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Meet Desiree Crossman of Encinitas Summit in Encinitas

Today we’d like to introduce you to Desiree Crossman.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Desiree. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
It all began many moons ago while I was riding a beautiful white stallion, wearing a pink dress made to perfection to show off my graceful posture as we galloped stoically down the beach with a pack of greyhounds in tow. Life was seemingly too perfect and I knew that with my blissful aura and my whimsical steed that I could bestow a satiating whiff of wholeness offering hints of jealousy and notes of wishful thinking amongst the onlookers.

As I rode off into the distance, looking back and seeing the trail of butterflies and pixie dust, I knew I had made an impact on my high horse. My horse was so high that when I turned forward to face reality, my steed tripped and fell hitting a bump and the impact knocked me flat on my arse, waking me from a dream.

Welcome to my story. Approximately seven years ago I fell hard into yoga during the time I felt uncertainty. There was a conscious reckoning within me, yet the influences of the external world were on the defense. The game I was playing within myself was intense and I couldn’t figure out which side to root for, ego or essence. You would think it would be rather easy to choose essence, but I have learned and I’m sure many have too, that ego has a certain way to build us, hide us, defend us, and protect us. I have also learned through yoga that ego can at times be mistaken as ego, or ego is mistaken as essence. What was the truth?

I signed up for the 200-hour entry-level yoga certification that focused a lot on yoga therapy with roots into traditional Hatha Yoga. Over the years, yoga has taken me to some far-off lands to study, meditate, discover, shed, build, decipher, and most importantly, work on awareness. I realized how introverted I truly am, and the communication centers in my body (chakras) were completely and utterly out of whack. The universe felt compelled to see to it, that I not only help myself but to hopefully inspire others to do the same.

Being an introvert is tough, yoga has taught me it is ok being in front of people and to guide others, to build confidence in different areas within my complexed mind and to do what I have always been good at doing which is to hold space. I didn’t really know how far this yogic path would take me or the direction, I just knew it was something that helped me. It was my therapy in areas I unknowingly needed healing in, it was a driving force that gave me so many opportunities to rediscover myself, and pushed me to seek out different avenues on the path of awareness.

Fast forward to now in the present, along with a few sacrifices and tough decisions, I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to a few places across the globe to teach yoga. In 2013 I lived in the Philippines and taught yoga, taught workshops in Holland and Thailand as well as led retreats in Jamaica.

Currently, I’m leading classes locally in north county and I felt as though something was missing in my life, so I created Encinitas Summit to help with making contact locally to host events, invite inspirational leaders and catalysts in their field. There are countless communities in and out of San Diego which is phenomenal and we’re lucky to call San Diego home. Yet to get me out of my shell and what I find most gratifying is organizing and hosting, hence Encinitas Summit.

Has it been a smooth road?
If it was a smooth road, there would be no stories to tell! I think from my previous answer you can imagine I would have a plethora of stories, I just don’t know where to begin. I wrote about a few on my blog There have been many struggles as well as rewards to which I’m grateful for. There are still some internal struggles I have to work through depending on the energy of the universe, which I think many introverts can relate to. Commonly, we all have struggles that takes bravery to talk about as well as be a guide to help others. I have a mentor who I am supremely grateful for who helps me on my pathton becoming a yoga therapist.

So let’s switch gears a bit and go into the Encinitas Summit story. Tell us more about the business.
Encinitas Summit was created as a networking platform to host small intimate events, to collect people I have had the privilege in meeting and give opportunities for them to be heard, to be seen, to gain business, to offer leadership, etc. I couldn’t do it myself, so I hired a couple of strong highly motivated women to help me in growing the business. I would put me as the visionary behind it all but someone needs to hold out the net to catch the ideas or they just float away. (If you’re an Ayurvedic enthusiast I’m Vata/Pitta).

Without them, the expansion and growth wouldn’t be possible. I recognize I cannot do it alone and I’m grateful in their expertise, in being proactive, and their energy. I prefer to work diligently behind the curtain while they are good at keeping the lights focused on the main attraction, networking, and marketing. We’re a small team and businesses take time, I’m glad I have these special women in my life, all because of yoga.

Another inspiration that has helped me conceptualize Encinitas Summit without her even knowing is Angela Brannon-Baptiste who is the founder of It’s All About The Kids Foundation. Her story is extraordinary, her passion, perseverance, and strength is admirable so I look to her for advice when it comes to events.

I think what sets us apart from others is knowing Encinitas is a retreat location in and of itself. We acknowledge the character it has, the vortex it creates in lifestyle and offerings. It’s not too quiet but quiet enough to still be considered a ‘sleepy beach town,’ not too small yet not too big, local but inviting. Being a seasoned traveler, I have visited close to 50 countries, lived in 5 but always come back. I’m a born and bred San Diegan, lived all as far as Ramona and as south as Imperial Beach, I am a local of San Diego and have been coming to Encinitas for years, now it’s my ‘home.’ I could sit at the beach all day, but the Summit is a way to help me balance my introverted nature with extroverted ideas.

So, what’s next? Any big plans?
Quite honestly, I have to stay balanced in traveling abroad and building this business. It’s not easy, cause jet-setting is my true nature. However, with ES, I would like to garner businesses and leaders, even those who are starting out and give them an opportunity to be seen and noticed. Each year we host small events but will be putting on a twice-yearly event that works around one word.

For example, our first event was called Embrace and it was how the speakers were able to embrace changes in their lives and how they could impact others. Our next major event is called Balance and we are curating speakers for that to draw in an audience and built our network. In between the bigger engagements, we host smaller ones too as well as donation yoga on Sundays at Swami’s Park. Slow and steady wins the race. My vision is to host an Encinitas Summit weekend getting local yoga studios involved, vendors, having cool events in parks.

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