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Meet Emily Nichols of The Fertility Guru

Today we’d like to introduce you to Emily Nichols.

Emily, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
During my clinical residency in grad school for Eastern Medicine, I was placed under a renowned women’s health specialist. The patients who came in for treatment on my shift tended to be women struggling with infertility. Treating these women came naturally to me, and, one after another, patients returned with positive pregnancy tests. Never had the rewards of treatment been so tangible.

Jump forward seven years, and I’ve built a fertility-specific clinic out of my home in Hillcrest, As The Fertility Guru, I treat both women and men for reproductive issues as well as pregnancy, labor, postpartum, and menstrual and menopausal pathologies. Most of the patients who come to my clinic feel exhausted by their western medical options and are physically and emotionally fried. I use acupuncture, herbs, and other ancient modalities to balance hormones, stabilize the reproductive system, decrease stress, and bring the body back to natural health. I make sure also to treat the burnout I see with a side of humor and relatability.

I also have a fertility blog linked here: The blog came about when I realized no one was talking about western and eastern approaches to fertility in the same space. They are constantly pitted against each other when in reality, both systems of medicine are describing the same body: western medicine sees the microscopic, while eastern medicine sees the broad interconnectedness of the body’s systems.

I thought, these two are not mutually exclusive- Why not combine the two theories of medicine in one place, using a relatable, causal and relevant style of writing? My goal was to relay sourced information in an approachable way. Patients enjoy the humor woven into relative fertility advice.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
I think the hardest part about building a fertility business around acupuncture and eastern medicine is breaking through skepticism.

While acupuncture has gained legitimacy in the western medical world with the publication of new research, may patients don’t know what to expect and if it will work. I’ve heard it all before: “I’d like to try acupuncture, but I’m afraid of needles.” … “Yeah, but how does it actually work, like scientifically?” … “So you’re a witch then, right?”

Well, I don’t hear the last question out loud per se, but skepticism is definitely palpable. I had to develop a way to explain how acupuncture worked within a western medical paradigm. And it goes like this:

Rub your hands together really fast a bunch of times like you’re sitting out in the freezing cold and need to warm up those digits. The movement of doing so creates a heat, right?

So you can get behind the idea that: movement creates heat. (Think: you run, and you get hot. AKA movement gives off heat).

Well, its probably no shocker to anyone that your organs move. Your heart pumps and your Lungs expand your Liver filters and your Bladder empties, and so on. Well guess what: the movement in your organs also gives off heat. We, in Eastern Medicine, call this heat: “Qi.”

Each organ gives off its own Qi. Take for example the Heart again. Pumping 60+ times per minute produces a lot of heat (AKA Qi) and, in Eastern Medical Theory, this heat flows in a particular pathway through your body. The Heart’s Qi flows from the Heart down the inner arm and to the pinky. (And it’s no coincidence that one of the Western Medical symptoms of a heart attack is pain down the arm that radiates to the pinky.)

Each organ’s pathways of Qi connects to a web of heat from the other organs and is mapped out across the body. If one organ is malfunctioning or diseased, its heat/Qi pathway will be disrupted, and the dysfunction will slowly cascade through this web of Qi and set the body out of balance.

So what does acupuncture do to reset the Qi pathways and restore health to the organs? When you get a bee sting, your body is like what is this foreign stinger in my skin? It sends blood and lymph and heat to the area to try to push out the stinger and disperse the toxin.

Acupuncture works in a similar way. A needle enters the skin along the Qi pathways, and your body is like whaaaaaat is that? It reactivates the body’s attention to that particular spot and sends blood, lymph, white blood cells, etc., to the site. This rush of attention pushes through any blockage of Qi and moves inflammation out of the area. If an organ’s Qi is restored to its natural flow it will nourish the web of Qi it is connected to and flush the organs with fresh fuel.

Please tell us about The Fertility Guru.
As The Fertility Guru, I’ve created an intimate setting where patients suffering from infertility can come in and be heard. So many of us have worked our way through the Western medical system feeling dismissed. At my clinic, my patients walk in with a tangle of fertility information, and I am their sleuth.

I specialize in regulating the menstrual cycle and balancing hormones. If your chemical signals, aka hormones, are not “firing” at the right time in your cycle, so many pathologies can emerge, especially when trying to conceive. I pride myself on listening with compassion and customizing each treatment to the patient’s unique journey.


  • All sessions are $100 and last 1 hour

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