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Meet Chris D’sol

Today we’d like to introduce you to Chris D’sol.

Chris, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I’m also known as D.Sol (Divine Sight Of Light). I’m an artist/musician/entrepreneur from San Diego, CA. I started painting and writing my own music at a young age. Not having many resources or outlets to learn from growing up, I resorted to doing the work on my own. I’ve always had the drive to do more and get better at what I do. As you continuously start to develop a passion for something, the more you work at it and put yourself out there, the more like-minded people you start to attract. I started off in the street, doing artwork and freestyling wherever I could. I got the opportunity to meet great artists along the way, and we eventually became great friends. Whom now I work on projects with from time to time.

Throughout this long journey, being a creative has become a major part of my life. But being an artist of any sort isn’t easy. Like anything in life, there’s ups and downs. I’ve been through struggles and circumstances that have set me back at times but I always try to look on the optimistic side of things. Sometimes, unexpected things occur so that we may give ourselves a break, take a step back to clear our minds and heal. Due to my perseverance throughout my struggles, I’ve had the opportunity to make connections with not only creative individuals but great people overall. I’ve painted several murals around San Diego as well as had the honor of working with incredible engineers such as Bryan Difabio who worked with Stephany Negrete one of the last finalists on American Idol! And producers like Edgar Isreal, Kemtrell, Bxnes, Jeff Perry, Trust One, & NFTI (Nine Five Til Infinity) from South Carolina whom I just released a new album with titled (Life Isn’t Always Pretty).

You can find all my recent music at WWW.DSOL.BANDCAMP.COM or search Chris D’sol on Google, YouTube, or Soundcloud.

This last year in 2018, I was put through one of the hardest experiences of my life. I was skateboarding with a friend and all of a sudden I felt an electric shock go through my lower back. I knew it wasn’t normal, the next day, I woke up in excruciating pain and I couldn’t move or let alone walk. Going to the ER more times than I have ever gone all my life and undergoing treatment I came to find out I had a severely pinched nerve. That was causing heavy nerve damage along my back causing a curvature in my spine. The chronic pain was unbearable and left me unable to stand up or walk normally for almost five months. I honestly thought my life was over because the pain was so intense and I couldn’t seem to find anything that was helping.

Almost on the verge of giving up, I searched deep within my heart and soul to tell myself I could do this. One step at a time, pushing through all the pain to stretch, exercise, & taking constant treatment that consisted of medication, eating healthy, and visits to see the chiropractor and acupuncture specialist. Day by day with strength and hard work, I started to see improvements and feel less pain. Eventually, I saw myself standing straight up again! The feeling was something immaculate, it felt like I had been blessed with another chance to better myself and notice the beauty in this life even though things sometimes feel like they are falling apart. There is always a light that shines throughout the darkness. And I was definitely put through this experience tenfold. Bearing a story of overcoming struggles, finding inner strength, and knowledge that patience, persistence, & perseverance will take you a very long way, you just have to believe in the process. Understanding myself more after all of this, I will continue to work hard and develop as a symbol of light and strength to others not only as an artist but as a whole person. This has opened up my horizon within my future and present projects, I look really forward to sharing everything with you all! Many amazing things on the way, ultimately I would like to end by saying sometimes it takes taking yourself out of your comfort zone in order to grow and see certain aspects of ourself we didn’t know existed.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
Life definitely hasn’t always been a smooth road. We all struggle with different things, for me it was almost an emotional and financial battle constantly. Trying to find the strength within me to overcome challenges, being young and losing family members and friends started to open my eyes and grow up pretty fast. I knew I wanted to express my own experience and knowledge with others to maybe resonate with someone and help them overcome a struggle they might be battling with. I always loved music just never thought it would fit this well, to become a voice for those who don’t always get a chance to speak.

There’s always criticism, and judgment when one is trying to work at a dream or passion. So that can mess with ones head at times. But if you truly believe in what you are doing, nothing else in this world should stop you or hold you back from doing what makes you happy. I didn’t always know other artists in the same position nor had a place to record. Growing up, there were times I didn’t have anywhere to go, so I had to resort to sleeping at parks or other places that were not so appealing. During these times, it was hard to focus on my goals or future for the fact that I was trying to simply survive. But all these experiences helped build up my strength and become the person I am today. I’m compassionate and understanding towards everyone especially if one is going through any kind of struggle. My friends were there for me, and understanding this makes it clear to see that we all need each other sometimes in order to regain strength. Aside from these experiences in my past and my nerve injury last year, I’ve been able to understand where I’m going and what my aim is towards my creative work. Things have not always been so easy, but my hard work and not giving up has allowed me to keep creating things that I hope can inspire someone or spark a light in someone’s heart. Understanding that they aren’t alone and that with hard work through the pain they can achieve anything they seek.

Please tell us about your work.
I run my own independent music and art company. The name is D.Sol an initialism which stands for
Divine Sight Of Light. Resembling the natural light and power we get from the Sun as well as what’s in each and every one of us. A symbol of positive energy and divine power. I specialize in creating artwork whether it is a painting/mural or music that can inspire someone to feel better or to chase their goals without fear.

Most of my music has a classic hip hop feel while I speak on subjects such as, pain, joy, love, success, & struggle.
I’m well known for keeping my own original sound, while still being influenced by great artists like Nas, Mos Def, Mobb Deep, Wu-Tang, and Slum Village to name a few.

I would say what I am most proud of as an independent company would be my personal growth. I’ve been able to see things flourish and continue to do so. From when I started back in 2012 to now, the amount of engagement with people and improvements within my work has definitely grown. I continue to learn every day and look forward to growing as an independent artist with a definite aim to shed light on peoples lives and inspire them to go after their goals. What sets me apart from others would have to be originality. I feel that most things nowadays are merely a copy of something else that already exists. There are trends are all over the place, people want to sound the same or appear like a replica of what they saw on TV or Social Media. I strive to be myself whether some people will like that or not. I only change to improve myself not to seem like someone else. And this is what instills in all my work. Being original, honing your craft as your own to set yourself apart from all the rest.

Do you look back particularly fondly on any memories from childhood?
One of my favorite memories from childhood would be before I even knew what art meant. Growing up I already loved to draw but I never knew it could mean so much more. There was a huge mural down in a canyon by my childhood home. It had graffiti pieces, characters, scenery, and just vibrant colors all around. I would go down to the canyon on my bike with a notebook and would try and sketch out on paper what I saw on the wall. To me, at that moment it was just to have fun and draw while passing the time. Now, looking back at that memory, it was definitely the start to a young artist in the making and I do feel that it helped with my transformation growing up. Now, everywhere I go, I have an eye for art and a deep appreciation for its process.


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IJorge of Lifestyle West Co., Sylint, & Tay. Album covers by: Mr. Woodland, & Carinoe

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