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Meet Helen Plehn of Helen Creates Beauty

Today we’d like to introduce you to Helen Plehn.

Hi Helen, it’s an honor to have you on the platform. Thanks for taking the time to share your story with us – to start maybe you can share some of your backstory with our readers?
I am Helen Ye Plehn, an intuitive mixed media painter, certified crystal healer, third-generation Fengshui master, and spiritual teacher based in Huntington Beach, California.

I was born and raised in Guangzhou, China. From an early age, I learned to appreciate a lifestyle of art, beauty, and nature. My father was a traditional Chinese painter and calligrapher. Orchid was my father’s favorite flower. My family used to go to the Guangzhou Orchid Garden every Saturday to taste the fragrant orchid tea. I still remembered I was mesmerized by the tea ceremonies. On Sundays, we would climb up the Baiyun Mountain. My father would sketch the mountain scenery while I play and swim in the mountain spring lakes. I would talk to the trees, wise elders, and read all things mystics.

Living in a contemplative mindset, forest bathing, and sensing all the energy around me become a second nature to me; especially when seeing and hearing my father and grandmother talk about Fengshui readings for people’s homes.

I moved to the U.S. in my early twenties for higher education. I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Social Work, a master’s degree in Interior Architecture and Design, and Ph.D. Degree in Experience Design. Through all my formal education and trying to be “successful” in modern society made me forget why I started to begin with. I wanted to make people happy.

In 2011, I had a major mental meltdown with anxiety and depression which served as my wake-up call to find happiness. I started to ask questions like who am I? Why am I here? How can I find true lasting happiness and inner fulfillment?

My first step towards my healing journey was my first 200-hour Yoga and Meditation teacher training at Yoga on Main in Philadelphia. Shiva Das and Ed Zalo were the main teachers at the time. The first time I meditated with the group, I cried like a baby. I knew I was home, held by a much bigger force of energy that I could not have found anywhere else. But inside of me.

From then on, I meditate for 20 minutes every day until today. Then I continue my spiritual path in Ayurveda, Chinese herbal medicine, Vedic astrology, and crystal healing. I still vividly remembered when I had my first Vedic astrology reading, the astrologist told me that my dharma (life purpose) this lifetime is to CREATE.

I keep searching and following what lights me up career-wise. From an assistant professor to an interior designer to Fengshui consultant to surface pattern designer, and now a professional artist, certified crystal healer, Fengshui consultant, and a spiritual teacher offering all my inner wisdom to anyone who wants to live their life purposes with joy and fulfillment. Check out my spiritual course Flowing with Your Rainbow on my website for details.

Now I’ve found it—the true lasting happiness and inner fulfillment.

Alright, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
Manifesting your own business and forging a unique path is never a smooth road. It is full of unknowns and uncertainty. Fear and doubt are definitely the biggest humps on the road. In order to follow my heart and intuition, I need to learn to trust the journey and let go of control. My intention and commitment to finding true happiness and fulfillment are so strong, they are what carry me on when I get tested time after time.

Although we live in the age of light, I think universal consciousnesses are rising to be our true selves, especially me being lucky in California, there are still so many negative noises out there about artists and healers. “Art is just a hobby”, “artists don’t make money, they starve, it is rich kids’ privilege”, “crystal healing is just a placebo effect”, etc. In the beginning, I often fear I am not able to support my family financially doing what I do or doubted my abilities in art or healing. But after years into the business now, I proudly encourage all of us to do the same: follow what lights you up, the rest WILL follow.

After conquering self-limiting beliefs, the next big challenge to build a successful business is to find your niche, or audience and the fit between what they want from you and what you offer in the business. It is a process of communicating, listening, and learning. It took time, but it is worth it because this is the core of your business. You need your clients to have a sustainable business. Maybe I should say fans, the more loyal your fans are, the more freedom you will have to experiment with your creative ideas. It takes time to nail the match, patience is gold. Building a business is like growing a tree, it takes years, not months.

Last, as your business grows, I think the challenge will be the act of balancing profitability and responsibility. For all the crystals I use and buy, I make sure they are from sustainable earth sources where laborers are fairly paid, not just because they are cheap. It is my part to be responsible to the earth. I also use as many earth pigments as possible when I paint to avoid toxic chemicals. Since I work with energy, have an integral soul, and provide the best quality products and services is my goal. What you put out to the world is what you receive, it is the law of Karma.

We’ve been impressed with Helen Creates Beauty, but for folks who might not be as familiar, what can you share with them about what you do and what sets you apart from others?
I founded Helen Creates Beauty in 2015 offering four areas of my expertise: fine art, crystal healing (both distance and in-person), Fengshui consultation (both distance and in-person), and spiritual course and coaching.

