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Meet Andrea Miller | Dating App Creator, Date Coach & Matchmaker

Today we’re excited to introduce you to Andrea Miller. Andrea is a Dating App Creator, Date Coach, Matchmaker and is also a content partner. Content partners help Voyage in so many ways from spreading the word about the work that we do, sponsoring our mission and collaborating with us on content like this. Check out our conversation with Andrea below.

Hi Andrea, so great to have you join us again. For folks who might have missed our earlier conversations, can you please take a minute to briefly introduce yourself?
I’m a native New Yorker & competitive swimmer who loves to travel and is passionate about helping people find love. I worked in the Marketing Industry for 12 years, lived in Sydney Australia for 10 years, and now enjoy my newest home in San Diego. I did every sport growing up, from soccer to softball to gymnastics to basketball to waterskiing to snowskiing. And even to this day, I still want to do it all. My most recent achievement has been completing a FULL IRONMAN. I LOVE being active and meeting someone like-minded was extremely important to me. That’s why I created GoGetter, because it brings my two passions together, fitness & love.

So let’s start with what I think is the most important question because it hopefully helps put everything else in context. Why create a dating app?
For two reasons. Selfishly, I created it for myself. I was in my 30s and was getting nervous about whether I would meet the right person. So I tried online dating, but wasn’t finding the right type of people. I knew I wanted someone who loved to live an active lifestyle to the degree that I did and wanted to start my search there, but there wasn’t anything out there focused solely on that. So I thought, “why not create it myself!” And secondly, I wanted to help my single girlfriends meet a good man. I meet the most amazing people within the fitness community and thought “How do I get all THESE people in one place to meet each other??”

What’s different about your app?
On the surface, it focuses on bringing people together with common interests, in this case, a shared lifestyle. And it makes sense because research shows that having the same outlook about health & fitness, contributes to long term happiness in a relationship. And GoGetter is all about helping you find “The One”.

But in addition to that, GoGetter is doing something no one else is doing.

When two people match, GoGetter requires BOTH people to put in a coin in order to start the conversation.

It’s no secret that people swipe right with their eyes closed these days, so it means nothing. Users want another indication about where they stand and if it will go beyond just a chat.

And we place more important on something if we’ve paid for it. If you’ve paid for a gym membership, you’re more inclined to go. If you bought a ticket to an event, you’re more inclined to go.

We’re applying this same thinking to GoGetter with the hopes of sparking more quality connections because both people will have some skin in the game.

And more importantly, each person knows that their match has paid specifically for THEM.

It’s the true ‘Buy in from both sides’ and this kind of reassurance is quite important in the early stages of online dating.

And the best part, if the other person doesn’t reciprocate within 48 hours, you get your coin back.

No other dating app is giving people this level of reassurance and that’s exactly what they need.

Is it difficult to start an app business and have you ever wanted to give up?
The challenges are definitely not what I expected them to be. The hardest thing about an app business is keeping the product up to date. Technology is constantly changing and the amount of software updates and phone versions coming out every few months is crazy!!! But I have to stay on top of it to make sure that it’s working on as many phones as possible because I don’t want to exclude anyone from being able to use GoGetter. But takes away from the funds needed to help spread the word about GoGetter because the more people I have on there, the more connections can be formed!! So, it’s a tough juggling act making sure that anyone who downloads the app has a good experience but also knowing that my product doesn’t work very well without a decent number of users on it.

With that said, NO, I’ve never wanted to give up. The mission of creating as many happy & healthy relationships as possible outweighs any of my daily frustrations. I had a couple meet back in the early days and they dated for 2 years!!! I always think, “If that can happen when there was only a handful of people on the app, imagine what can happen when there are thousands!! I meet singles every day who still find it hard to meet good quality people so it keeps me focused to make it a success and help them find ‘the one.’

If I could grant you one wish to help your business, what would it be?
My wish would be for EVERYONE to know that GoGetter existed. The demand is there and everyone LOVES it but people just don’t know that it’s available to them! And if EVERYONE knew about it at the same time, then people would see that there’s still plenty of good singles out there looking for the same thing as them.

And there’s a ton of singles that haven’t even tried online dating or prefer not to use the apps currently out there because it doesn’t suit them. Mainly because those apps aren’t matching on what matters and it’s no surprise it turns people off online dating. But that’s why GoGetter is driven by compatibility and is designed specifically to help save time and meet the right kind of people. We fully believe “You are who you surround yourself with” and wanted to offer a place specifically for GoGetters to meet each other.

In your view, why is dating so hard?
Dating is hard because humans are complicated. And because most of us have unrealistic expectations about love. We think it should be easy to find this magical person that fits perfectly into our lives and makes us feel amazing! Yes, that would be nice, but it’s unrealistic! And we continuously wonder why nothing’s happening! .
We definitely don’t realize how our own insecurities, fears, and triggers affect our dating life. We’re all extremely hopeful about finding love, but we’re terrified of being rejected. We say we’re willing to compromise, but we’re not. We say we’re picky, but that’s just a front. We play a bigger role in the success of your dating life than we realize.

From studying love and having spoken to hundreds of singles, I’m confident when I say “the only thing that’s gonna hold you back from love, is you.”

People may not realize it, but it’s actually easier to be single. True story! Doing your own thing and only having to worry about yourself is much easier than being in a relationship. Of course, being in a relationship brings its positives, but it will challenge you and that’s not easy.

I was that person. I had unrealistic expectations. I wanted the perfect guy. I didn’t want to believe I was bringing any baggage to the table. I thought it was just ‘happen.’ But I continuously found myself in the same place, Single. So, I get it.

And the good news is, once we realize and accept this, dating doesn’t have to be hard at all.

Why do some people seem to have success with dating apps and some don’t?
I think it really comes down who manages their expectations better. Online dating is certainly convenient but it’s only a mechanism to meet other people. It’s not a matchmaker.

I also think we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to know right away if this person has long term potential. We’ve all been told that ‘you just know’ so we apply this same thinking to online dating. But it’s impossible! You can’t make the same assessment of someone online like you can in person. When you meet someone in person, you can hear them, smell them, feel them, see their mannerisms, get a feel for their personality. You can’t ever know all this from just looking at a photo, reading a profile and exchanging a few text messages.

Those who have success on dating apps keep their assumptions and judgements to a minimum, focus on the positive vs the negative, and remember not to discount anyone.

The amount of couples who say “I wouldn’t normally choose this person or they’re not my usual type” goes to show that you don’t always ‘just know.’

It was so great to reconnect. One last question – how can our readers connect with you, learn more or support you?
Absolutely. Best way to reach me is via email: I’m happy to answer any dating questions anyone has.

And I highly encourage everyone to download the app. It’s Free and hey, you never know! I always say “Put yourself in a position to be found” and really, you only need one!

Just search for GoGetter Dating on the App Store or Google Play or go to

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