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Meet Don Wolfe, Dave Meier, and Kelly Devine of AVIDACO in Mission Valley

Today we’d like to introduce you to Don Wolfe, Dave Meier, and Kelly Devine.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Don, Dave, and Kelly. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
As a former college and professional athletes, we’ve experienced our share of injuries, inflammatory conditions, joint discomforts and medical problems that reduced our performances. Our previous health histories, combined with age, now threaten our mobility and our capacity to pursue gratifying lives. Given our health circumstances as ex-athletes we, as certified agents for major league baseball players, determined that these players may benefit from our experiences. As such, in 2010, we commissioned a study of our players, along with ourselves, to determine the effects of inflammation and joint discomfort vs. mobility and performance.

Our findings indicated a direct correlation where pain will affect performance and or mobility, regardless of age. With the assistance of top medical professionals who advise and treat patients with mild to chronic symptoms resulting from physical activity, AVIDACO developed and launched our initial product – ACTIVE+ PRO in 2011. Armed with the latest research and expertise from various medical professionals, we have created and launched, in April 2018, a new powerful, rapidly absorbed and effective dietary supplement – ACTIVE IM. Our new product is designed to support physical performance and mobility through healthy anti-inflammation responses, as well as healthy joints, bones and muscles.

Additionally, ACTIVE IM is NSF Certified for Sport. The value of NSF Certification for Sport is vital to AVIDACO. NSF, a governing body, is a world-leading 3rd party label verification group that validates ingredients per label claim. In other words, what is listed on the label is exactly what is in each daily recommended dose? There are thousand’s of dietary supplements that claim anti-inflammation and joint support results, yet less than 10 are actually verified by an independent 3rd party.

ACTIVE IM is the only product in the world within this specific market that has the potency exceeding 11,ooo mg and is delivered in an effervescent, rapidly absorbed formula. Our professional sports market with MLB, NFL, NBA, Team USA have been consistent in growth since 2011. The non-athlete market has more than doubled each year since 2013. Based on trial results and market feedback thus far, we expect ACTIVE IM to set new sale standards and become one of the top 3 dietary supplements for healthy anti-inflammation response and healthy joint support in the US by end of the year 2019.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
Nothing is ever smooth in launching a health-related product. Challenges remain the same for all manufacturing companies. Capital, distribution, competition and marketing are always limiting factors. AVIDACO is self-funded, therefore each decision is made with calculated fiscal responsibilities. The majority of our sales revenues are returned to produce inventory and operational expenses.

Channel partner distribution was and continues to be examined. We have been told on numerous occasions from national retail chains that “your product and its supplement facts are too good and it would severely impact the sales our brand of which we make greater than 75% profit. Our customers are not savvy enough to determine daily effective dose costs”. Any person or company diving into a market with a new product certainly investigates the competition. The more we looked at the products in the market we became convinced that we can, with the assistance of the medical professionals, develop a formula that distinctively differentiates us from others.

With our background in sports, the initial decision to apply for the NSF Certification was costly, yet the appropriate step to begin the product market differentiation. Marketing remains our biggest challenge. We constantly hear from first time non-athlete users “wow, your product is amazing and you guys might be the best-kept secret!” While the feedback is positive we privately groan as the word “secret” doesn’t translate into consumer awareness. Our steadfast goal in 2018 and beyond is to deploy necessary resources into marketing channels to educate consumers on ACTIVE IM.

Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about AVIDACO – what should we know?
AVIDACO has 3 LLC members. The principals are Don Wolfe and Dave Meier. Our third member is Kelly Devine. Each member has specific roles and responsibilities. Don is CEO and managing member, Dave handles CFO responsibilities and Kelly is director of the customer service. We are backed with a team of network experts in; graphics/design, IT technology, eCommerce, legal and accounting, product development, medical, product fulfillment and distribution.

Since 2011, AVIDACO is recognized as a superior developer of healthy anti-inflammation response and healthy joint support formulas. Our products are designed as effervescent powders for rapid assimilation into the body for fast acting results that have met stringent requirements by NSF for certification into the NSF Certified for Sports program. While we always are looking forward to meeting the health challenges in the future, we fondly remember the moments where we a distant thought to most, imposter to some and pretender to others.

We’ve identified a path, focused on our goals, remained committed to our clientele and created a vast network of professionals to enable our current successes. In order to relate to athletes and others, who suffer from pain associated to inflammation and or join discomfort, a clear understanding from personal experiences are essential in connecting with potential product users.

What quality or characteristic do you feel is most important to your success?
We, collectively, come from different backgrounds, different decades and different geography’s. What we share are those intangibles from our individual youth, such as being an active team participant in any activity that was competitive, outdoor related and required athletic along with the development of social skills. Another commonality that we share was watching our grandparents lose their mobility and zest for life as they age. Each of us, being kids, didn’t realize that maturing takes its toll on the body.

Recollections of not having elder family members able to take us to a ballgame, skiing or to the nearest park due to lack of mobility is vivid. Perhaps that is what drives us, past memories that feed our current and future ambitions.


  • ACTIVE is currently offering, in our launch phase, a 25% discount off regular pricing.
  • $69.99 per 20-day dose container

Contact Info:

  • Address: 3838 Camino Del Rio North,
  • Suite 360 San Diego, CA 92018
  • Website:
  • Phone: 619-500-3121
  • Email:
  • Instagram: ACTIVE_IM
  • Facebook: AVIDACO
  • Twitter: @avidaco

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