, improving the quality and material under which it came. The product has been worked on to be the people’s preference. My Cousin Ivan decided to turn the business around as people have the preference and the purchasing power with the purpose of to keep the workshop running, as well as being able to continue competing in the market. To add on, Ivan in 2019 decided to manufacture hat lasts, and hats with modern styles that are appealing to the people. However, this was also possible due to advertising on platforms such as Facebook and Whatsapp. This made it a flexible and direct way to approach and communicate with our current and cautivated clients. Then my father proposed to expand the business into the U.S by selling beautiful authentic handmade hats. Then, I decided to help and this is how Josvan Hats became known in San Diego starting in 2020 through instagram, since I created content to publish the brand in order to captivate people and be able to add them to our customer profile by promoting them through several social media platforms like mentioned before Facebook, WhatsApp, Offerup, and Instagram. I offer a variety of styles, color, and soon hand painted designs, which I give publicity to these hats here in the U.S by selling them in person around San Diego.

During 2020, parcel shipments were established which have been very functional, practical, and economical for the clients, Ivan, and I. Through social media networks we communicate with our clients to make shipment orders and get them delivered into our clients hands, in which it has helped us distribute the merchandise around the United States and Mexico. Throughout the expansion of the business within states and conquering new states of the republic, tourist places, beaches, and shipments abroad we have obtained great sales which have helped us expand our clients portfolio within this family business. To this day and moving forward Josvan Hats operates successfully and is always innovating to continue to be the preference of our customers by satisfying their requests.

I’m sure you wouldn’t say it’s been obstacle free, but so far would you say the journey has been a fairly smooth road?
The road of the family business has not been easy for either my cousin and I. Although, both my cousin and I have supported each other to expand the business, I haven’t been able to succeed in expanding the business unlike Ivan. To add on, another challenge I struggle with is advertising the hats within social media, I have tried to post once a week yet time management hasn’t somewhat helped. During the pandemic my cousin Ivan and I weren’t able to go out to sell the hats so we struggled to find a way of delivering our merchandise to our clients personally. With it being a tough road we have still managed a way to achieve success within this business as well as to satisfy the customers’ requests. At first I personally struggled with ideas on exhibiting the hats that would capture people’s attention. Although, what has always been a struggle is the weather as it determines whether or not I am able to exhibit my hats. My cousin and I have both learned that being entrepreneurs is not easy and within this it has helped me grow and improve my skills. Through gaining experience such as: managing a business, social media advertising, creating content to make my business known, editing pictures, practicing photography, improving my painting, and improving in graphic designing in order to give publicity to Josvan Hats.

As you know, we’re big fans of you and your work. For our readers who might not be as familiar, what can you tell them about what you do?
We sell authentic handmade hats which are very economical. We are originally located in Mexico yet we not only distribute our merchandise around the U.S but we are now also located in San Diego. We have fast reliable shipping by parcel around the U.S. We sell by wholesale through shipping and by retail in person around San Diego as well as in Mexico. To add on, we have four different unique styles, sizes, and colors that we have available. Also, we manage Explorer Canvas Mixed, Jute, Suede, and our latest new style which is Panama style polished thread hats (beach hats). Lastly, as I mentioned I will soon give publicity to add hand painted hats to our styles so stay tuned through our social media account!

What do you think about happiness?
I think that happiness is not only about making family proud and becoming successful in life, but overall doing what we love, inspires and motivates us. To add on, accomplishing goals as well as aspirations are part of happiness. What makes me happy is not only working in the family business, but having the honor to keep the business growing, helping it expand, and follow in my fathers footsteps. This helps me gain knowledge, experience, and develop new skills through obstacles put in my way. Lastly, the satisfaction of our customers as well as making something they like makes both my cousin and I happy.

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