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Meet Jennifer Anderson | Real Estate Agent

We’re so pumped about our conversation with Jennifer Anderson. Jennifer is a Real Estate Agent and is also a content partner. Content partners help Voyage in so many ways from spreading the word about the work that we do, sponsoring our mission and collaborating with us on content like this. Check out our conversation with Jennifer below.

Hi Jennifer, so great to have you join us again. For folks who might have missed our earlier conversations, can you please take a minute to briefly introduce yourself?
I am a real estate professional in the San Diego area, working to help buyers and sellers make their next move. My business is built upon the belief of educating and empowering my clients to ultimately assist them in achieving their residential real estate goals. I was named one of Realtor® Magazine’s National “30 under 30” and was recognized in 2019 as one of the top 100 agents in the county. I am also a member of the Forbes Real Estate Council where I contribute my professional expertise in real estate articles published in Forbes.Com.

Real estate is often seen as intimidating and complex to those who haven’t purchased or sold before. How do you simplify the process to empower your clients?
At Anderson Coastal Group, I strive to make the inherently stressful process of buying or selling a home as simple as possible and that boils down to empowering and educating my clients – and anyone looking to purchase or sell a home.

But the real key in our approach is strategy: setting goals and priorities, determining actions and next steps to achieve these goals, and mobilizing the resources to get it done.

For my buyers, the first step is an initial consultation to determine their needs and wishlist. Then I host an offer workshop to walk them through the paperwork and nuances of making an offer on a home. That way when they’ve found a home they love, they are ready to act.

With sellers, I like to come see their home and discuss market activity, pricing strategy and any necessary home improvements. I lay the process out like a roadmap so they can anticipate any twists and turns that come along the way.

What’s your advice for first-time home buyers?
Organization is key when purchasing your first home, especially with the market moving as quickly as it is now. You’ll want to be able to act fast when you find the home of your dreams, but you won’t be able to if you don’t have your ducks in a row. I encourage all of my buyers – whether it’s the first time or twentieth time – to make sure their pre-approval is complete and in good standing, have their finances in order and a target budget in place, and drive areas of interest so they can prioritize their search before even starting to see homes.

What’s your advice for first-time home sellers?
For sellers, it all boils down to preparation. Some homeowners skimp when it comes to preparing their home to go to market and it shows. A small upfront investment in repairs, improvements, cleaning and staging can maximize the value of your home. To help, I have a network of professionals we work with regularly who are the best in the business, and my brokerage has an exclusive program called Compass Concierge that allows sellers to get fronted for the cost of home improvement with zero interest.

What are the current trends you’re seeing in San Diego?
Low interest rates and low home inventory has sparked one of the strongest markets we’ve seen in years. Homes are selling in multiple offers for tens of thousands of dollars over asking price, and buyers are waiving contingencies or instating escalation clauses to beat out the competition. Luxury real estate has also surged, and we’re seeing prices start to rise nationwide.

The pandemic has also changed how people view their home which resulted in a change in home needs. Buyers are searching for more outdoor space, more square footage, more clearly defined work spaces. We’ve also seen a migration to the suburbs where buyers can capitalize on lower prices and more space.

Is now a good time to buy or sell?
If you are thinking about selling your home, now is the time. With such a strong seller’s market – and with the help of a strong real estate agent – you may be able to sell for more than you ever thought possible.

It’s not a bad time to buy a home either, but you’ll want to make sure you are prepared for whatever direction the market moves and aren’t over-leveraging yourself. I am recommending buyers start their search well below their top budget to leave room to offer higher, and for those who aren’t comfortable competing in multiple offer situations, I’ve seen some buyers use a 6-12 month period to focus on saving more money and then reevaluating the market.

What are the best resources to get started?
I’d always recommend starting your process by diagnosing your financial health. For sellers, that’s speaking with your CPA or financial advisor to take stock of where you stand with your home equity and estate plan. For buyers, reach out to a qualified lender to discuss your options and evaluate your borrowing opportunities. Then it’s time to reach out to a real estate agent in the area you are interested in, and they will be able to get you all the information you need to move forward.

If you are interested in learning more about the process and strategy behind it, we have a comprehensive guide on our website, and I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.

It was so great to reconnect. One last question – how can our readers connect with you, learn more or support you?
Instagram: @andersoncoastalgroup
Facebook: @andersoncoastalgroup

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