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Meet Brielle Rainney of Southern Pacific Doulas

Today we’d like to introduce you to Brielle Rainney.

When Brielle took her first doula training she learned about a model of work that just made sense. It was a group of doulas brought together under one umbrella to support each other and support clients- an agency. The benefits of working as an agency are two fold. It supports the doulas because they have a backup and get consistent support while navigating supporting their own clients.

It also supports clients because they get the entire agency backing their needs. If they need a change in schedule, someone is likely available. If they have a specific question about say, infant sleep patterns, someone on the agency is going to know. It also guarantees that they will get the support they need, no matter what extenuating emergency or sickness takes their own doula out of work.

Although many other agencies existed, there were no agencies here in San Diego. So Brielle founded Southern Pacific Doulas. Her vision, mission, and dream, is to support the community here in San Diego. She has been able to use Southern Pacific Doulas to support countless parents having babies, or bringing babies home. She has also been in a position to collaborate and lift up other San Diegan businesses and the doulas who work on the team.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc. – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
It’s been a challenge to get off the ground and moving forward. Doulas love the idea and regularly apply to work within the agency. They crave a supportive environment that lets them best serve their clients.

The average birthing couple doesn’t typically know what a labor doula or after baby support looks like. When I tell people “I stay with your baby during the night so you get more sleep.” they always say “Sign me up!”.
Educating the public about what we do has been work, but fabulous work. Letting parents know they have options to bring a professional into their home and support their healing and adjustment to living is nearly magical.

Not to mention the idea of bringing a professional birth expert to your labor. Many people don’t see the value initially. However, once I explain that a doula can shorten labor, and improve birth outcomes they quickly want to hear more.

Educating the community has been a labor of love. It’s so fun for me to see pregnant women find confidence and trust in me. They get to pour out all of their feelings and ask all of the important or awkward questions.

We’d love to hear more about your business.
Southern Pacific Doulas specializes in one thing- supporting new parents. We do this primarily through two services. Labor doulas, and after baby experts.

A labor doula is a professionally trained expert in supporting birthing families. They work prenatally to build a birth plan. The birth plan you build with your doula includes the medical options you want, and actual techniques to soothe or comfort you during labor. You can also work through any of the educational points you want, or chat about how to relieve your round ligament pain. They are essentially the go to person to ask all of the questions, and then they join you at your birth.

Sometimes, partners or sisters are concerned that the doula takes their place. Southern Pacific Doulas has family doulas. We support the entire room because the mood and atmosphere affect the birthing person’s experience. So, we encourage partners to support the birthing person as they know them intimately.

We believe that how you bring your baby into the world effects how you parent that baby. So by supporting a positive birth experience, we believe that supports your entry to parenthood. The next generation is everything, so helping parents soar is our mission.

The second portion of what we do is after you’ve brought your baby home. Bringing a new baby home is typically referred to as the most challenge year in a woman’s life. An after baby expert makes this adjustment so much easier. She is an expert in infant care, breastfeeding and bottle feeding, and your physiological and emotional healing. It’s someone who you can pour out all your feelings, frustrations, and triumphs. They can come during the daytime so you aren’t so lonely at home. They will help keep the household moving by washing bottles, pushing laundry through, and any other light housekeeping that makes life easier. They can come at night. This looks like either a full night of rest with no interruptions for the new parents. Or having your after baby expert brings a baby to you to nurse, and then loving soothed back to sleep by your after baby expert. Either option gives you much more sleep. Sleep supports your physical healing, milk supply, and emotional well being. Having an after baby expert can reduce the severity or chances of getting a perinatal mood disorder like postpartum depression/anxiety/OCD. It’s also a great way to start parenthood off on the right foot. Feeling confident as a parent leads to raising confident children. Sometimes, all you need is someone who will listen, validate, and encourage you- we do just that.

What were you like growing up?
I was a social butterfly. In my neighborhood, we had 6 children about the same age. I have such fond memories of playing on our quiet street or running to friends houses to make crafts and explore nature. I remember building the most elaborate doll houses from paper and other art-studio supplies. My friends and I would sew clothes for our stuffed animals, or build dog beds for our pets. I remember using a VERY old style heavy video camera to make our own movies or nature documentaries. I was always into creating and making things with my hands. I also soaked up being outside.

When I was young, my family were avid campers. We had regular favorite spots in Yosemite. I can still vividly feel the ice cold water of the river. It seemed like every other year would find big nests of ladybugs. We’d play with them, covering our arms in hundred and thousands of ladybugs.

I also always had an entrepreneur’s spirit. We had lemonade stands during the summer and made bracelets we sold to other friends. My earliest business was selling tiny toy house ‘accessories’ made from office supplies. It would have been in 6th grade and my classmates eagerly bought them – especially, after I found the sparkly pipe cleaners.


  • As of now, our basic labor package is $1250
  • Our after baby support is $25-$40/hour

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Getting in touch: SDVoyager is built on recommendations from the community; it’s how we uncover hidden gems, so if you know someone who deserves recognition please let us know here.

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