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Meet Dr. Debbie Novick of Novick Integrated Medicine in Encinitas

Today we’d like to introduce you to Dr. Debbie Novick.

Dr. Novick, please share your story with us.
At the age of 31, I went back to school, after my first career, graduating with a bachelor of arts in psychology and teaching credentials, to be a special education teacher for 6 years. I first enrolled in community college, to gather necessary prerequisites for about 18 months and began chiropractic school at the age of 33. Learning that I was pregnant two weeks before my studies began at Life West Chiropractic College. I happened to be living 75 miles away from the college and had to commute 5 days a week. As I look back at that time in my life, I am amazed at the determination and commitment I had to accomplish my mission. It took a super human effort to move through the challenges of pregnancy while immersing myself in a highly demanding curriculum. I was determined to reach my goal, and after 3.5 years, I graduated valedictorian of my class and began my new career.

In my 20+ years in practice, I was fortunate to be exposed to and sought training from many talented people. Constantly seeking to learn more, I continued to attend postgraduate courses that would add strategic and innovative tools to my practice. My intention was to give the highest quality care as I was consumed with a commitment to provide excellence.

I endured the ravages of the stress of school, starting a practice, and letting go of my devastatingly dysfunctional marriage, subsequently facing the challenging task of raising my emotionally challenged son, as a single working mother. In addition, once I began practicing, I was faced with the risks of the repetitive motion daily activities of my work. I was injured and nearly disabled on several occasions. I refused to succumb; my desire for learning led me to natural and alternative solutions to all my injuries and illnesses along the way. I have always had a strong intuitive and keenly observant mind, which has served me well. Gratefully, thanks to my milieu, I overcame the possibility of having to retire and re-invent myself, with each disabling physical challenge.

Despite my good fortune, after 2 decades of unending stress, as I was approaching menopause, and heading for a big health challenge, slowly but surely. Even though intellectually, I was aware that stress does kill, I was unconscious, painfully, walking around allowing the deleterious effects to gradually break down my body, mind, and spirit’s wellness. Driving myself to always push through, work endlessly; accomplish goals, focusing on doing more, being more for others, and leaving myself on the back burner. This took my DIS-EASE train to a supersonic speed journey towards a health-devastating destination.

I want to share with you the journey I took from a state of illness and distress to glorious health and vitality. As well as, delineate how that changed the focus of my practice and the women I became passionate about serving and supporting.

Here’s the story of how I came to be here today, and why I care so much about what I am called to do. I have been in practice for 20+ years dedicating myself to serving hundreds of patients. I stand here before you in better health and have more vitality than I have since I was in high school. I own my own business, am single and enjoy my life.

I have had the luxury and freedom to travel internationally, visiting places like Nepal, New Zealand, England, and Thailand, which has given me a much broader perspective in understanding the diversity of health challenges on the planet, as well as my own. The lifestyle and economic standard of living to play important roles in the quality of health and kinds of medicine used. This has driven me to be even more passionate about helping my patients, given the quality of care I can provide them.

But things were not always this way. In April of 2012, I felt out of control with my life. I was struggling with insomnia, exhausted all the time, 24/7 hot flashes for 6 weeks (I was using all that I knew could help, yet nothing was changing), I gained 20-30 pounds, off and on, during that time… this seemed to all be the result of 15 years of struggling with 3 major stressful experiences; completing graduate school while pregnant, going through a rough divorce, and then hitting menopause.

I was so desperate, I was guided in the right direction to get blood tests and an advisor to help me see what was at the root cause of it all.

After speaking with my friend and functional medicine mentor Datis Kharrazian D.C., etc., who looked at my lab test results and said to me, “Debbie, you have 5 years.” When I heard this, I felt like it was life or death, if I did not do something now!

Being told I had 5 years to live, I realized the trouble I was in and committed to learning the answers to what was killing my body. I hate to imagine had I waited any longer to seek support!

I realized I had a choice, I could continue on this out of control journey or I could choose taking matters into my own hands and make the necessary dietary and lifestyle choices that would result in life and vitality. I immediately took it upon myself to embark on my own healing journey by implementing an anti-inflammatory diet, supplements, increased my fitness activities, and integrated stress reducing strategies and exercises.

