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Meet Brenda Goodell of Going ga-ga Pregnancy Massage in Banker’s Hill

Today we’d like to introduce you to Brenda Goodell.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
In 2003 I was pregnant with my son and already a certified massage therapist. I wanted to recieve pregnancy massage for hip discomfort I was experiencing and noticed it wasn’t eay finding a pregnancy massage therapist. I wanted to change that and make prudent pregnancy massage easy to find and access. I studied with Carole Osborne-Sheets and became certified in Pre-and Perinatal Massage. I started “Going ga-ga” as a hommage to the excitement of partenthood. I featured pre and post natal massage and also taught infant massage classes privately to families. I became a member of A Foundation for Healthy Family Living and oriented myself to networking with the very inclusive and supportive San Diego Birth community. I have attended births providing labor support and provided my families with post-partum care and referrals. Currently I am completing the Pre & Post Natal Educator certification from APPPAH (Association For Prenatal And Perinatal Psychology & Health)

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
I feel the universe or God supported me very much in this decision to nurture and support mothers by putting the right education and opportunities in my way. However being a mother myself, and sometimes choosing to put the needs of my family before my job has been a source of conflict or stress for me when I felt I wanted to grow my business and my availability was limited. As a professional nurturer, self care and balance have to be more than lip service. I have to be constantly cultivating that self care and compassion for myself as a mother and a service provider.

Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about Going ga-ga Pregnancy Massage – what should we know?
Going ga-ga provides luxurious pregnancy massage that is also prudent and safe for mothers in San Diego. I’m proud of my longevity in my industry (26 years) and that I co-create the session by interviewing mom and assessing her needs. My goal is to create a wonderful massage experience for my moms with the right combination of sound, scents and soulful technique.
I specialize in aromatherapy and sound healing. Going ga-ga is known for a very nururing 90 minute immursion in sound and essential oil therapy. I am a certifeid aromatherapist and I am most pleased to share an impecably curated collection of fine organic and wildcrafted oils from around the world with my mamas. I like to say we’re going ga-ga for the mamas, and when you see what goes into building a session, from the fresh flowers to selecting the organic carrier oil, soy candles, music, crystal bowls, tuning forks, and crystal matrix, you know the name is apropos

Any shoutouts? Who else deserves credit in this story – who has played a meaningful role?
Definitely credit goes to Carole Osborne-Sheets, my mentor and example in this work of pregnancy massage. She remains the best source of knowledge in this specialty. Also Kelena Babeshoff, founder of A Foundation of Healthy Family Living, who taught me how to teach infant massage to parents. In the early days when I knew I wanted to do something specific to help families learn how to be a family and I took her training and subsequent trainings inspired by our shared passion for parent-infant bonding. Midwife Geri Ryan and the Nizhoni Institute porvided me with excellent doula training as did Care Messer of Birth Education Cernter. Thanks goes to Judy Nemzer, director of Shalom Baby, who hired me to teach infant massage classes at the Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center in La Jolla. What a wonderful experience to teach infant massage to groups of moms and intergenerational caregivers. I recieved sound advice and instruction from aromatherapists Rodney Schwan and Amanda Womble on safe and appropriate use of essential oils during pregnancy and labor. I gratefully acknowledge the support and referrals I recieved from Nova Bella Conte of Womb Service and Brent and Airalia Keime of We Love Acupuncture and the Placenta Whisperer. finally, I could not do what I do without the encouragement and support of my husband Randy. He was the first to say, “Yes you should do this.” when I wanted to go to massage school in 1991 and also the loudest voice encouraging me to do masage full time in 1993. If he wasn’t so willing to help pick up the kids and coordinate activites with, I couldn’t consistently provide the care I am able to in a session. He believed and still believes massage and education are my misson and supports me unequivocally.


  • 90 minute session $120
  • 60 minute session $90

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