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Meet Chelsea Heard of SilentEchoArt Studios in SilentEchoArt Studios is a moving company run only by myself. Whether I am in San Diego, Rancho Bernardo, Murrieta or Memphis Tennessee, I make sure that my small company can keep up with the constant go!

Today we’d like to introduce you to Chelsea Heard.

Chelsea , please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
My company came about when I was at my worst. I had just graduated from high school (Mt. Carmel High School) in 2016 in the hopes of attending art school. However, when that didn’t happen due to finances, I took it to heart. Honestly it felt as if I had fallen into a deep hole without any way of getting out. So instead of attending community college, I took a Gap Year to work on myself in developing who I was, as well as my artwork. The wheels began turning and I used those tears and various emotions to build myself and other local artists a platform. It all began with my very first children’s book “Curls.” What once was an old senior project had now become the foundation and base for the body of where I saw my small company going. On my website at the moment new projects are in the works but will be available to the public very soon so keep your eyes peeled! I blog about once every two months about things that inspire me, my life as an artist and my experiences in building this company and the struggles that came with it! I aspire to inspire other artists to be themselves fully, and truly, without regrets. I believe that by sharing my experiences with others through my blog, artworks, and my children’s book series, I can help breathe some life, confidence, color and reassurance to artists all around the world!

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
I believe that anything worth doing well, is going to take time and dedication. Every now and then, we all will come across bumpy roads in the paths that we want to be smooth and straight. I can definitely say that I have had my fair share of struggles when creating my company. I would say the biggest struggle for me so far is just finding out what the people want to see, what they want to buy and how to make so you appeal to a crowd. Right now my crowd is rather small, but they are very supportive of me, my vision and are willing to stick by me through it all. Having that kind of support is just the kind of catalyst needed to keep me and my small company going, and it means the world to me!

SilentEchoArt Studios – what should we know? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?
SilentEchoArt Studios is a small company where I sell my artwork. I am an artist and so through my company, I strive to spread a light into a world that can so often be so dark and gloomy. I strive to be a storyteller, to share my ambitions, my thoughts and goal with others. I want to not only showcase the bad but also the good. All in all, life is not perfect and we all go through various trials and tribulations, we have our highs and lows. Through my children’s book/series and various amounts of artwork, I have noticed early on how my works inspire others, how they seem to make a lasting impression, and so from pulling from that I was able to create a company that not only showcases my artwork, but portrays a good authentic representation to what this company is all about!

I believe that my artistic style and vision is what really sets me apart form others. I am genuinely passionate about what I do and love what I do every single day! Even now since I am currently working on my Bachelors in Fine Arts at the Memphis College of Art and Design, and I am enjoying every minute of the rigorous challenges that continue to help me become the best person, artist and entrepreneur that I can possibly be!

What moment in your career do you look back most fondly on?
The proudest moment of my career so far would have to be the publication of the first children’s book in my series “Curls!” This children’s book was illustrated and written by myself and like said before is really the foundation on which my small company stands. Curls really embodies and captures the moments in coming to terms with self love and acceptance with ones flaws. My flaw as a child was my big curly hair, and as time passed I remember having to come to terms with it and accept who I was. Learning to flaunt ones flaws is what I believe plays a key role into the development and success in growth and building up self esteem. As long as you love yourself, then that is what matters.


  • Curls by Chelsea Heard (Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powells Bookstore…etc)
  • Curls is also available on my website: Email:
  • New and exciting products and projects are in the works and will be available soon!

Contact Info:

  • Address: P.O. Box 500796
    San Diego, CA 92150
  • Website:
  • Phone: 858-925-4816
  • Email:
  • Instagram: @officialsilentecho_art
  • Facebook: Chelsea Heard (Founder & Owner of Silent Echo Art Studios) & SilentEchoArt Studios (Company Page)
  • Twitter: @pixney16chelsea

Image Credit:

1) Horizontal Image (me with big shoes on) Photo Credit: Kayla Caron Photography

In images 1-8

Image 1: (me posing with purple and red lighting) Kayla Caron Photography
Image 4: (me sitting with no shoes on) Kayla Caron Photography

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