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Meet Andrew Yaros of Trio Hygiene Systems in Solana Beach

Today we’d like to introduce you to Andrew Yaros.

Andrew, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
This company was founded on the certainty that toilet paper doesn’t get you truly clean. After all, when we want to clean anything else, we don’t just wipe it, we wash it with something wet too, right?

I went through most of my life like everyone else in America; using dry squares of toilet tissue as the single go-to for all bathroom trips. I found that it didn’t matter how many ply’s or ripples a toilet paper had, it is still just a dry sheet of paper.

About 15 years ago, I happen to catch an old re-run from a Seinfeld episode (the “Face Painter” episode) and ‘George Costanza’ goes on to question if there can possibly be any more advancements to toilet paper –”what else can they do?” That opened up my mind to the possibility that something more could be done.

Soon after my mind was spinning with possibilities, I go to my friend’s home and see something foreign to me –a tub of baby wipes perched up on the back of their toilet. Interesting! I thought I found my answer.

I start using the combo of toilet paper and baby wipes for several weeks and it made a big difference -I was cleaner. But I found out the hard way that baby wipes are one of the worst things to flush. Just a few weeks after adopting this practice, my toilet overflows and had to bring in a pro to fix the situation.

Ugh –back to the drawing board. There had to be something better. Years go by and I see no good answers on the market.

The solution became clear to me in 2008, when I started developing a more hygienic snap-in system which uses hardware already attached to most people’s walls –a traditional toilet paper roll holder. For me this is the best real estate to access these types of things.

Fast forward, past 8+ years of development to today and see we have an exceptional, patented system on the market that can hold virtually any kind of residential style toilet paper roll and adds the highest grade of truly flushable wipes (independently tested –see our videos on YouTube) in the world.

It is really a huge mess out there, and that is exactly what our system solves.

I see so many products marked as “flushable” that are misrepresented and not independently tested by the manufacturer. I also see what abuse our aging, underfunded wastewater infrastructure deals with on a daily basis –accumulations of fats, oils, grease, hair, paper towels, facial tissue, fem. hygiene products, etc., etc. And I especially see the lack of available consumer education to help us all distinguish truly flushable products from non-flushable. The latter was my downfall, …I did not know that all wipes were not flushable. I figured paper towels, facial tissues are made from paper so should break down. I figured baby wipes were small enough to flush. I was so WRONG, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one making these mistakes.

Fact is, there are more than 55 different types of wipe products on the market today, and 92% of them were never manufactured to be flushed. Most people don’t know this, so if a paper towel or a baby wipe (both NOT flushable) causes a plumbing problem, the default scapegoat is “flushable wipes”.

Our goal at Trio Hygiene Systems is education. To let people know that to be truly clean you need wet and dry system, and our flushable solutions are more than 20 years in the making, so they won’t mess up your pipes.

Our patented system and independently tested refills are now selling at Amazon,, and elsewhere. Even more distribution channels are being finalized for Q1 and Q2, 2018.

Has it been a smooth road?
This entire venture is just like pages out from the biography of the Wright Brother’s. Virtually everything was a struggle. If you’ve never done anything like this before, where do you even start, right? …That was me.

I remember the first time thinking the entire project had to be scrapped. I distinctly recall the lump in my throat, my heart racing and weak knees after being told some bad news about the development of some oversees injection molded tooling –after I already gave them the money to make the equipment.

“Sorry Andrew, we thought this was going to be the right tool for the project but we just can’t seem to stop the parts from warping. We need to start again with a different kind of tool. Oh, and that new tool will cost 3X more than the tool we can’t make work”

Well, I didn’t have an extra 3X more money at that time. This factory  was in a foreign country, 9,000 miles away so I had no recourse. If I did drop the extra 3X  the rest of the project would be significantly underfunded. After years of hard work, to see it all go up in smoke because of some factory’s mistake 9,000 miles away? –I was physically sick.

After a long sleepless night, 24 hours later, I get a call from my agent –problem solved. Factory agrees to fabricate the new piece of equipment at no extra cost because they made the mistake.

That was just the first of several heart-stoppers I’ve had along the way.

So let’s switch gears a bit and go into the Trio Hygiene Systems story. Tell us more about the business.
As the founder of the company, I have to wear virtually all the hats. My specialties now include (not limited to): new product development, intellectual property (IP), strategic sourcing, supply chain/logistics, packaging and contracts.

But this project has a lot of time consuming learning curves and one person simply cannot do it all.  This project would be nowhere without our relationships. Relationships have been the key to our success.  We have been blessed with a team of exceptionally talented and dedicated specialists, and I thank my lucky stars every day for this.

If there is anything I’m known for, it would be “perseverance”. I don’t give up, I don’t go away, and I learn and grow from my mistakes.

I’m most proud it was us that were able to create a safe solution that combines essential elements for personal hygiene. Debunking conventional wisdom that dry toilet paper is all we need.

We set ourselves apart from our competitors because we have a system that improves hygiene for everybody and also keeps bad wipes out of pipes. Bottom line, toilet paper and Tidymates® flushable wipes  clean Better Together®.

How do you think the industry will change over the next decade?
Great question. It’s funny, we ask people one true or false poll question. “In my opinion, I believe that using the combination of toilet paper and wet wipes together is a more complete hygienic option than toilet paper alone” True or False?

90% polled believe this is TRUE. However, only 3.5% of Americans are doing anything about it. …way behind other First-World countries adoption rates that are up around 9%-12% and growing. The projected U.S. adoption rates for people who use flushable wipes in their daily routine is forecast to grow 5-7% per year for the next 5+ years -as it has since 1997. This industry has a lot more room to grow,

We see other adjacent opportunities in the hygiene category. We have been granted U.S. utility patents that allow us to develop a presence in those upcoming trends as well.

Our new product development pipeline is full, and we are very excited to bring these additional innovations to market just as soon as we can.


  • Extra Value Starter Set: $34.99, includes the system and 250 Tidymates flushable wipes – Free shipping
  • Standard Starter Set: $22.99-$24.99. includes the system and 50 Tidymates flushable wipe
  • 5 Pack refill set: $19.99 – $26.49 includes a fresh reusable canister with anti-bacterial flip-cap lid and 250 Tidymates flushable wipes

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