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Meet Dara Rhodes

Today we’d like to introduce you to Dara Rhodes.

Dara, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
My journey into health and wellness started almost ten years ago. My dad showed me a documentary called ‘Forks over Knives’ and it changed my life! I was completely shocked by the information they gave on health and nutrition, I had to know more. So, I started obsessively studying health, nutrition mainly, I read Dr. Walkers books, on raw fruits and vegetables and how you can heal anything through a raw fruit based diet, and juice fasting, again my mind was blown, not because of the information I had just learned, that made sense to me, I was shocked because nobody knows about this! Everyone around me was sick, even the kids in school, and had no idea why, they thought it was their fate to have cancer and get fat, because everyone does, it’s just the way life is… well, I was determined to get the message out there and learn everything I possibly could to show people how to live a healthy dis-ease free life! I watched every documentary, read every book there is, and enrolled at the University of Natural Health, to get my Ph.D. in Holistic Health and Healing.

My diet has not been perfect, but that’s the way life is, two steps forward, one step back. I started out experimenting with a mostly raw vegan diet, and immediately felt better and lost the few extra pounds, my congestion went away, sleep apnea, insomnia, the sinus infections I was having regularly went away, the bloat, constipation, my skin cleared up, and even the keratosis on my arms went away. I was still very young at this time and was figuring out who I was. The social pressures to do and eat what everyone else was, was hard, I got sucked into the drinking and partying lifestyle, and eating junk, I always stayed plant-based but I would eat french fries, bean burritos, and the like while with friends and partying. I went into a deep depression for about a year, I had gained 15-18 pounds, sleep apnea came back, along with the mucus and bloat! During this time, I only left the house to go to work or out with friends to drink. No exercise, I even started eating dairy when I was with others, and if you knew me then you would know that was a big deal because I always stayed away from the animal products. I just stopped caring.

One night, I was home alone, balling my eyes out, I couldn’t stop crying, there was so much self-sabotage, hatred, blame, shame, and pity. I realized at that moment all the things I had ever done to hurt others, my brother, parents, friends, the animals, the planet, etc. I hated myself even more. This darkness showed me to the light, I had a huge awakening, my heart cracked wide open, and my soul was on fire. At that moment, I knew my souls purpose in life, it was to share the knowledge of health and wellness, I had been learning for years, and to become an inspiration for everyone around me, become the proof, become the very best version of myself, truly love and honor myself, so that others will do the same. I realized I wasn’t doing anyone any good feeling sorry for myself. Withholding the information I had that could help people was unethical. I could no longer take the pain of hurting others including the animals, I could no longer witness the pain the world is in, and do absolutely nothing about it. I was no longer a participant in the lowering of human vibration and consciousness, rather someone to spread truth and help raise consciousness. I realized health is so much more than just the food and exercise, it’s about loving yourself, and loving others, it’s physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, its everything together. It’s about finding yourself again, honoring you, and aligning everything in your life with what you believe, including your diet.

Since this moment, I have been working to find the very best healing methods from everything I have learned and continue to learn and put them together to create the business I have today.

Has it been a smooth road?
I would have to say no. But life is never a smooth road, it has bumps, twists, hills, and holes. I learned through my dark times, that we need challenges, obstacles, tragedies, etc, these are what help us learn and grow, they show us how to be humble, and honor life and ourselves. It seems to be popular right now to avoid challenges and hard emotions, and take the easy way out. But by avoiding challenges, you are avoiding your growth, and eventually, you will become a child in an adult body, unable to handle what life throws at you. I’m seeing a lot of this right now.

The biggest challenge I’ve had to face, and am still facing is myself. For years I thought I wasn’t good enough to help people, I thought I wasn’t ready yet because I still had so much more to learn. But that is just the mind playing tricks, the self-sabotage and lack of confidence.

I’ve had to learn to be confident, believe in myself fully, and know that there is always more to learn, and I can help people along the way. This comes from self-love and self-care practice, which is one of the main things I teach.

We’d love to hear more about your work.
I am a Holistic Health Coach, and Detox Specialist. I offer one on one, couple, and family coaching remotely. I will teach you how to heal yourself from any dis-ease, big or small, so-called “incurable” or not, through diet changes, cellular detoxification, cellular and DNA repair, movement, mental and emotional re-patterning, and spiritual awakening. Holistic, refers to Whole-body Healing, meaning healing every part of the body, physical and non-physical to reach true Health, Wealth and Vitality, pure Bliss.

I also have an at home spa where I offer specialty detox treatments including; Infrared Sauna, Osmotic Body Wraps, Deep Mineral Skin Cleaning and Scrub, Gua Sha (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Ice Bath/Cold Water Plunge, and soon there will be Ozone Therapy.

Every weekend, I teamed up with Carissa Adam, who is a yoga teacher and true goddess, she has healed her self from a very rare cancerous breast tumor, using the same methods I teach today, her story is truly inspiring! Together we hold Women’s half-day Healing Retreat’s at my house including all of the treatments I offer plus an amazing detoxifying lymphatic yoga flow with affirmations and breath work. We serve hot tea, freshly made green juices and organic fresh cut fruit.

I am most proud of the fact that I am following my passion which is to help people find themselves and their health again and help raise the consciousness and vibration of Humanity.

What sets me apart from others in the same industry is my philosophy, which is to heal the body not the symptoms, by purifying the body on a cellular and DNA level through radical detoxification of the lymphatic system, and refuel/rebuild the body with a human species-specific diet, while re-patterning the emotions and thoughts to an open, healthy and loving state, ultimately returning the whole body back to its natural state which is completely dis-ease free.

Is our city a good place to do what you do?
Yes, of course! San Diego is a very health conscious community compared to other parts of America. I would definitely recommend starting out here because it seems most people are open to new things especially if it’s health and wellness related, and there are still millions who need helps with their health.

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Dara Rhodes

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