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Meet Jake Heilbrunn of 333 Consulting in Encinitas

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jake Heilbrunn.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
At 18, I set out on the path that had been prescribed for me and countless other teenagers around the country: college. Shortly after arriving, I began breaking out in painful, itchy hives and rashes daily. I developed severe anxiety, and it didn’t help when doctors had no idea why my skin was erupting. I had an “existential crisis” if you will… and although I couldn’t see it at the time, the beauty of this struggle surfaced the profound questions that would radically change my life:

Why am I here? What is my purpose? Is there more to life than this?

Although doing well academically, I had no passion for what I was doing. I realized that going to school and getting a degree might not be the right path for me – at least at this point in my life. And with my mental health at an all-time low and my skin plagued in constant aggravation, I decided to take a chance: leave school behind, follow my heart, heal, and explore other ways of life.

With just a backpack and on a shoe-string budget, I spent 4 months solo-traveling through Guatemala, Nicaragua and Costa Rica without a phone, yearning to disconnect from the widespread dominance of social media. From living in the jungle and teaching English to poverty-stricken kids, to meet inspirational people from around the world, my quest took me to remote and exotic destinations throughout Central America.

On this journey, my skin healed. I learned about mindfulness and meditation and was able to gain control over my anxiety. And most importantly, I found peace and purpose within myself.

Sitting in a ceremony in Guatemala (yes, I was completely sober lol), I had a vision of myself speaking on stage in front of 1,000 young people sharing my story. I was introduced as an author of a book that was inspiring young people to heed their intuition and live meaningful lives. I knew at that moment, I was here for a reason – and part of that is to help other people struggling know they’re not alone.

From that day on, as a young, naive 18-year-old, I was determined to publish a book on my journey and speak to High Schools, Colleges, and other organizations across the country, sharing how we can turn our mess into our message and replace anxiety with purpose.

15 months later, after a tremendous amount of effort including: writing 106,00 words, funding $6,000+ via Kickstarter to publish my book, getting my book to Drew Brees (and failing), being interviewed by my hero Jack Canfield (who wrote the front cover endorsement for my book), giving my first ever public speech to 2,000 High School students for Yellow Ribbon Week students opening up about my mental health struggles, I published my book and 100+ people came out to my launch party to hear me speak. It was a dream come true.

While outwardly, Off the Beaten Trail is about my travels and experiences, it is truly about the universal struggles we all face (fear, the possibility of failure, “what ifs,” external expectations and pressures and self-limiting beliefs) and how to move past them. Each chapter contains a new adventure, a new lesson that can be applied to enrich your everyday life.

Today, I’m grateful to have aligned myself with an inspiring mentor and business partner, Taylor Conroy. We met on a service trip to Mexico in December 2016, and I knew that Taylor was one of those rare people I admired – a true role model. Fast forward to August 2017 and we started working together.

We’ve built a business helping high impact leaders, entrepreneurs, and authors land, deliver and spread their TEDx talks. Our mission is to increase consciousness by spreading messages that will positively impact humanity. By 2020, our goal is to impact 1 Billion people by helping 333 speakers share their impactful messages with 3 million people. We are focused on doing this by helping world-changers land, deliver, and spread their TEDx talks.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
Nope – it’s been a journey of ups and downs, and constant uncertainty.

The process of writing and publishing my book (a 15-month project) as a first-time author required hundreds of hours of focus, learning, and trial and error. As an 18-19-year-old, I also sacrificed a big part of my social life, as I worked on my book every day and in a restaurant every night to fund the book. I experienced extreme loneliness and felt like I didn’t fit in. However, I channeled this pain into fuel for my mission.

After the high of my successful book launch passed, I felt utterly lost and confused. I debated returning to college and figuring out my next steps. I was working for a few different thought leaders, helping them grow their influence through organic marketing. Yet, I didn’t feel like I was in the right place.

Trusting my intuition and facing uncertainty, I found an opportunity to work in Tel Aviv, Israel with a travel company for 3 months. It was in Israel that the opportunity arose to work with one of my role models, Taylor Conroy. I jumped at the opportunity, and so began the next chapter.

Working with Taylor was far from straightforward or certain in the beginning. I started working for him as an assistant (very little pay), during a time in which he was in the middle of a bankruptcy due to his social good company going under. I was living on an air mattress in the floor of a DJ”s apartment in Venice Beach, LA, uncertain about how or what my future would look like with Taylor. There was no “business.”

We tested and sold a bunch of random different services at first, ranging from online book clubs to personal coaching. I wondered “What if this doesn’t work out? What the heck am I doing?” I was confused and anxious, yet I trusted that I was on the right path and knew that Taylor and I could create something special. In November 2017, we partnered to build an online course called “How to Book Your Talk on the Red Stage,” teaching people how to land TEDx talks.

As two naive surfer dudes new to the online business world, we thought this would be our business model. That course was far from a legit business… however, it showed us the extraordinary demand of people needing help to get their messages out. While we were barely scraping by, this uncertainty paved the way for the rapid growth of our business today, where we get to serve incredible world leaders and land them on the TEDx stage.

Please tell us about 333 Consulting.
Our company is called 333 Ideas (legal name is “333 Consulting”) and we help high impact, 7 figure entrepreneurs and authors spread their message on the TEDx stage. We are most proud of the fact that we get to serve incredible world changers who are already making a difference and amplifying their impact through a powerful TEDx talk.

One of our company’s core values is “Driven by Impact,” and we only work with people we truly believe have messages that will positively impact humanity. Along with this core value, we donate 5% of Gross Revenue to “Impact” – NGOs and social enterprises like ‘Pencils of Promise’ for example.

What sets us apart is that we know firsthand the power of TEDx talks and the impact they can have on the world. Our own TEDx talks (Taylor’s given 4 and I’ve given 1) along with our clients’TEDx talks have created the following results:

– Raised millions of dollars for charitable causes
– Speaking globally to hundreds of thousands of people in person (live)
– Presenting at organizations like The United Nations, The Government of Canada, Harvard, Yale, MIT, Morgan Stanley, KPMG, Google and more
– Book deals on impactful messages with some of the world’s largest publishing companies
– Features on The TODAY Show, FOX, Psychology Today, The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, and more
– Massive ripples on an individual level, changing viewer’s lives in profound and meaningful ways

Do you look back particularly fondly on any memories from childhood?
Going to the beach with my best friends during the summer. The joy of playing soccer on the sand and swimming in the ocean. 🙂

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