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Meet Brayden Bugazzi

Today we’d like to introduce you to Braydenn Bugazzi.

Every artist has a unique story. Can you briefly walk us through yours?
I went to the Herberger school Fine Arts and got a bachelors in Arts with an emphasis on photography. Worked as a photographer in the Los Angeles area for 14 years, but due to hard times during the last recession, and briefly living in a RV, Brayden decided to pursue art as a means to reconnect with his creative side. Brayden got his first opportunity to show in a gallery setting in Santa Monica in 2013, and sold every piece that he put up. From there the bug was implanted, and I have been showcasing more, and more, now in 4 countries, published in Vogue, and NY Post, and I have done works for celebrities like Nikki Minaj, Queen Latifah, and Chainsmokers Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart.

Please tell us about your art.
I look at our culture that I used discarded magazines primarily to create my works, and I pull different icons that I grew up with and admire to work off of as inspiration for a lot of the art I do. I also draw a lot of inspiration for pop artists like Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol, but I try to expand on their work with the details, and hand work I like to use to enrich my creations. My work is like a map, if you look at it from a distance you see the outlining object or person I am trying to portray, but you get the opportunity to look in closely you will see they are lush with details and meanings. I also like to explore different media, and I try to fuse it in to make more of a unique experience when people see it in person. I think of myself like a fusion chef trying to fuse different things together that tickle the senses.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing artists today?
As people on main street make less, and less, but living expenses get higher and higher it is harder to sell full custom stuff to every day potential buyers and be able to make a living. So, you are depended on the shrinking upper middle class that has a little bit of money left that is becoming smaller and smaller every day. My fear is there will be such a small core of people that can afford to pay for the art equal to what it costs to produce, that artists will have to either build such amazing stuff for the hand full of trillionaires like enough to pay something they can live on, or super experienced master artists will have to move out of the space to survive, or they will even have to produce super cheap stuff in mass quantity that the main population can afford so they can survive. Basically, my point is economic issues world-wide will make it harder for artists to really get into their craft, put their entire spirit into it, and become masters at what they do.

How or where can people see your work? How can people support your work?
I have works up currently at C gallery in Long Beach, but my resident Gallery is in Aspen, and I have works up there too. I also have works up in Switzerland, and Vienna Austria if you happen to be in Europe. I do a lot of commissions that I get when people reach out and contact me, and you can find my contact on my website or on my Instagram @braydenart.

Contact Info:

  • Website:
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  • Instagram: @braydenart
  • Facebook: @braydenart

Image Credit:
The Napoleon one was a collaboration with Jeff Hamilton, can you credit him on that one? Other than that just Brayden Bugazzi on everythin.

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