I sought professional support in other areas of expertise. Even though I was, and am a skilled expert, there were some things I was missing.

I asked Datis (remind you that he is my mentor) as well as other practitioners at seminars I attended, who had embarked on similar journeys, how they were coping and finding ways to succeed.

Gradually I became stronger and learned to balance my busy stressful life with making healthy food, exercise, rest, and fun a priority, and finding ways to stay accountable by getting support around me.

I always feel better when I get to share things with other professionals I respect and trust. Especially those I can say anything to and they listen and support me through it, offering valuable perspectives and ideas. It was challenging at first to let go of the foods I loved, yet I knew there could be nutritious and delicious ways to get my health back so I actually ended up creating new recipes that have been turned into an e-book.

This journey inspired me to serve and here I am today, blessed to be able to share it. So after this experience of feeling so out of control and getting back in control. I now know the path of taming the out of control health challenges. I have been there myself, and am so passionate about helping my patients go from feeling out of control to taming Hashimoto’s. My intention is that my patients tame Hashimoto’s and other chronic conditions, so they can feel, energized, and in control again, more specifically, that they will have practical tips and strategies to empower them for life to overcome any health challenges and bring back a JOY for life.

Now, as I go into my 22nd year in practice, I am not only focused on serving women with Hashimoto’s, I am also driven to create a revolution in the health care system of the world. One in which each and every person will know how to stay healthy and vital throughout their lives.

Rather than focusing on DIS-EASE, diagnosis, and symptom relief, focusing on lifestyle and dietary practices that keep the body/mind healthy, vibrant and active until we decide to leave our physical form.

The challenges of the modern world pose many obstacles to achieving optimal health. The erosion of nutrients in the organic food that is shipped to grocery stores, GMO’s, packaged foods, sugar, drugs (legal or not), poor air quality, 1000’s of toxic chemicals, over used farmland, carbon dioxide emissions, heavy metals, infections, emotional and physical stress, sedentary lifestyles, electro pollution; cell phones, wires overhead, microwaves, home phones, computers. The list is long and creates an enormous challenge to our fragile yet miraculous and finely tuned body.

It is no wonder there are so many people suffering from degenerative diseases and the numbers are growing, due to the current model of modern medicine.

People are being prescribed drugs that only mask the problems created by modern living, they keep people sold on the idea that they need another magic pill to deal with symptoms created by the first drug, and so on, and so on. It’s time to find another solution.

So how on earth does one keep this body/mind finely humming?

The key is to look to nature and know that the bounty of what this amazing planet we live in offers is infinite. I believe that everything has a purpose and all living and non-living things on earth have life-giving properties to the processes that keep the body/mind supported and able to adapt to the many challenges we face today.

The other parts of maintaining a body/mind healthy entail putting attention to having positive and intimate relationships with an extended family and surrounding community. One in which each child born has a loving caring group of people that contribute to their development.

Without touch, the immune system and brain do not develop to their full potential. Finding ways to connect with others is vital to health.

Just like the body requires that its nervous system, immune system, and endocrine system (glands; adrenal, pancreas, liver, thyroid, pituitary, etc. work together in an interlocking network of connections and feedback loops that are inseparable.

As they say: “no man lives on an island.” The body/mind cannot be put into boxes and treated as though each part is a separate entity. The connections are everywhere and everything affects everything else.

The triad of health is to balance the emotional, chemical, and physical states of the body. There is an incredible plethora of modalities and tools today that address this triad. My legacy will be to create a source of information. One that will provide a platform that anyone with health challenges, can take a journey to discover exactly what magic combination of modalities, tools, or people, will restore them to full health and wellness.

We’d love to hear more about your business.
I treat people not conditions. Seek out causes, not symptoms. Believe in individually tailoring care for each person. Specialize in Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Gut permeability, and chronic disease using functional medicine to address neuro-endocrine-immune dysfunctional patterns.

I am driven to help my patients achieve optimal health and empower them to learn how to maintain health and well being.

What were you like growing up?
Shy, sensitive, intelligent, gregarious, driven to excellence. Loved traveling, horseback riding, swimming, being with people.


  •  $250/hour

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