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Meet Davin Kibblewhite

Today we’d like to introduce you to Davin Kibblewhite.

Every artist has a unique story. Can you briefly walk us through yours?
I’ve been dancing all my life. Since the womb, I like to say. Unfortunately, I didn’t find my rhythm nor did I get rid of my second left foot until a few years ago! I began choreographing my own when I was 11, I won a Choreographers award when I was 12 and I’ve been creating ever since. I trained under and alongside some of the most incredible minds in the dance world, each of them sharing a piece of their artistry with me. I am now a part of a crew called S-rank, we are the first US team to win the HHI World Championship in the adult division, we are also featured on season 2 of NBC’s World of Dance.

Please tell us about your art.
For me when it comes to my work and my pieces/choreography the most important thing to me is that it invokes some kind of powerful feeling or emotion inside those who watch it or are a part of it. I feel like so often we get lost in the flash and the idea of making everything so difficult or intricate or technical that the art loses its purpose or its passion. So, when I create I base the foundation of my work on passion, intention, emotion because that is what I feel reads not only to other artists but to a whole entire world that hasn’t even experienced dance as an art form yet.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing artists today?
I think the biggest challenge facing artists today is the age of technology that we are in.

It seems like we rely so heavily on social media now for validation and credibility when in all reality it doesn’t really have anything to do with the art itself. Having a large or small following does not automatically mean someone is or is not talented. Someone could share an incredible, dynamic, creative piece of work and it could get overshadowed by the fact that it “only” got 100,000 views and not 1M, people get so wrapped up in that instead of this incredible piece of art they have right in front of them. I feel like we stress ourselves so much on followers and likes as validation when the real validation should be in what the content is making those followers feel and experience.

Having it wanting a lot of followers or likes is not a bad thing at all, I do think that technology, social media especially, is still a really awesome thing that helps spread art throughout the world and has helped dance get to where it is now, I just don’t want us to get too caught up into it where we do it for the views and not for the passion.

How or where can people see your work? How can people support your work?
The best platform for people to see my work is via social media. I am on Facebook and Instagram. I also co-direct a youth team in San Diego by the name “Supremacy Dance Family” who participated in many competitions and showcases around Southern California. Along with that my crew (Srank) also participates in different shows and teaches workshops around the US.

The best way people can support my work would be to add me on social media to follow me on my journey and to come out to any classes or workshops I may be teaching as well.

Contact Info:

  • Email:
  • Instagram: @davinlawson
  • Facebook: Davin Lawson Kibble white

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NBC World Of Dance, Hip Hop International, Brandon Reyes

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