You can view my art at the Orange County Fine Arts Showcase Gallery, Huntington Beach Art Center, and the Socal Etsy Guild in the Shops of Mission Viejo. I also offer painting workshops privately and at the Sherman Library and Gardens in Newport Beach and crystal grid workshops throughout Orange County, California.

I deeply believe that at my spirit level, joy and beauty are its expressions. My ancient soul was a wise teacher and healer and my humanness ask me to lead and create. My paintings draw inspiration from all the beauties in life. Nature, light and shadow, scale and proportion, flowers, trees, crystals, garden, music, and all the memories of traveling, delicious meals, and dancing under the moon and stars. Life is about living it to its fullness, “C’est la vie”!

Meditation is another never-failing source of inspiration for my work, I am highly clairvoyant and intuitive. Often times I paint what I see in my third eye (a subtle energy center between our eyebrows). I believe creatives are channelers of the divine. Because of my spiritual journey, I see colors as energies, in fact, everything is energy. You can feel it in my use of vibrant and saturated colors, joyful objects of life, and expressive, energetic brushstrokes.

Synchronizing color, crystal, and symbols energies to manifest a piece is my expertise. If you want to find a piece of art that has deep cosmic meaning and healing energy, you are in the right place. All my artwork, crystal healing, and Fengshui consultation services are available on my website:

I am very proud to be able to offer my true gifts to the world under one umbrella. It took me 10 years to found and horn all my skill sets. I’ve gone through numerous training and hands-on practices for everything I offer. I am a second-generation fine artist, Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga and meditation teacher, Ayurveda practitioner, third-generation Fengshui master, Cerfired Crystal Healer from the Love and Light School of Crystal Therapy, and now studying under spiritual teacher Rebecca Campell in her Work Your Light lightworkers community.

Here are what my clients say about my art and services:
Colleen S. collected the Dance with Me Original Painting, she says, “One day I unintentionally stumbled upon Helen’s art page while on Instagram. I was immediately taken by the vibrant colors and the stunning flowers and vases she painted. For weeks after I first saw her page I couldn’t stop thinking about her beautiful paintings and every few days after that I would find myself on her website looking at all the available artwork. I know it sounds cheesy, but I felt drawn to her art. Finally, after visiting her website for what felt like 100 times, I decided that I needed to have one of these beautiful paintings hanging in my home. It’s not only an eye-catcher but it also truly sparks joy for me every time I look at it. I could not be happier with my purchase!”

Sarah L. received a distance crystal healing section and purchased the Love crystal grid painting. She says, “Helen is an absolute angel. She is the embodiment of Quan Yin. I saw her beautiful Crystal Healing Paintings online and knew I had to have one. I ordered the loved one and I adore it! It’s hanging in my living room with all of my art.
.I loved her energy so much I knew I had to book a crystal healing session with her and I’m so glad I did. She is spot-on intuitive and such a warm, compassionate guide. She spent so much time with me prescribing, crystals, nutrition, and yoga for me to do. She created a stunning Goddess Grid. I felt the healing energy immediately and it brought me to tears. I am looking do forward to working with her again and hoping the next time will be in person!!”

Beverly S. received a Fengshui Consultation, she sent me photos of her new business interior design progress, this is what she said, “Helen, a praise report… am almost all moved in. Earn my first $XXX on 09/22/2021. But God!… and, angels like you, who inspire others like me…Here are the before and after views of the room. You don’t know how much I pull on the little time we spent together. I feel so good with the energy now in the room! Again, thank you!!!”

Kaliisa C. is taking the Flowing with Your Rainbow spiritual course, this is what she said, “Through the course, I went on a deep dive of creating awareness of my self-limiting beliefs… Shining a light into the shadow of my subconscious….And I discovered some very negative and disempowered beliefs, faded yet powerful echoes from my sacred inner child. Like many, I experienced trauma as a child and I’ve been on a deeply layered journey of healing and recovery. Thanks to the course and the spiritual community, I feel safe to cocoon and ‘feel all the feelings. This course has allowed me to evolve, expand, and heal. I am now being more creative, grounding, and finding more ways to express love and gratitude…”

Esther T. has purchased the August Gladiolus & Peridot original painting, received crystal healing and Fengshui readings from me, and now taking the Flowing with Your Rainbow spiritual course. This is what she says, “Helen is an excellent crystal healer, artist, intuitive spiritual coach, and Fengshui expert. She is professional, highly educated and up to date on so many spiritual modalities.
A generous, compassionate, and highly intuitive person, whose main mantra is self-love and to trust in yourself & the universe.
I credit Helen with shifts in my personal development. During our work together, I always felt safe, loved, and supported. I highly recommend her as a crystal healer and more, especially for women who find themselves at the crossroads of their life. With patience and love, Helen will guide you towards the light. My experience with Helen is enlightening.”

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