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Meet Daniel Roy “Backpack” Baron of Win4News in North Park

Today we’d like to introduce you to Daniel Roy “Backpack” Baron.

Daniel Roy Baron has a Bachelor’s in the Business Administration University of TN Knoxville TN (“his hometown”) with an emphasis on quality assurance/logistics and he has an Associates in Computer Science Pellissippi State Community College Oak Ridge TN. He has over twenty years of quality “human” background with individual families communities countries with Fortune 500 companies like AT&T, Federal. Government Centers for Disease Control CDC, and small companies like Ingenious Med.

Since April 1, 2011, he became known as Backpack from massive travels, authoring books, being a talk show host/guest on numerous talk shows in very uncomfortable places and filming hard-hitting social issue documentaries on the #win4news youtube channel.

Interviewing guests from CEOs to homeless from progressive to conservative to alternative media talk shows. One of my biggest revelations is that many companies, governments and charities CLAIM to have hired & staffed quality assurance departments but in REALITY these departments are nothing more than smoke & mirror quality on paper, creating high glossy power point reports on their quality but not real quality!

This is my #1 mission in life to bring awareness to not only define what “human being ethics morality quality” really is but also to define what this needs to be in governments, charities and businesses.

The factors that both PMP project management professional and Deming with his invention of artificial intelligence and quality modeling six sigma and other processes is that PMP touts time money resources and Deming promoted quality which is all part of it HOWEVER it’s really about including three 6 factors altogether.

* Time
* Money
* Resources
* Human Being Factors
* Quality
* Ethics
* Environment Sustainability

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
I am writing this note in the bottle time capsule live in the Sao Paulo Brazil area … I am originally from Knoxville Tennessee, I just moved from California to the Sao Paulo Brazil area to reunite with my fiance deported horribly by trump who changed the laws in 2017 to make it harder on Brazilians in the USA.

Aline was handcuffed by the horrific trump imperialist dictator the USA, thrown in a container prison, no fresh air for 3 days, horrible food, no shower, and 7 cameras on her if she goes to the bathroom.

People in the San Quentin maximum security are treated MUCH better! At least they get one hour a day for fresh air, people living in deportation prisoms in the USA get no fresh air!! Aline did nothing wrong just tried to renew her 10-year travel/work visa on the day it was due!! So our Prez trump changed the rules in the USA 2017 to make it harder on Brazilians coming to the USA.

My brother took $120,000 of my Dad’s inheritance because I spent thousands to help the legal defense of Makur Abiar the author of King Deng the original lost boy of Sudan.

Malur was 100% innocent of the crime and I used my bank of America credit card to pay his legal defense which he won recently in court to clear his name. My giving despite the risks was because I do not believe an innocent man or an innocent woman should EVER go to jail. My brother Deputy Law Director Knox County which is my birthplace now refuses to pay the bank of America credit from the $120,000 from my Dad’s estate I owe and they just sued me in the state of Georgia court for past debt of $12,600.

So now the bad guy bank might freeze my accounts. I begged my brother recently to pay it and he refuses. I am also the author of books and a talk show host of win4news none of which my family has ever supported. Other families would celebrate my success and I keep going living 7 years out of a backpack running for USA president in 2020 and if I lose the election I will become a citizen of another country as a political refugee, our youtube is win4news.

If I run out of money in Brazil I might go live in the favela aka slums here and try to report the story. Everything in my life has been uphill because my family never supported me or believed in what I am doing with #Win4News and I have a brother who is a multimillionaire from selling a successful business. My lack of family support has lead me to continue to reach the social issue goals of #Win4News despite their resistance.

My pen name is My Human Compassion the author of “Looking Glass Shattered”.

Please tell us about Win4News.
#Win4News world-wide news network and product trade certification. Our “Raw Unfiltered” talk show network helps create certification tests for creating better products, services and companies resulting in communities moving past the struggle of simply surviving in wounds to thrive in healing.

We do an analysis of news you can use across numerous technology platforms delivering accurate truthful information to our viewers and listeners. W4N knows news and we need to share it with our worldwide audience.

Our vision is for this network to be all over the world with talk show hosts speaking various regional languages. We take to our wilderness, cities and countryside reporting for live interviews and finding quality human being testing on how we can help fix what is broken.

Our passion is to come up with Human Being Quality Assurance ethical trade proactive rating criteria for business, charity and government that will define what a “win-win” relationship is between the customer, employee and environment. We are driven to help have-nots (“Those in poverty”) to become haves. We at W4N believe that we can go from the current lose for our struggling communities to a “win-win” for everybody.

Mission Statement:
The employees, customers and producers take part in our initiatives to end poverty and end slavery. We help train companies and governments to comply with #Win4News fair practice standards.

Win4News Certification:
Eventually, #Win4News Certified™ products, services, charities, governments will be world-wide. Our Win4News certification initiative is a new method for shining a bright light on trade, services, governments, charity and businesses who take part in ethical standpoint in global marketplaces.

We will use an archive of talk show history interviews covering litmus tests of human.quality to 100% validate the “human being quality” integrity of governments, charities, businesses to get our #Win4News stamp of approval and this certification will require a yearly renewal to keep that stamp of approval on their products, services, etc …

These same organizations will be required to renew their certification annually in order to keep that #Win4News stamp of approval. The Win4News Certification and organization form a partnership between the customer, employee, environment, charity, business and governments where everybody has ethical business and ethical government practices.

Do you look back particularly fondly on any memories from childhood?
My favorite childhood memory is running naked in the fields of my hometown Knoxville TN. In 1973 with only a backpack on. The weeds were over my head and I felt free as a bird roaming through this huge gorgeous beautiful earth with insatiable desire to learn, grow, curiosity and a hunger of curiosity to answer this question:

What really is out there?
Every single day I desperately try to do actions and things that cause me to learn something new. I am grateful for my huge family and friends from all over the world and this comes from my desire to be a backpack and a backpack journalist. My Dad Paul Wigler had a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and my Mom had a Masters Degree in Social Work.

My dad did Cancer Research at the University of TN. for his entire life and my. Mom Ellie Cole Wigler started Midway Drug Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Knoxville TN. which continues today and my Dad’s papers are still online helping other researchers with what they need in the “cellular membrane transport” for the cure of cancer.

My parents instilled my insatiable appetite to learn, be curious and explore our world. My fondest memories of childhood also include the boy scouts and all that the boy scout motto gives to me in my present life trustworthy, loyal, friendly, courteous, kind, brave, obedient, cheerful, faithful, friendly …

To this oaths I would add compassion, curious, hungry to learn, adventure, take calculated risks, find love despite the risks, give give give despite the risks! Figure out the right balance of self-compassion and compassion for others so everybody can be successful.


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Aline G. Oliveira Senior Brazil Bureau Chief of #Win4News

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