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Meet Eunique Deeann of Stranded on Land in Encinitas

Today we’d like to introduce you to Eunique Deeann.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
I’ve always been curious and analytical. This has brought out the worst, and the best, but ultimately has lead me down a path that has always allowed interesting experiences. I received my BA in Exercise Science and spent some time in corporate fitness where I really began exploring what it meant to create experiences that inspired action. From corporate fitness challenges and incentive programming to consumer engagement for beverage companies to experiential marketing in order to refresh and give new life to an existing brand, my process of creativity has taken many shapes.

A few years ago, I was at a rock and hard place with my satisfaction with my day to day and really wasn’t being challenged or finding contentment with what I was doing. Stranded on Land was ultimately born out of my own need and curiosity to explore to create – and in turn to find ways to inspire others to do the same.

Over the years, this has shifted and grown, but the roots remain the same and are planted in travel, the outdoors + creativity – where it all began for me. Through my own consciousness and personal bursts of courage to push my boundaries and those of the people I’ve met along the way, I’ve discovered how to live simpler, be more conscious in my consumption and impacts I’m making or leaving behind and how to explore the things I have yet to see.

This ultimately is the mission. To provide a source of inspiration, education, and community for those curious to explore more and expand your own boundaries by taking time to get outside the grind.

Has it been a smooth road?
I believe that everything is a matter of perspective. There have been more times than I can count that I’ve cried myself to sleep and had to pep talk myself out of quitting. But at the start of every new day, there was something inside of me that said, “Nah, it’s not time for you to give up yet.”

And the days that my inner voice was a little too low, someone from the outside chimed in with a word of encouragement, curiosity, story or just a little thumbs up and a smile.

I pretty abruptly decided to uproot my life, community, and familiarities to relocate to the San Diego because I could feel it in my stomach that it was the right move. The first 2 years were brutal. I moved 5 times in less than a year, worked multiple jobs at a time for barely minimum wage, spent a lot of time alone and without friends and felt a loneliness that physically hurt sometimes.

But for me, and this project, this was the first time I had ever felt so sure of something that I couldn’t back down. No matter how terrible my day or week was, there was nothing bad enough to make me want to quit. I thought about it a lot, but then just found something else to focus on – a new story, a new angle, another way to try to collaborate. It was a lot of putting myself out there, failing publically, pitching myself on things I was not confident or sure in, but I knew I could figure out how to do. And a lot of meditating, praying and grounding myself by getting outside.

And sure enough, the things start to unfold. I met my partner, Gabby, found my community and settled in my neighborhood. Patience and persistence was the key. And meditating on a daily mantra of “for now” to get me through every single moment. I still hold onto these.

We’d love to hear more about your business.
Stranded on Land is curating experiences, on and offline. We operate as a boutique content + event production service located out of Encinitas, CA. Our services are individualized, organic + tailored specifically to each client, brand + consumer in mind. Stranded on Land was born through travel and inspired by the outdoors so naturally, we get out often. Our roots are planted in a foundation to inspire action. And through this, we’re creating content for the things we believe in.

Stranded on Land isn’t about selling out, it’s about soul searching and doing this wholeheartedly. We believe in story telling as an art + sharing the things that light our fire with our community through our collaborative digital platforms. We’re all in for the projects we take on because we to us, there’s no other way to be. We don’t take on clients, we collaborate and build partnerships with brands and companies who are seeking to authenticly connect with their community too.

Is our city a good place to do what you do?
YES! San Diego is a gem. But it’s definitely not a place for the ones looking for an easy road. Coming from the East Coast where working hard is what makes you, there’s a beauty that thrives in the hustle. I learned a lot about getting things done and how to network by spending so many years working for agencies out there. So, moving to the west coast, and especially San Diego, the adjustment really came with understanding the vibe of the people and how to get to their level. People work here, but on a different pace and with different passions. There are similarities that overlap no matter where you’re at, but the thing that has really helped me find success and feel like this is a place for me is the shift in understanding what working hard meant to me and seeing how the success could be shifted in so many ways and shapes and definitely wasn’t attached to dollars, glitz or glamor although something that’s great, too.

San Diego is a community. You have to find your neighborhood and your people here, but once you do, it’s a pretty great place to be and the people are genuine and loyal. I don’t think there’s much more than you can ask for in life in general.

Contact Info:

  • Website:
  • Phone: 305-985-2199
  • Email:
  • Instagram: @strandedonland
  • Facebook: @demandstrandedonland
  • Twitter: @strandedonland

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